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He Knows What I Like

His breath on my neck woke me up.

Photo by Jasper Graetsch on Unsplash

I can feel his breath on the back of my neck, waking me from a deep sleep. His hand starts to glide up my leg and I can feel his hard cock press up against me. My nipples start to harden. I always loved being woken up this way. It helped me see his desire for me.

Softly, I moan a tiny breath of excitement as he reaches around and starts rubbing my clit. He is going to make me cum if he doesn't stop, and I wasn't sure if I wanted him to stop or not. Did I really want to cum this quickly, or ride it out a bit more?

His fingers start to slip inside me, causing a gush of wetness to drip out of me onto his fingers. He puts those fingers up to my mouth and I can taste my sweetness on them. I moan again.

Then he flips me on my back and slowly kisses my lips as he spreads my legs and presses into me, making sure not to give in to me completely just yet. He pushes his tongue deeper into my mouth, practically tongue fucking my mouth. He knows how wet this will make me. In one swift move, he moves his whole body down, now spreading my legs wider, plunging his tongue deep into my pussy, bringing it back out and sucking my clit just enough to bring me right to the edge. He knows I am close and stops suddenly. I loved being teased and this almost pushes me over the edge.

Now he is kissing me again, letting me taste my sweet nectar on his lips. He finally slips his big cock into me, but still slowly. As he moves in and out, I start to reach the edge, but I know I am not going to cum until he moves faster, and this is another thing he knows. So, of course, he slows down even more, which drives me even more insane. But I absolutely love this. He stops and just kisses me for a bit to let me know how much he loves to just be with me.

I can tell he is ready for us to cum. He starts grinding into me slow at first and then a little faster, but not so fast that I can't enjoy it. I start inching closer and closer to my pussy exploding all over his big hard cock. To help bring us both there, I start moving my hips in a circular motion, my wetness pouring down onto the sheets. He starts to move harder, but not faster. Our breathing gets heavier and faster as we both tremble in ecstasy and envelop each other in passionate kisses and cum in unison. The best way to come. He still keeps pumping into me as he wants to make sure I am taken care of first. Slowing down to a complete stop, he moves his mouth away from my lips to my neck, giving me amazing butterfly kisses.

He pulls his cock out of me and I feel his warm love dripping out of me. I love feeling and smelling his sex on me. He rolls over and cuddles up next to me and we fall asleep together, still shaking and trembling from the pleasure we just had.

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He Knows What I Like
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