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The Experience

One thing she dreaded more than anything was a crowd. She couldn't control her heart rate around large groups of people. Not because of anxiety, more because she became a totally different person and it wasn't always a good thing. She took a deep breath and walked into the bar. Immediately the beat of the music and the energy of the place pulsed through her. She was coming alive.

She noticed a few people checking her out as she walked up to the bartender. Some older men, a woman or two. But there was a figure sitting at the other side of the glistening bar that caught her eye. She wasn't wearing anything fancy, just a large hat that covered her face and a simple dress. But her energy was almost overwhelming. As if the woman could feel her staring, she looked up. The girl immediately blushed and looked back at the bartender to order her drink before finding a table in the back corner to sit at. 

She sipped her Jack and Coke and looked around. A guy her age came up and tried to talk to her but he was so wasted she couldn't do more than laugh. He finally got the hint and moved on. Her phone buzzed and she checked her messages. The friend she was supposed to be meeting here was running late. As she smiled to herself, she heard a voice. 

"Is your boyfriend being cute?" 

She looked up, expecting to see another wasted guy but it was the woman in the hat. Her.

"No... I don't have a boyfriend," she finally choked out. If the woman's energy was strong from several feet away it was suffocating with her directly across the table. 

The woman laughed and sat down. "Mind if I sit?" She didn't wait for an answer obviously. She was tan, had long eyelashes and pouty lips. Her fingers were long and slender, and her hair was a deep brown. She had a swagger that was both confusing and intoxicating. 

"Hello? Earth to single girl?" 

She finally realized the woman was talking to her. "Sorry, what?" 

"What's your name?" She said with a laugh. 

"Carmen. Sorry, what's yours?" 

The woman licked her lips. "I'm Lisa. Nice to meet you. I'm buying you a drink."

No one had ever been so forward with her. No one had ever made her this nervous before. She was scared but also incredibly turned on. Although she had never really been attracted to women, there was no other way to describe what was going on. This Lisa was arousing more than one sense in her. 

They talked for a couple of hours before Lisa asked the question. Did Carmen want to go back to her place? Was she really about to go home with another woman? Was she that drunk?

"Well? Jeez, there you go being spacey again," Lisa said with a smile. "Don't worry. I won't fuck you unless you beg me." She looked at Carmen's shocked expression, laughed loudly, and then took her hand to lead her out of the bar. 

The trip to Lisa's condo was a blur. Must've had too much Jack and Coke. Lisa was incredibly talkative, which suited Carmen just fine. She was learning so much about her new friend that she didn't even mind. When they got to Lisa's place, Carmen finally had to speak. 

"Holy hell this is a nice place. What do you even do?" She was impressed. There were different art pieces on the walls including a black and white photo of a nude woman on a beach. She must've had a look on her face, because Lisa let out another one of her rich laughs. 

"I'm a graphic designer, and her name is Fiona." She'd appeared at Carmen's side with a glass of water. "Here," she said, handing over the glass, her fingers lingering on Carmen's. "Relax," she said after she'd taken a drink, "what I said earlier was a joke." 

Carmen suddenly realized she'd stopped breathing. Was that disappointment she felt? What the hell was the matter with her? She decided to shake it off and enjoy the rest of the evening. The two women settled into a good conversation and after a few hours, Carmen decided to go home. She called a cab and while she waited, made plans for coffee with Lisa the next day. When the cab arrived, she gave Carmen a quick kiss on each cheek then waved her off. Carmen waved back as Lisa shut the cab door. 

As the cabbie drove her home, she realized she couldn't stop thinking about her new friend. She had a strange feeling that she couldn't place her finger on until she got home and started undressing. She slid her panties down her legs and balled them up ready to toss them in the basket when she realized that they were wet. Soaking wet. 

To be continued...

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