Baby Bear

A Short CGLB ABDL Story

The real Baby Steve

They had grown apart this past year. They were more like flatmates than a couple. Her new job meant that Kathy was almost never home and often out late. Steve looked at the clock knowing it’d be another five hours before she got home. He walked quickly upstairs and into the bedroom. Kneeling beside the bed he reached under and pulled put his old suitcase where he kept his stash. He knew she'd never find it there. He unzipped the case and opened it up. A smile spread across his face at the sight of his little baby stuff and the dilemma of trying to decide on which diaper to wear today.

“Eeny, meany, miny, mo...” said Steve in a cute little voice as he pointed a finger at each. He chose a thick absorbent one with little foxes on it.

“Fred!” he squealed, snatching up his favourite stuffy from the suitcase. “I missed you!” he gave Fred a big hug.

He chose a blue onesie and hurriedly undressed. He laid a towel on the floor and placed the diaper open on it. He carefully lay down naked on it. He reached for the baby powder and shook way too much out onto his crotch. He happily spread the powder around with one hand, concentrating on his Prince parts too much. He knew he was being naughty but he was so excited. He covered his private parts with the diaper. His skilled little fingers pulled the sides and stuck the tabs down with ease. He’d had a lot of practice at it. With the diaper snugly fitted around him he sat up and pulled the onesie on and snapped the buttons closed. He crawled to the suitcase and lifted out his paci box. He had many pacifiers of different colours. Some were plain, some had cartoon characters. He chose a blue one with Mr. Bump on it to match the blue onesie he was wearing. He pulled his alphabet play mat out of the case, unrolled it and spread it across the floor. Baby Steve was happily laying on his tummy playing with Fred and his little fire engine when he thought he heard the front door. He held his breath and listened. Silence. It was okay, must have been the mail man.

“Uh-oh!” said Baby Steve, his pacifier fell out of his mouth. He held Fred in front of his face and whispered, “I think I just pee-peed in my diapee.” And giggled.

He rolled onto his back, then onto his tummy, kicking his legs in the air and enjoying being little.

He popped his pacifier back in his mouth and was tightly cuddling Fred, when Bang! The bedroom door suddenly burst open and hit the wall.

There she stood, his cold loveless girlfriend Kathy, with a face like thunder.

His heart raced and his pacifier fell out onto the play mat.

“It's not what it...” he blurted. “Well, it is, but...”

“Shut up!” she screamed, Steve shrinking back and squeezing Fred tighter. “How could you keep this from me?!”

“I, I’m...” he began.

She approached and stood over him. “Put your fucking pacifier back in your mouth!”

Shocked, Baby Steve picked it up with a shaky hand and did as he was told.

“Don’t just put it there, I want to see you sucking on it like the big baby you are.”

Steve blushed and sucked hard on it making it squeak a little.

“Now roll onto your back,” she commanded. He rolled over, clutching Fred tightly under his chin.

She gasped. “You bad, bad little boy,” she said with a darkness in her voice. She rubbed the front on his soggy diaper and felt him harden beneath her hand. He held his breath as she unfastened the diaper. She reached into his case and pulled out the baby wipes. She began wiping him and cleaning his damp skin. She paid a lot of attention to the semi he now had. He closed his eyes as she rubbed him over and over again, making him harder. Suddenly she delivered a hard slap to his cock, causing him to yelp.

“Roll onto your knees. Mommy needs to punish you,” she said calmly.

His heart leapt! She had just called herself mommy. A mommy domme was what he wanted more than anything!

“Hurry up!” she yelled, slapping him in the face. She drew her hand back as if to strike him again and he whimpered, quickly rolling onto his knees.

“I’ll be right back.... DO. NOT. MOVE.... you are in enough trouble already.”

He waited patiently for what seemed like a long time. She returned and he peeked over his shoulder to catch a glimpse of her.

“Keep your head down!” she screeched.

Baby Steve had stolen a quick glance at her, he had never seen her dressed like that. Ever. She had her dark hair pulled back tightly in a high pony tail and she was wearing only a black lacy thong and a leather underbust corset, which made her ample breasts look amazing. She was wearing slutty red lipstick and dark eye makeup. Was she holding something in her hand? She looked like a dominatrix and Baby Steve was both aroused and terrified.

Thwack! She suddenly hit him with what he assumed to be a riding crop, causing him to whimper and his paci to fall.

“Count for me. How many was that?”

“One, mommy,” he said in a shy little voice.

Thwack! “Two, mommy.”

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! “Three, four, five, mommy,” he whimpered.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! She rained down strike after stinging strike. His was cheeks were hot and burning, red marks covered his cheeks. He whimpered Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! His eyes were watering and he couldn't think straight. Thwack! Thwack!

He had lost count.

“How many?!” she yelled angrily.

“I lost count. I-I’m sorry!” He cried.

“You bad, bad boy! What am I going to do with you?!” She sounded livid.

She rained down another volley of strikes as he whimpered and pleaded with her to stop.

Silence fell. She was breathing heavily, no doubt her arm was tired. Baby Steve whimpered before her, was cheeks red and glowing.

“You big cry-baby!” she spat.

Baby Steve sniffled, putting his pacifier back in his mouth. He closed his eyes tightly and felt his cheeks blush in shame.

Mommy Kathy was quiet. What was she doing? He put his forehead on the play mat and peeked under his arm. She was leaning down and applying a thick lube to the heel of one of the stiletto shoes she had on.

