Corset Ways

Chapter 1

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"The way of the Corset is tight, but will hug you as long as you need. Remember me when you are naked. Remember I held you tight and long." M.F

Chapter one

It was hard to breathe. The little arrogant man hadn't told me the Corset would be this damn tight. He had only said it would be hard to sit in. My agent was really something else these days. I felt like an idiot not putting two and two together. I waited my turn in line as the other girls adjusted themselves, talking to one another like they were all old friends.

I felt insecure standing there in this obscure outfit, tapping my black boots against the tiled floor. They wouldn't speak to me even if I said Hello. I could feel the conversations turn to me when their eyes lifted my way. I didn't know why I was the hot topic, but I wished I wasn't. Was it my jet black hair? Maybe it was my cheap corset next to their fish bones and lace. Maybe it was my ass a little too bubbly for their liking. I caught a few of the eyes rolling around the waiting room, but I couldn't read the mind inside.

"Anna Bell Ray?" The receptionist said my name like I was being called in for a doctor's appointment.

I followed the noble-looking girl back to what appeared to be an office. She was done up in a very stuffy-looking skirt suit. It was tan with lime green lining. I wanted to give her fashion advice, but coming from a plane Jane wearing a costume I knew it'd be wrong.

"Wait, here. They will be back in a few minutes."

The young lady left in a hurry. I sat down in the only chair the room owned crossing my legs as I sat. The nerves throughout my body were standing on end. This was unlike any audition I had ever done. The door handle twisted swinging into the little room.

Two men walked in talking amongst each other. The taller of the two men had bleached out, shoulder-length hair. Blue eyes set in his face perfectly aligned with his nose and big lips. He was pale like a vampire. He was more than scrumptious. I squirmed in my chair switching legs, swallowing hard.

The second man was shorter, but by all means not short. He was different in contrast to his companion. Olive skinned, green eyes. His hair was darker than mine, worn short to his ears. A tattoo of ivy wrapped around his left bicep. I had to re-cross my legs. These men were disturbing me deeply. I felt the need to run for the door.

"Are you lost?" The blonde asked.

"Um...I don't think so. This is the audition for the new TV show 'Corseted Ways' right?"

"It is," nodded guy two. "But I don't think you read the whole ad." He laughed before taking a sip of water.

"I didn't read it at all. My agent did; she called me this morning and told me I was on the list to be here."

"What's the name?" the blonde asked me.

"Anna Ray Bell."

The young lady who had brought me to this room came in, handed me a sheet of paper, then ran away. I unfolded the paper reading it while the men looked me up in their computer. I saw the error in my agent's way. I was not blonde, I wasn't at least 5'7" and I definitely wasn't into making soft porn for cable television. I felt the blush creep up over my entire body. I stood up slowly, I would just scamper away. At least I knew why all the women were staring now.

"Hey, where are you going?" they both asked standing up.

I turned around to look at the insulted looks they were giving me.

"Look, I am really sorry. Next time I will read the audition facts for myself. Sorry to have bothered you on such an obviously busy day. I must look ridiculous compared to the women out there."

"You look different, that's for sure." The cold blonde stared towards me.

"Just give it a try, Anna. If nothing else it'll help with interview experience." The pretty olive skinned man smiled at me, taking my purse and leading me back to the audition chair.

"Okay," Olive clapped his hands together sitting on top of the desk. "The idea is a running dialogue that isn't fully scripted. We get a topic, but we ad lib. Also, it is for a soft porn sort of show for cable television, but it's the first reality series this network has ever done. So, it might be interesting to see if it works."

"Um OK." I hoped I didn't look as confused as I was feeling. This all seemed like a big hoax or something.

"The auditions topic is 'Oral Sex.' Usually we would have the girl go first, but because you really had no idea what was going on here. I think Damon here should start."

So, bloodies name was Damon. He winked at me, I had to have been staring. I swallowed hard unsure of what was suppose to be happening here. Were we going to have Oral Sex? Was it just a conversation about it? Like, how much can you really say about a blowjob?

"What do you taste like?" Damon licked his lips.

"Excuse me?"

"I asked you what you taste like?"

"How would I know that?" 

"No one has ever gone down on you, then kissed you?" He pulled his long body off the desk he sat upon. "No one has ever made you taste their fingers after being inside you?" He was close to me.

He circled around me. I could smell his aftershave, his fingers traced my arm starting at my fingers. Goosebumps fell upon me. He ran his fingers down and over my arm, my back, smoothing down my other side of me. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do or how I was supposed to answer.

"No." I answered honestly.

Damon hands parted my crossed legs. He stepped into my bubble slowly, raising my chin with one finger. I was thankful for wearing leggings with this god awful outfit. His knee pressed against the center of me. I moaned in response regretting it the moment it escaped me. His eyes teased me in response.

"Has anyone ever eaten you out?" His knee was all I could focus on as he rubbed it up and down.

"No one has."

"No one?"

"No one," I said again moaning into him.

I was so, close. How was this even possible.

"Do you want me to?" He whispered in my ear.

"Yes." I sighed into him licking his neck.

He laughed me as he leaned in kissing me hard. I kissed him back, licking his lips, taking my tongue to new extremes. I wanted to leave him wanting the sloppiness that he may never have. A part of me wanted to be better at this than all the others. I rolled my tongue in and out of his mouth. He tasted like mints and coffee.

"That's a wrap." I heard Olive scream. "Hello, guys? I have said it like three times."

"Thank god that's over," Damon said, getting back up on the desk.

I righted myself in the chair. I tried to fix my hair and fucked up pants. I must have looked a mess.

"Jimmy or I will call you to let you know one way or another. If you got the job." Damon handed me a business card. "Call this number if Monday comes and you still haven't heard anything."

"Okay, Thank you."

I grabbed my purse from the floor. Taking each step to the door in a slow stride. To run would have been cowardice. I had to go to the bathroom before I could do anything else. I found it at the end of the hall. Once inside the stall I couldn't help myself.

I stuck my hand inside my panties. I was wetter than I wanted to be. I didn't want that asshole to have turned me on that much. But I came fast and hard which was only another sign I had gotten off him. His smell. His words. His mannerism. I tasted myself at the end of it. At least now I had an answer for the next time. I just hoped they would eventually call me back.

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