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Getting to Grips with Stepmom

Nikki Sex is in a kinky escapade.

Nikki Sex gets a rather intimate hug from her stepson.

The porn industry is literally a huge billion dollar monster spanning the globe getting bigger by the day.  As we speak, thousands if not millions of videos are being published to the internet. The reason it is so huge is mainly because of men and our inability not to click something when we see an attractive woman. Many sub categories are branching off such as solely blowjob, gangbangs, threesomes and many others. Personally, I focus a lot on a more cult category such as the "stepmom" porn genre. Popularised in recent years, porn companies tend to use it as a special kind of scene as it does get a lot of views. If you're a fan of Brazzers you'll notice they always get Joslyn James in for that type of scene because she brings a certain "star power" with her. I stumbled across this Hustler scene starring Nikki Sex on Whore Stepmom which I thought was pretty decent.

Mommy Issues

Nikki's stepson is unfortunately not credited on the site.

As stated before, the scene was made by Hustler for the DVD "Big Titty Mommas 4" although now available on its own. Hustler go through some effort to make the scene more realistic which is great for the viewer. Unfortunately, Nikki's stepson is not credited in the scene but he's a decent actor and performer. The scene begins with him in the bedroom trying on a new pair of socks. He's angry to find that they have a hole in the end of them which requires fixing. He shouts his stepmom to ask her where the sewing kit is to which she tells him in one of the drawers. As he attempts to sew his socks, not having that feminine touch he manages to puncture his thumb. The stepson causes quite a stir shouting which leads his stepmom Nikki Sex to come see what all the commotion is about. I've never actually watched any of Nikki's scenes before, but she's a refreshing change. At the beginning of the scene, she has a gentle manner which makes her convincing as an older stepmom. She offers to sew her stepson's socks for him and the acting is really good. It looks like they even get her to sew up the hole in the socks.

Whore Momma!

Hustler goes to great lengths to make the scene believable.

I can't prove that they do get her to sew the sock, but it's convincing enough. The stepson tries on his repair sock and is very happy with the result. So much so that he gives her a bit of an intimate hug that you certainly wouldn't give some one blood related. Nikki is flattered, but she's also aware her stepson is "copping" a feel of her tits. While she doesn't mind she tells him that he shouldn't do that. The stepson then goes on to reveal what his father has told him about her. Apparently, Nikki gets up to some nasty stuff in the bedroom and the stepson would like to get in on the action as far as that is concerned. Nikki acknowledges that the stepson is just a younger, hotter version of her husband so decides to give it a try. The two start smooching and this is where Nikki changes from a loving stepmom to an absolute whore. It's fantastic stuff as the 35-year-old even gets excited from sucking her stepson's dick and allowing him to fuck her tits. You'll want the volume low for this one as Nikki gets louder throughout shouting "shit" and "goddamn it!"

It's a shame she's actually retired as she does make good entertainment. Her dirty talk is pretty good too as she asks her stepson, "Do you like fucking your stepmom?"

The camera work is quality; particularly when the stepson has Nikki bent over in the doggy position. Although, my favourite position of the cowgirl is quality as well. Add to the fact Nikki is gorgeous and right here you have a quality scene from Hustler. I give it five out of five and recommend you go to Whore Stepmom to watch it.

5 out of 5.

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Getting to Grips with Stepmom
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