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I Love My Wife

Finding Passion All over Again

"That little red dress I didn't even know she had."

"Let's do something new," she whispered. Her voice was that of persuasion. The finest persuasion. 

The lights were bouncing from floor to ceiling and the heat was palpable. I can't believe I'd let her bring me to this sex drenched club tonight. My wife and I have been married for all three years and lately I have found myself bored with our life routine. We were still young, only thirty years old and bored? It wasn't a good feeling. She had to have felt it too because here we were, on the outskirts of New York City on a cold night in December. I was perfectly okay with residing on the couch and watching Family guy, but then would feel the ache of  the repetitiveness I complained of. Watching my wife be there, but not there. So as I watched her in this little red dress that I had no idea she had, that gave me a wonderful view of her perky breasts and her amazing legs... was she always this sexy?  Her body swayed to the pulsating music. Her wide hips dipped and rocked to the beat. My dick was growing harder every moment I watched her in that spot. I suddenly felt as if we were teenagers again, sneaking out and going to that house party we knew that we weren't supposed to be at.  Her eyes were low and sultry. Her lips in a pout that gave me thoughts about what her lips could be wrapped around when we got home. I slid behind her resting my hands on her waistline. Her head fell back against my shoulder and her mouth fell open just a fraction. Her perfume was all that I could smell as she pushed her ass against me with more determination. Fuck woman! 

I'm not sure how long we got lost in there, or how many songs we'd danced to but by the time we'd gotten back to the car we were a drunken mess. All laughs and hands. Once I got in the passenger seat I rested my head against the head rest and shut my eyes. When I heard my zipper being pulled down I tried extremely hard to focus.

"Babe, what the hell are you doing?"

"Sucking your dick."

Her bluntness sent my mind into hyperdrive. I know my shit shot up when those words left her mouth. I was vaguely aware that we were still parked on a local street in Manhattan, and that we could get in serious trouble if someone saw us. But when he warm wet tongue wrapped around my dick and she took me deep in her throat I gave absolutely no fucks whatsoever. I forgot how good she was at this. Fuck yo! She was sucking the life out of my dick. The sounds of her slurping and the sight of her head bobbing up and down, slow first and then fast, was making me lose my mind. Her hand found my balls as she gently started to massage them. I wanted to fuck her in this car. I wanted to bend her ass over the back seat and bury myself in her stomach. I was going to cum. 

"You gonna swallow it darlin?"

She nodded but didn't stop her hungry pursuit for my nut. 

And with one final slow suck of her lips, I came all in her mouth. I watched as she swallowed what I gave her. She'd never been more sexy than she was right now. She was spontaneous, careless, and wild. 

She tucked my dick back inside my jeans and zipped up my pants. That's it! I was taking her home right now!

As I sped down the highway, my hand found its way under her dress and found that she was so wet that it was dripping down her thighs and onto the seat. We got home faster than I'd ever gotten home before. I pulled her body from the car and practically ran in the house. We didn't make It to the bed. I pushed her up against the front door and bent her over right there undoing my belt. I was inside her in seconds. She was so fucking wet and tight. I let out a groan as I held her hips and pumped in and out of my wife. Her hand splayed across the doorframe made me smile. She was screaming my name and gasping asking me not to stop. So I didn't. I could keep going forever. Or at least that's what it felt like. Her walls tightened around me and I came hard for the second time. My fingers found her clit and rubbed in circles as I filled her. Her orgasm was seconds later. We fell in a heap on the floor. A tangled sweaty mess. But as I looked at her, her smile was wide and her eyes alight again. I had my wife back. 

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I Love My Wife
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