Hey! Look, It's Little Space!

My Experience of Little Space, and Hopefully More to Come

So me when I has my stuffies! 

Imagine watching your favorite kid television show, Next to you is a Hello Kitty-designed sippy cup filled with chocolate milk or apple juice and a stuffed animal with a rattle inside it. You go to feel his little hands and all you hear is a small crinkle noise when you press down. It brings you some sort of playful feeling. Now some of you might be wondering where I am getting at but for fun, let us continue to the idea a little bit forward. The show you were watching in my case would be The Big Comfy Couch. It makes me feel all small and innocent when watching it. Someone calls your name in a sweet but stern tone and you look up to see "Daddy." Now you might be thinking why would I want to have my dad take care of me like a baby? That's just stupid when I can just do it myself. 

Well, in the world of BDSM, there are many sides to it. The one I will be talking about to you to today is little space, or at least my version of little space. Now that we kinda have an idea of it, I would like to introduce myself and Daddy! My name is Ash and I'm on the small side of the BDSM scale. Get it? Small side just like kids are small? Haha. I laughed at least. Anywho, it is time to introduce the guy who helped me feel this way, my husband. Tylor and I have been together for four years, married for two. In the BDSM world, I am the little, or the submissive, while he is the dominant, or in this case, my daddy. I would like to say this is just my experience in this, and his of course, but every little is different in their own ways. My life became like this when I was younger. My mom and I had it rough. So the idea of having a childhood full of friends and toys wasn't true for me. I had to deal with a druggie for a mother. She's much better now, but it took a while for that to happen. I grew up pretty fast at the age of eight or nine. I had maybe three friends, but ended up moving from ten different schools each school year, not to mention I was in South Carolina some but then I was randomly moved to my hometown of Brunswick, Georgia more than enough times to count. 

This lifestyle started for me when I got with my husband. We were childhood friends so the comfortableness was there already. It went from thousands of plushies to a sippy cup, originally because we had a cat who spilled every drink she could find. So the sippy cup really started the process of little space. I have four now but that's only because they are pretty expensive at times. When it comes to pacis or pacifiers, I have one. It's a purple one but really small. One day, I would like to get an adult paci, whenever I have the money at least. Now for the big question, I am sure you all are asking, do I wear diapers? The answer to that is no, but I am very curious about them. One day I would love to experiment with them. Well, that is all for now. If you want to know more I will gladly write more about it. But to be honest, I am still kinda new even after a year of doing this, so I will make mistakes when writing the terms of things or the meaning of things. So I would like to apologize in advance for that. Well, anyway, have a good day everyone! 

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Hey! Look, It's Little Space!