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It Started Out with a Text Pt. 4

How did it end up like this? (The Grand Finale!)


Jared loved hearing Megan cum and knowing it was for him... something about it just got him all the way to his core. He flipped her over and began hitting it from behind. Still dripping wet with cum, he never stopped for even a second. “Be my little cum slut!” He told her over and over as he pounded into her harder and harder. Giving her hair a nice tug he asked her who her pussy belonged to and didn’t stop until she said it belonged to him and only him.

Shoving her head down into the pillow she screamed into it as he continued to pound into her. He didn’t slow down at all, he was pounding hard and fast, just like he told her he would. Hitting just the right spot she came for him again. This time squirting all over him, running down his legs and on to the sheets. She screamed and cried out not caring that she was in a hotel or that people could hear her. The only thing on her mind was the pleasure that this man was giving her. Switching positions again and again.

He was giving her every single promise that he had told her he would. The best she’d ever had, giving into her body and pleasing every single inch of her. All she could do was scream out his name over and over again. Just how he wanted her: Dirty, fast, hot, and ready for him. She got on top and closed her legs so that she was even tighter around his massive cock than before and she rode him HARD. Taking each inch inside of her, deep and fast, both of them couldn’t help but moan.

He told her he was getting close to cumming and she just smiled. She rode him until he was about to burst. Suddenly she jumped off and finished him off with her mouth, allowing him to cum in her mouth and all over her face. “Fuck” was the only thing that Jared could say for quite some time. Pleasure was flowing through his veins like electricity. Grabbing her and pulling her against him and just held her.

They laid there, entangled in each other’s grasp both of them breathing heavily for maybe five minutes. Suddenly his hand was at her pussy and they were ready to start again. He bent her over the bed and grabbed her ass with one hand and with the other he jerked her head back by her hair.

“I’m not stopping until I’m done, you can beg me for mercy, cum with me, or whatever you need to do, but I’m not stoping. This pussy is mine and I’m owning it, you're nothing but my cum slut,” he said as he slammed inside of her as hard as he could, making her scream at the top of her lungs.

Grabbing her hips he fucked her hard and raw and didn’t stop or miss a beat. He beat her until they both came together in a glorious moment of nothing but 100 percent pure ecstasy, both of them collapsing on the bed afterwards and unable to speak. Megan was MORE than happy that she took her day to come to this hotel. Jared was worth every mile and every lie. He was hands down the best she’d ever had and she took every bit of him as until the last second that she had to leave.

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It Started Out with a Text Pt. 4
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