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Best Handcuffs for Beginners

Feeling a little tied up when it comes to finding new love cuffs? Check out our picks for the best handcuffs for beginners in BDSM.

BDSM is an increasingly popular way to explore sex—and not just because of 50 Shades of Grey, either. The idea of tying up your partner is hot, and if you're into the art of Japanese shibari, it also can be a work of sexual art. 

The problem is that not every person you know will be handy with ropes. In fact, beginners in the BDSM scene should know that tying the wrong knot around the wrong place can hurt or even kill your partner. Because of this, it's often best to start small and just give handcuffing a shot. 

If you're looking for sexy cuffs for your starter kit, this list of the best handcuffs for beginners will be an epic guide. 

Kookie Cuffs by Babeland

If you're looking for the best handcuffs for beginners who want to try out multiple BDSM scenes—or just want to give a variety of different handcuffed sex position options a shot—Kookie Cuffs from Babeland are a good way to go. 

These are sturdy, leather cuffs that have snuggly faux fur on the interior. This gives you plenty of comfort. O-rings at the center of the cuffs allow you to lock them together with easy-to-find equipment, or expand your exploration with other similar BDSM tools like spreader bars. 

Simply put, these are the cuffs that evolve with you.

Under the Bed Restraints by Sportsheets

This isn't just one of the best handcuffs for beginners on the market; it's one of the best beginner BDSM sets out there that doubles as excellent sex furniture. This kit features velcro restraints with a system that turns your bed into a bondage zone. 

Setup is a pinch, and unlike other cuffs on this list, these restraints have a velcro closure. So if things get too intense, you can easily "snap" out of it with a strong tug before you even get to say your BDSM safe word.

Brass and Tan Luxury Cuffs by Aslan Leather

Admittedly, there's something to be said about luxury leather and style when it comes to handcuffs. That's why these are some of the best handcuffs for beginners to BDSM who want to dress up with a little steampunk flair. 

The D-rings allow for tons of possibilities, while the easily adjustable clasps make it easy to keep them on comfortably. Best of all, the leather is so rich and buttery, you'll feel like bound-up royalty during ye olde kinkery sessions. 

Neoprene Restraint Cuffs by Stockroom

Not all bondage cuffs out there involve leather—or vegan leather, for that matter. Not all kinksters are a fan of the feel and/or smell of leather. For durable, sturdy restraint cuffs that are easy to clean and easier to adjust, these Neoprene Restraint Cuffs are a dream. 

These are some of the best handcuffs for beginners who want durability, comfort, and a tangle-free handcuff experience every time. The tangle-free goodness comes from fully rotating hardware made out of nickel-free metal. 

These babies are also seriously versatile. They fit on both wrists and ankles with most people. 

Locking Leather Restraints by Amazon

Looking for serious strength when it comes to your locks? Well in that case, one of the best handcuffs for beginners would have to be a pair of padlocking leather cuffs.

These work by letting you add a padlock around the look that goes through the slots. This allows you to have a serious metal-and-leather locking experience that requires a key to release. Have fun!

Japanese Silk Love Rope Cuffs by TLC

Love the idea of shibari, but aren't exactly ready to learn how to tie all those crazy knots? TLC makes one of the best handcuffs for beginners to the world of shibari, using real Japanese silk. 

Just loosen the slide knots, slip your partner's hands in, then pull the slip tie tighter to get a great grip. They're reusable, easy to handle, and are as silky soft as bondage can be. 

Heart Print Leather Handcuffs by Hocrelov

Some of the best handcuffs for beginners aren't the best because they're unique in function; sometimes, it's more about style. This may be one of the cutest pairs out there, simply because of the heart-shaped accents you see on the cuffs. 

Sturdy leather, a comfy interior, and a standard clasp make this a great pick for beginners and advanced kinksters alike. Also, they'd look pretty sexy with the right rock'n'roll outfit, too. 

Red Black Leather Padded Handcuffs by SDFinger

Padding can make or break your BDSM experience, and if you're looking for a little extra cushioning, you'll understand why these are some of the best handcuffs for beginners. The padding is gentle, allows for comfortable movement, but doesn't grate on skin. 

Red and black also works well as far as BDSM setups go, so you can also expect to be tied up in style. 

Blush Vinyl Bondage Cuffs by Sportsheets

Sportsheets makes some of the best handcuffs for beginners who aren't ready to lock their partners in—and their vinyl cuffs are perfect examples of it. These cute pink cuffs come with a D-ring on each cuff for added possibilities. Since they're vinyl, they also let you support cruelty-free fun. 

The pink coloring of these cuffs are a perfect choice for couples who like Daddy Dom-Little Girl play, so if you're looking for a new way to make Daddy happy, buying these will work.

Deluxe Fleece Lined Leather Wrist Cuffs by Pawstar

Speaking as a huge fan of their work, Pawstar makes some of the best handcuffs for beginners out there—but there's a caveat. Usually, you have to order two to get a pair. Thankfully, this combo gives you their goods as a package.

The leather they use is supple and suede-like on the interior but shiny on the exterior, which makes them insanely comfortable. This particular pair has fleece on the inside, which makes it even more snuggly! 

It's also worth noting that these are actually customizable. Just go onto the Pawstar site and ask for a custom pair, and you can get spikes and studs added to match your other gear. 

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