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'GILF' Anyone?

Nicole Moore is one 50-year-old porn star beating the clock!

Nicole Moore displays her natural breasts.

They say age is just a number which can be true if you look after yourself. We see some 70-year-old yogis looking lean and muscular through a healthy diet combined with exercise all over the internet. Despite this, I believe good genetics has a lot to do with this as well. One comparison people make is UK television cooks Gillian McKeith and Nigella Lawson. While Gillian McKeith encourages a strict diet and exercise routine Nigella Lawson quite the opposite. Yet Nigella Lawson looks like a glamour model and Gillian McKeith the "Grim Reaper."

In fact, you'd put Nigella Lawson in the "MILF" category with her gorgeous looks and curvy figure; but what about the "GILF?"

Meet Mrs Moore...

Nicole Moore has an official porn site.

The "GILF" exists in porn and while I can't officially confirm if Nicole Moore is one; I can say she meets the criteria. At the age of 49, porn star Nicole Moore is still having her married backside slapped by guys half her age in the name of entertainment. This native of Israel is based in the United States working as both a porn star and an escort. That's enough to get me hot under the collar, that's for sure. This mature Israeli has natural 34D knockers which look fantastic on film for her age. If you didn't know her from porn you'd swear she was in her 30s! 

Wife Aims to Please

Fans are in for a treat when Nicole strips.

Nicole is actually married and in one scene I watched, she talks about it in a casting couch scenario. It appears Nicole and her husband are swingers as he doesn't seem to mind her working as an escort either. Personally, I thought there would be plenty of porn work for her, but it appears she has an appetite!

In the scenes I've watched, Nicole doesn't seem to be squeamish about much sexually.  She seems to favour interracial "gang bangs" but doesn't mind white guys "gang banging" her either. She's done some good stuff for Naughty America which exhibits her acting skills. Nicole speaks good English so is able to portray her character well for western audiences. She seems ok with a lot of stuff on film which includes anal sex. Nicole is quite often the older woman seducing a much younger man. She must really like her job as it often sees her getting screwed by a young muscular dude. Her best scenes are probably for Naughty America and the My First Sex Teacher site. I do remember watching some of the low budget stuff with her which was still good entertainment. She also did some stuff for "My Friends Hot Mom" which shows she definitely fits into the "MILF" category. You can find these scenes on Whore Stepmom if you want to check them out; keyword Nicole Moore. 

Slowing down?

Nicole looking like a 20-year-old in a summer dress.

While the likes of Nina Hartley are still going on Brazzers, it appears Nicole has slowed down with porn for the time being. That's probably why the escort gig has come up recently and she needs to spread her business endeavours. It's not surprising however as Nicole has been working as a model in Europe since she was 17-years-old. If you watch some of the scenes she's been in, they've been pretty hardcore so you wouldn't want to be doing it for the rest of your life. Nicole is still eye candy at the age of 49 and perhaps we will continue to see for the upcoming years. Especially if she looks as hot as she does now while approaching 50-years-old. It might have something to do with the European genetics as to why Nicole looks so good, but it may be associated with her good sex life too. My recommendation is plenty of exercise with a good diet.