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How to Eat Her Out

Learning how to eat her out can be simpler than deciding which fork to use when fine dining.

The climate of repression in which most Americans are raised takes a considerable toll on their sex lives. Many are conditioned to believe that certain sex acts are somehow wrong or harmful, and as a result tend to feel guilt or disgust about some very natural human urges.

Sometimes these acts are specifically forbidden by religion or the government—two groups that are especially fond of poking their blue noses into other people's bedrooms. Among these forbidden fruits is the oral sex act that is commonly known as eating a woman out or pussy-eating, and less commonly known as cunnilingus.

Illegal Activity

In many states, laws forbidding pussy-eating (often classified as "sodomy," along with other "unnatural" acts) have been on the books for more than 100 years. Although these laws are seldom enforced for any so-called moral purpose, they are sometimes used to harass individuals whose lifestyle or politics piss off authorities. Fortunately, many states are now repealing (or ignoring) laws that at one time prohibited most sex acts between "consenting adults."

The fact that in some places it may be illegal to eat a woman out doesn’t deter some men, and women, from heading south, but there are a number of people who shy away from it just because the very idea of licking a woman's crotch is repulsive to them. To each his own, but chances are these men have never let their tongues venture into a woman's velvety trench, and their preconceptions of what it would be like are wrong.

There’s an old saying: "Once you get past the smell you’ve got it licked." But the truth is, neither the smell nor the taste of a clean pussy is unpleasant. Of course, while this is a matter of opinion, it is also a matter of conditioning. A taste for pussy—like a taste for avocados, caviar, or other delicacies—is often acquired with experience.

Need to Please

For most people, the pleasures of eating pussy are not discovered until their sex lives are well under way. Indeed, cunnilingus marks a sort of maturation point in one's sex life, a point characterized by a desire to please their woman, as well as themselves. When we first start exploring all the wonderful things we can do with our genitals, our sex play is primarily self-centered.

Masturbation is the first experiment, and when we finally start having sex, it's usually nothing more than two minutes in the missionary position—just long enough to get off. As we become more experienced—and jaded—our experimentation becomes more diverse. But more important, pleasing the woman becomes a primary concern, sometimes out of a spirit of selflessness, but more often to gratify the man's ego. Besides, if a man gains a reputation as a great lover, he is likely to have women beating down his door to get into his pants. One of the best ways to earn such a reputation is to go out and become a proficient pussy-eater.

Almost all women like to be eaten, but there are those who simply don’t enjoy it. Those who don’t are sometimes self-conscious about the way their lady parts might smell or taste. If your woman has this worry, suggest that you use dental dams, safe silicone that goes over the labia to keep fluids separate, as well as keep your woman feeling confident. Most are available over-the-counter at drugstores, or they can be purchased online. The flavor of strawberry, mint, or champagne can do much to enhance your pleasure as well as your lover's self assurance.

Some women are inhibited about letting a man get such a close look at their genitals because they consider them ugly. An understanding partner should do all they can to convince the woman otherwise. Perhaps the best way is by coming right out and telling her that all of her is beautiful. Another way is by encouraging her to examine her pussy in a mirror, exploring the folds and learning which points are the most sensitive.

Different Strokes

One thing to keep in mind when going down on a woman is the fact that many of them like to be eaten in different ways. If you go down on a woman who likes to have her clitoris nibbled, don’t expect the same positive response from every woman. Some like their clit licked; others like it sucked. Some enjoy heavy pressure against their clit, while others prefer light "butterfly flicks" of the tongue. To a few women, however, any direct contact at all with the clit causes discomfort, and they enjoy it most when the tongue does its work only in the general vicinity of this sensitive organ. Pay attention to your woman's responses until you determine exactly what turns her on most. Listen to her cries and moans—these are her instructions to you.

In eating a woman out, you are obviously not restricted solely to the use of your tongue. Try burying your tongue in her pussy while your nose (or your chin, depending on which way you’re facing) rubs against her clit. If you have a mustache or beard, so much the better. Brushing your facial hair against her clit or inner thighs produces a tingle that bare skin simply isn't able to duplicate.

Simple Steps

Begin slowly. As a rule, women take longer than men to reach orgasm, and an understanding partner will be patient in helping a woman achieve climax. First stimulate her inner thighs and vaginal lips with gentle kisses, then gradually bring your tongue into play.

Eventually your face may get into the act, but diving into a woman and lapping like a starving basset hound right from the beginning is an approach that might alienate her, especially if she's shy or inexperienced. Besides, this type of enthusiastic eating out can only be endured by the giver for a few minutes before the tongue and jaw become sore. You can be assured of a long, flavorful meal if you vary your technique during the session.

You can measure your woman’s response not only by the pleasurable sounds she utters, but also by the physiological reaction of her vagina. It will be hard to tell whether her wetness is due to her flowing juices or your flowing saliva (it's usually a combination of the two), but her clit will give an accurate measurement of her level of excitement. As it swells, the clit pushes its way out from under the prepuce (the foreskin covering) and becomes more accessible. The primary appeal of cunnilingus for most women is the fact that it centers on clitoral stimulation.

The vaginal opening should receive a fair amount of attention also. The outer one-third of the vaginal canal is the most sensitive part, so your tongue doesn’t have to penetrate far to do the job. Working it in a circular motion or letting it dart rapidly in and out of her hole are excellent methods of stimulation, especially when combined with a finger or nose rubbing against the clit. Of course, while you are working on her pussy you’re bound to swallow a bit of her juice. Don’t be put off by this; These are clean, healthy body fluids and you don’t have to be afraid to swallow. In fact, there are probably more germs in your mouth than there are in her crotch—which makes a good case for eating out over kissing.

Pick Your Position

As in fucking, there are several positions for eating a woman out, each of which has its own advantages. Approaching a woman straight on (which would line up your tongue and nose with her pussy and clit, respectively) is a popular technique because it allows both parties maximum freedom of movement; Neither partner is lying atop the other. In this position, a man can easily fondle his woman’s breasts while he eats her out, and at the same time she can masturbate him with her feet. The variations are limited only by your imagination—or lack of it. Approaching from above makes it easier for the rimming enthusiast to reach their woman's asshole. This position, when employed for simultaneous oral sex by two persons, is familiarly known as 69.

However, cock sucking often does not come easy to a woman who is being eaten, and she may be too preoccupied to concentrate on sucking your cock. Also, the 69 position offers anatomical arrangement problems that sometimes result in a toothy blow job. This position works best when the woman confines herself to licking your cock instead of trying to swallow it.

Another position you may find enjoyable is one in which the woman sits on her partner’s chest with her vagina in their face. While this allows the woman to move freely and to position herself in the manner she finds most stimulating, it also permits the giving partner to lie back and enjoy the meal without exerting too much effort.

If you’re looking to broaden your sexual repertoire and have not yet tried eating pussy, by all means do so. If you’re already an experienced pussy eater, there are probably still a few variations you haven’t tried. At any rate, despite what the clerics and lawmakers say, there is nothing wrong with eating a woman out. So go right ahead and dive in; the pussy’s fine.

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