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Just Sex

Nothing more, no strings attached.

I've always been a sexual person. Since I began having sex, I enjoyed it. Maybe not so much the physical act of it,  but the anticipation of it. The feeling of having someone inside of me is really enthralling and intoxicating. I never really know how it happens but it always does. Conversations with the opposite sex, and occasionally the same sex, turn to something erotic. We start to talk about what we find sexy and one thing leads to another.... sometimes the lack of talk is what makes it sexy. When there's no talk and just action. The lead up, the anticipation of sex is a big turn on, but the unexpected is fun too.

I was sitting at the local bar after work, with a couple co-workers. Typical happy hour event. You go expecting to have a drink or two and go home. This time it was different. I was feeling a little energy, a spark with Jesse, and I was eager to explore where that could lead. He was just my type. Tall, dark, and kind of shady looking. He had tattoos, but not the professional kind, the ones with broken lines and smudged words. His hands looked rough and his eyes definitely held a story. He didn't say much throughout the evening but he drank his beers with a quickness and more than once I caught his eyes travel the length of my body. I made sure to find reasons to touch him, to brush my body against his side while ordering my drink, to tap his thigh with my hand while telling a story. As our co-workers began to leave, we remained. We began to flirt lightly, make sexual innuendos, and bite our lips suggestively. Finally when we had both had enough to drink, I asked him to go home with me. No strings attached, let's just go to my place and have fun. He obliged. I didn't ask if he had a girlfriend or a wife, and truth be told I didn't care. I had no interest in a romantic encounter with him. I wanted to fuck him. I wanted to feel his rough hands on my soft skin and I wanted to feel his mouth on mine. 

We entered my apartment and began kissing, politely at first and then with more vigor. He pressed his tongue through my lips and into my mouth and I traced his lips with mine. My hands wandered to his waist and then into his pants. As I felt his hard cock in my hands I gasped, he was big and I wanted to feel him inside of me. I pulled at his belt and immediately went to my knees. My creamy white skin tracing his mocha brown thigh was a turn on. His erection was throbbing and the tip of his hard dick was secreting a clear, sweet substance. I took him in my mouth and felt him throb, his dick was hard and strong and I worked hard to take it all in my mouth and down my throat. I used my hand to stroke his cock as I sucked up and down on him. Taking him out of my mouth to lick all around his head and down his throbbing vein. He pulled me up to my feet and kissed me hard and rough. His hands squeezed my hips and he walked me back to the couch. I took off my pants and put my legs around his hips. I wanted him inside of me. I didn't want anything other than his dick inside of my wet, waiting pussy. I moaned as he kissed my neck, I took his hand and put it between my legs so he could feel my wetness. He pushed his dick into my waiting pussy and we both moaned in relief and wanting. I began moving up and down on his dick and he pushed harder into me. He squeezed my tits and pulled my hair. It was what I wanted and what I needed. I turned over onto my stomach and had him fuck me from behind. I looked in the closet mirror, watching him fuck me from the back, watching his hard dick go in and out and throwing my hips back for him to catch. I wanted to feel him cum, and I wanted him to feel me cum on his dick. I tightened my pussy around his dick and told him to feel my cum, to feel my pussy throb on his dick. I wanted to feel his cum on my back, to drip down my ass onto my pussy. I told him to cum on my ass and he did. He stayed behind me for a couple minutes, wiped his cum off my ass with his t-shirt, pulled up his pants, and headed for the door. We gave each other a nod and a smirk and he left.  The sex was good. But that's all it was, sex, which is exactly what I wanted. 

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Just Sex
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