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Her Part 2

The Experience

She didn't sleep well that night. She woke up feeling frustrated. The last thought she'd had before falling asleep was of Lisa's elegant fingers gently gliding down between the space between her breasts past her stomach. Her dreams were cloudy but she couldn't shake the feeling that they were of the raunchy variety, especially when she walked to the bathroom and felt a wetness between her thighs. She showered and checked her phone. Four texts awaited her from Lisa. Two from the night before, making sure she'd gotten home okay, and two from this morning. The first asked again if she was okay, the second offered coffee. As she was replying, a call from the woman herself came through. 

"Girl, I thought you were dead!" 

Carmen laughed. "No, still very much alive. I'm still getting dressed, but I can meet in you in about half an hour?" 

Lisa agreed and the two women agreed to meet at a coffee shop a few minutes from Carmen's place. After they hung up, Carmen realized she was nervous to see Lisa again, especially after her dreams the night before. To give herself a confidence boost she put on one of her go-to outfits, a deep blue maxi dress and gray jean jacket. She had styled her hair and grabbed her things before she realized she was still nervous. Her mind was racing with some of the dirtiest thoughts she'd ever had and she could feel herself pulsing with every movement. Deciding that she needed to calm down, she grabbed the vibrating egg out of her bedside table drawer and laid on her bed with the dress hiked up. She pulled out her phone and quickly found a video to help her get off. After a few minutes, her body convulsed in a toe-curling orgasm that left her breathless. When she'd caught her breath and composed herself,  she pulled her panties off and gathered her things once more. She glanced at reflection one last time, and feeling confident, walked out the door. 


Lisa was waiting for Carmen inside the coffee shop. She was standing near the community board in the cafe looking at all of the events and businesses, lost pets and personals. Her hair was pulled into a low ponytail gently curled around one side of her neck and she wore black linen pants and a faded band t-shirt. She glanced over her shoulder and noticed a cute little blonde sorority girl watching her. She gave her a wink and then turned towards the door as Carmen walked in. 

She caught Lisa's eye and waved. She motioned that she was going to order before coming over. Lisa gave her a thumbs up and took the opportunity to check her out as she did. She had a calm way of being. She placed her order so cool. The maxi dress she wore hugged her curves delicately and made Carmen bite her lip. She damn near bit it off when she realized the girl wasn't wearing panties. She was thinking to herself how much fun this new friendship was going to be when Carmen started to walk over with her coffee. 

"Let's go outside," said Lisa, once again noticing the blonde. Carmen shrugged and they went outside and sat at a table with comfy chairs on one side, a couch on another, and an umbrella. "Nice dress," said Lisa touching Carmen's leg. "The color looks beautiful on you."

"Thank you!" replied Carmen with a huge grin. "You look great too you know. So how was your night?"

"Pretty good, just watched a movie after you left until I passed out," Lisa replied. As they talked, she felt Carmen getting closer and closer to her. Lisa knew what was happening but decided she wanted to play a little bit. She told Carmen she wanted a refill and asked if she wanted one too. Carmen sipped on her straw seductively and said no. 

"God, your lips are beautiful," Lisa said breathlessly before bending down and kissing Carmen slowly, tasting her lips. "Be back in a jif," she breathed when she pulled away and grabbed Carmen's cup. She knew the woman was in shock. Two could play this game but Lisa knew she would be the one on top, literally.

Carmen sat there, stunned. She blinked several times before she realized Lisa had gone inside. This could not be happening. She wasn't gay. She wasn't into women. But this woman was more than just a woman. She had something about her that called to her. It was almost too tempting to resist. Almost but not quite. She loved men and she always had. She just had to keep reminding herself of that. 

Lisa came back out onto the patio with a smug grin on her face. She handed Carmen her drink and acted as if nothing happened. It was driving Carmen crazy and Lisa knew it. She also noticed that Carmen was making it a point to keep a distance from Lisa. So she backed off. Which drove Carmen even crazier.

Somehow the women managed to keep the tension down enough to talk for a couple of hours before collectively deciding to meet up again another day. 

The whole way home Carmen tossed the idea of sleeping with a woman around in her head. She kept telling herself that she was only into men. When she got home, she started scrolling through her phone contacts and found the number of a guy she'd hooked up with a couple of times in the past. The sex was good with him and she honestly couldn't remember why they'd stopped having encounters. She sent him a message and he replied almost immediately. He wanted to come over that night. She agreed, hoping to get Lisa off her mind.


Lisa got home and set her things on the counter. Somewhere along the way, she'd made a mistake. Maybe she'd come on too strong. She knew Carmen was straight, but she also knew she was the type to bend. She also knew that she didn't have time to play games and that she was incredibly turned on by the whole experience. She decided to call her go to, Erica. 

"I don't have time for chit-chat. I just need you and your hot box here, now." When she'd hung up she realized she sounded like a drill sergeant or a Dominatrix. She laughed out loud, the image of herself in leather with a riding crop entering her mind. She was reminded of a purchase she'd made several months back and never used and made her way to the box on the shelf in her closet. She pulled the box down and pulled out a gorgeous strap on she bought as a joke. Today, the joke would end. She wanted to try her dominant side, and she planned to enjoy every minute of it.

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Her Part 2
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