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Fred's Cybersex Event

I was his audience.

Fred was such a nice guy who always came into the market for fresh produce. I never occurred to me that he has other uses for his vegetables. One day he called in for a delivery because he was under the weather and couldn’t make it to the market.

I was willing to deliver his vegetables to him and collect the money, so I took the order and went to collect his items. I grabbed some large cucumbers, a couple of avocados, and a few zucchinis like he requested. I bagged the items up and tallied them at the register for the amount and then walked out the door with them.

Fred only lived about five blocks away and it was a nice sunny day to walk, so I did. I carried his bag of vegetables down the few blocks and up into his apartment building. I found his apartment and knocked on the door. I heard him distinctly tell me to come in. I reached down with one hand, grabbed the doorknob, and opened the door.

Once I stepped inside, I hollered out if he wanted me to take them to the kitchen and put in the refrigerator? He told me to bring them into where he was. So, I walked into the next room and I guess that he thought that I was one of the guys because when I entered the room, he was sitting naked in front of his computer.

When he looked up, it startled both him and I because he was masturbating to porn on his computer and had all kinds of toys laying around. He quickly tried to hide everything, but the damage was done. I knew what he was doing and then I thought about the vegetables I was holding and got a sick feeling in my stomach, so I quickly put them down on the table near him and tried not to look at his penis while he had it in his hand.

He was just as embarrassed as I was, and he handed me the money which I grabbed it with two fingers because I didn’t know where that hand had been. I quickly grabbed the money and walked back to the door. He stopped me and asked me to come back for a minute. I paused and thought about it for a minute before turning around and walking back into the room where he was.

Again, I tried not to look at his penis, but that is what he wanted me to do. He asked me if I could sit and watch him for a bit and he would pay me for my time. I was still on the clock back at the market, but he picked up the phone and called them to let them know I was helping him around the house, which they were fine with.

Once he hung the phone up, he asked me to sit in a chair that was along the other wall from him where I could sit and watch everything he does. I didn’t know if I could handle it but tried my best to do what he asked. He told me that all I must do is sit there and watch, I don’t have to make a peep of a sound. I was happy about that and it relaxed me a little more.

I have known Fred for years and did not know this side of him, but I was about to find out. He went back to watching his porn while he reached into the bag and grabbed one of the cucumbers that I had picked out for him. He stood up in front of the computer and dropped his boxers, exposing his bare-naked ass to me. I had to look away for a minute but then went back to watching him.

As he watched his porn, he reached over and grabbed a rather large jar of Vaseline and rubbed it all over about three-quarters of that bumpy green cucumber. He then proceeded to push it up his anus while still watching his porn. He got very excited while watching his computer sex but was even more turned on by that cucumber up inside him.

After watching him for a few minutes, I almost felt sick again to my stomach because he was using food to have sex with himself. I could not get the fact out of my head that I personally picked those vegetables for him, thinking he was going to eat them. I could see that Fred was addicted to cybersex instead of going out and getting himself a girl for a couple of hours to have fun with.

I sat with him for what must have been two hours watching him using all these different vegetables to go up inside him. The worst one was the avocado because he would lose it up in there and then bear down like he was going to poop or something and it would pop back out. I almost laughed the first time it happened.

I don’t think I will ever look at Fred the same from now on. He has shown me a side of himself that is very kinky but odd to most people. After a couple of hours, he finally shot his load and was very vocal about it. I watched as he stood up straight and shot it over his computer screen before looking away because I couldn’t take anymore. Every time I see Fred, I will remember his cybersex event like it just happened again.