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Dirtiest Movie Titles

Though the plots of the dirtiest movie titles are tame in nature, you aren't alone if you think these movies are rated XXX.

It isn't just you. There are so many movies competing for our attention, and sometimes Hollywood needs to resort to some crass tricks to get us to pay attention. Titles that imply the movie is shocking or dirty, without every actually saying anything taboo, has been a huge trend for movie-makers hoping to make a splash! You aren't alone if these titles make you giggle. None of these dirtiest movie titles are actually 18+, but all of them sound that way.

Get Hard (2015)

"Get Hard" sounds like a movie about foreplay, but it is actually the story of a rich man preparing himself for a month in jail. Played by Will Ferrell, the rich man seeks the help of Darnell, played by Kevin Hart, in getting tough and not, um, hard. 

Good Dick (2008)

Good Dick is one of the movies on this list that has a dirty name for a reason. The movie tells the story of a video-store clerk who becomes more and more obsessed with a customer that frequents the porn section of this store, before launching a campaign to win her affections. Filled with X-Rated titles and puns, Good Dick is one of the mildest movie titles mentioned in the film.

Mr. Woodcock (2007)

If you found out your mom was about to marry your former (terrorizing) gym teacher, it would only be worse if he was named Mr. Woodcock. Sorry to disappoint, but this title is not actually about the particularly hard appendage you've been imagining. 

Black Snake Moan (2007)

Black Snake Moan has a plot that is as dirty and strange as you might imagine. With a main character whose libido gets her into trouble and a strange man set to help her out, this bizarre movie is certainly much stranger than the title makes you think. 

Inside Man (2006)

If Inside Man's title doesn't make you look twice, we don't know what will. Though it is one of the dirtiest movie titles, the movie is about a tough negotiation in a robbery, but it certainly makes you think of other particular activities. 

The Banger Sisters (2002)

Not only does The Banger Sisters sound like the title of a porno (and a good time, depending on who you're asking), it sounds like the title of one of the dirtiest movies you'll ever see. And, you're not entirely off. Though PG-Rated, The Banger Sisters tells the story of two women who are reclaiming their groupie status from years ago, and alludes to plenty of rock star action for the main characters. 

Life Without Dick (2002)

Life Without Dick isn't exactly the declaration of celibacy that it sounds like. This zany comedy, one of the dirtiest movie titles, is actually about a hitman and murderer falling in love after the murder of a private investigator. 

Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

This movie about stealing cars and racing them actually just makes everyone think of a disappointing sexual partner who flees. The sexual connotation is there, without the good parts. Maybe that explains why Gone in 60 Seconds was overshadowed by the Fast & the Furious movies. 

In Too Deep (1999)

We know this title makes you think of sex gone awry. "In Too Deep" makes everyone think of sexy gone awry. Though on the list of dirtiest movie titles, In Too Deep is really about a cop going undercover to take down a gang, and getting too involved. 

Deep Impact (1998)

If the only thing that you can remember about Deep Impact is the giggly movie title, you are not alone. This movie had the unfortunate situation of being about a comet set to destroy Earth, and released around the same time as Armageddon. With those odds stacked against them, we completely understand why the movie makers thought a shocker like Deep Impact might helps with sales 

Fire Down Below (1997)

"Fire Down Below" sounds like a nightmare scenario after a one night stand, so really it would be more "horror" than "dirty." This 1997 movie is actually about dangerous environmental practices that make a hometown sick, and the battle that erupts after the discovery. 

Spanking the Monkey (1994)

Spanking the Monkey... Spanking the Monkey. There is only one thing to think when you hear this dirty movie title, and in this case, you'd be right. This title about a young man postponing his career to care for family leads to an intense obsession with a neighbor.

Free Willy (1993)

It is so clear that this movie was titled with a North American audience in mind, considering the clear connotations of "Willy." This one was made for children, but aimed as parents as well. The whale could have been named anything, so we can only assume the movie makes you think of unzipping jeans on purpose. 

You've probably caught yourself giggling at a few of the dirtiest movie titles on this list before, and you should know you aren't alone! Your dirty mind is shared by audiences everywhere, and you can take comfort in the fact that these movies were definitely titled to make you look twice. 

Annie Kiely
Annie Kiely

Annie Kiely is a freelance writer, editor and researcher who lives in the 'burbs of Toronto with her pets and her partner. Annie is an advocate for wellness, mental health education, and literacy. She loves animals and gardening (and food). 

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