“Part your cheeks for me!” Baby Steve shivered in terror. “Now, boy!” she yelled.

He did as he was told, resting his forehead on the play mat he reached behind and held his cheeks open with both hands. He waited, Fred laying beside his face smiling innocently at him.

Suddenly he felt it, the hold tip of her heel touching his anus. “oh, my god, no!” he thought, sucking desperately on his pacifier.

“Mommy needs to punish you, little one,” she said softly. She held onto edge of the chest of drawers as she stood on one leg. She began pressing against his anus with the lubed-up heel, it relented, and she began sliding it inside him slowly. He moaned, still sucking on his paci. When it was all inside him, she pushed her foot hard against him, causing him to grunt.

“That’s right, take it like a good boy.” She began sliding it in and out of him, harder and faster. He whimpered, sucking frantically on the pacifier. His cock was hard and dripping pre-cum onto the play mat. What must Fred be thinking? She suddenly withdrew, causing him to squeak.

She dove into the suitcase and snatched up a diaper.

“Roll onto your back. Good, now lift your chubby little bottom so mommy can slide this under you. Good boy.”

“Now lift your legs up a bit,” she said softly.

Baby Steve lay there with his knees pulled up close to his tummy.

“Part your cheeks for me,” she instructed.

Baby Steve looked surprised, this wasn’t how it was supposed to go when you put a diaper on. He did as he was told. He watched in shock as she reached into her black lacy panties and pulled something out of her ass! It was a butt plug.

“Mommy was just warming it up for you,” she smiled.

She put it to her lips and licked it, she moaned as she sucked it clean. She watched his face as his jaw dropped and he almost lost his pacifier. She pressed the end and it switched on and began vibrating . She reached between his cheeks and eased it inside him.

“There we go.” She smiled, fastening the diaper. She immediately reached for another.

“You need more padding, don’t you baby?” He said sweetly. Baby Steve nodded. She fastened the second and reached for a third. Steve was curious about what would happen next, and wondered if he would actually to able to get up.

He tried to get up and she laughed cruelly.

“Aww wittle baba can’t walk. He’s too wittle. Are you hungry baby?”

Baby Steve nodded. She immediately knelt beside and cradled his head with her arm.

“Open up!” Baby Steve opened his mouth and she immediately stuffed her nipple in.

“Mmm yes, that’s my good boy,” she panted, “It makes mommy feel good when I feed you.”

He sucked eagerly at her breast with his growing boner struggling against the restraint of the triple diaper.

“Was there any milk, Baby?” He shook his head. “Here, little baby Steve, try the other one,” she said grabbing his hair and forcing his head onto her other breast. Baby Steve continued dripping into his diaper, the vibrating butt plug thrilling him while he sucked on mommy's titties.

“Suck harder, see if mommy has any milk for you.”

He closed his eyes and suckled happily.

“Little One," she panted, her voice thick with arousal. Steve’s eyes shot open. He had never seen her like this before, so wanton and dominant, a sex goddess.

“Any milk little one?” She slipped her nipple free from his lips.

“No, Mommy,” he shook his head and looked up innocently at her.

“Wait there, mommy will bring you some milk.” She smiled lovingly at him.

While she was gone Baby Steve tried to get up. It was no use, the three diapers rendered him unable to close his legs, let alone stand up. She walked back upstairs and entered the bedroom. She was carrying a slim baby bottle with milk in it. He didn’t recognise it. Where had she gotten that from? Baby Steve reached out with grabby hands.

“Not yet baby, mommy needs to warm it up for you,” she knelt between his open legs, face to face with him. She placed the bottle on the floor between her legs, and to his amazement she slid the teat inside herself.

“Mommy?” he looked puzzled.

“Sshh, baby, just watch mommy.”

She slowly worked it in further and further until she took almost the whole thing. She whimpered as she forced it as deep as possible. Her pussy was tightly stretched around the bottle and she looked delicious, he desperately wanted to taste her. Her clit was hard and throbbing, she ached inside. Baby Steve looked down at the bottle, her fluids were running down the side and he could see blobs on cream stuck to it. She rode it harder and harder with a fire burning in her eyes.

“You’re about to get some extra cream with your milk, my baby boy,” she panted.

Her mouth fell open and she moaned and made sounds like she was crying as she came harder than she ever had in her life. She leaned forward and reached out to him.

“Give Mommy a cuddle, my baby bear.” She squeezed him tightly. He cried a little, he had been on a rollercoaster of emotions and now he had a Mommy!

She reached down and withdrew the sticky baby bottle with a groan. Some of it had seeped out inside her, thin white streams of milk ran down her inner thighs. She pressed the baby bottle to his lips, the smell of her cunt juices was intoxicating. He was eager to taste Mommy's sweet juices, he licked the teat clean and took it into his mouth. He drank his milk from the sticky pussy-soaked bottle like a good boy.

“Later mommy will make you spunk in your wittle diapee with my magic wand. Would you like that, little one?” she whispered.

He nodded and smiled with the bottle in his mouth, spilling a little bit of his milk.

She cuddled close to him stroking his hair while he looked up at her with so much innocence and love in his eyes. She was everything he wanted, no longer a frigid ice queen. She was his goddess, his Mommy, his everything. He fell in love with her all over again. He knew at that moment he would love his mommy forever.

She knew what he was thinking, she was smiling down at him brimming with love for him, "I love you too, baby bear."

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