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Best Sex Massage Candles You Never Knew You Needed

These sex massage candles will help you heat things up in more ways than one.

Call me cheesy or call me old school, but there are few sex toys that I enjoy as much as old-school sex massage candles. If you haven't heard about sex massage candles, let me explain what they are. 

In a nutshell, massage candles are nicely scented candles that, when burned, melt into a nice, slippery massage oil. This is an upgrade on the typical massage oil experience, since having cold oil on your body never really feels that good. 

Of course, you also get the added perk of candles setting the mood nicely when you use sex massage candles. Since they're candles, you can even keep them out in the open, without people really raising an eyebrow.

Simply put, they're amazing tools to enhance foreplay and get your sexy on, without it being too extreme. As a candle connoisseur, these are my top picks for sex massage candles worth trying out.

French Vanilla Massage Candle by ONO

If you're a fan of sex massage candles that have a kissable, lickable scent, then you're gonna love ONO's French Vanilla candle. This candle's massage oil base is slippery and works wonderfully as a moisturizer. Unlike other vanilla-scented "love candles" on the market, this one doesn't smell overly sweet or sugary. 

The cute tin also will get compliments from people who don't know much better. So, it's a sinful win on all fronts.

Tobacco Sandalwood Massage Candle by Babeland

Babeland made a trio of absolutely wonderful sex massage candles, in each of which have a spa-quality scent to them. 

Lychee lime has a fruity, tart smell that'll make you want to eat your lover up. Honey almond is a balmy, sweet scent that somehow makes everything smell extra cozy. The top pick from users (and myself) is Tobacco Sandalwood—a surprisingly sexy scent that is masculine enough for men to feel good flaunting, but feminine enough for women to enjoy, too. 

Much like their top-tier water-based lubes, Babeland made a point of using quality ingredients in these candles. The avocado and shea butter in them will leave your skin feeling soft as a newborn's, while the unique formula ensures that the oil never gets hotter than a warm bath. 

Overall, you can't get better than these candles. 

Afterglow Candle by Jimmyjane

Jimmyjane makes some of the best sex toys for couples, and much of that is due to the versatile shapes of their designs. The sex massage candles they produce keep in line with that same epic level of engineering by having a special "pour corner" that helps you get the right amount of oil in your hands without spilling. 

Scent-wise, the Jimmyjane Afterglow candle comes in two different fragrances: Dark Vanilla and Bourbon. Both have a very warm scent to them that fills up a room perfectly. Bourbon has more of a woody smell, while dark vanilla is a more sugary scent with slight tropical undertones. 

Both smell delicious. Just saying.

Suntouched Massage Oil Candles by Earthly Body

Looking for sex massage candles you can take with you when you book your next cruise trip? Earthly Body has you covered with their Suntouched Massage Oil Candles line. This trio of candles has fun, beachy-scents that include Bubbly (Flowery), Blue Lagoon (Berry), and Flirtini (Fruit Cocktail). 

Each candle is made with Vitamin E and a rich blend of different oils. The end result is a moisturizer that can literally be scooped out with a spoon and slathered on. Or, when lit, a massage oil that can be dripped onto your lover's body in a pinch. 

Coconut Pinapple Massage Candle by KamaSutra

KamaSutra has been making sex massage candles for quite a long time, and if anyone's managed to get it down to an artform, it's them. Their massage candles are known for having long-lasting oils that sink into skin wonderfully. 

Much like the Suntouched line, this particular candle has a tropical scent that's strongly reminiscent of a pina colada. Much like Jimmyjane's candle, KamaSutra's candles also have a pour spout. Unlike others, this candle will have you craving coladas and your lover in ways you didn't know possible. 

4-in-1 Edible Strawberry Flavored Massage Candle by Earthly Body

Strawberries and sex just seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you're looking for a flavored massage oil candle that has that classic strawberry scent and also a (much rarer) trait of being edible, then Earthly Body's 4-in-1 Edible Massage Oil Candle is what you should get. 

This is one of the best beginner sex toys for couples who are scared of traditional toys and want to ease into foreplay. You can use it a million different ways, and it's a great segue into food play. The only thing that may be a drawback with sex massage candles like this is the scent, which some may find to be a bit too "high school" for their tastes. 

Naughty Sinful Spring Massage Candle by Dona

Most of the sex massage candles you'll see on the market have a sweet and warm scent to them. Some might also go for the more "spa-like" fragrance profile that invokes hints of incense or exotic aromas. Sex toy maker Dona decided to take things for a different turn by creating a sex candle that smells fresh. 

Dona's massage candles are infused with pheromones, so they will still get you turned on and set the mood properly. However, this won't leave you with a headache from an overly powerful sillage or a heady, migraine-inducing fragrance. Rather, you'll smell like you just bathed after using it. 

Intimate Messages Candle-Black Lace by Love in Luxury

Love in Luxury is one of those companies that know how to make sex furniture that flies under the radar—and that includes some pretty awesome sex massage candles. Black Lace has a sultry scent that is floral with just a slight bottom note of pheromone musk. 

Each candle comes with chalk, so you can write sexy notes to your lover on the side. A pouring spout also makes it easier to distribute the massage oil evenly, while the pheromone scent will help you get into it. 

Spicy Chocolate Cinnamon Massage Candle by Don't Stop

It's really hard to find a candle that smells just like a dessert, but Don't Stop managed to do it. These sex massage candles are a perfect pick for people who love the smell of a hot cocoa spiked with cinnamon—and they make no pretense about how sweet they smell. 

Each candle also comes enriched with Vitamins A and E, jojoba oil, and shea butter. So, after your partner turns you into a tasty-smelling treat, your skin will feel (and look) amazing. 

Hemp Seed Massage Candle by Earthly Body

Last on our list is one of the coolest gifts for your stoner girlfriend—a hemp-based massage candle by the top maker of sex massage candles, Earthly Body. This particular candle has hemp seeds in it, smells like an orange creamsicle, and offers a wonderfully melty massage experience. 

If you love candles that smell like summer treats with a slight stoner edge, you're gonna wanna snag this candle. 

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Best Sex Massage Candles You Never Knew You Needed
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