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A Stripper's Move

The Right Time, The Right Place

I really understood the quote, "You're in the right place at the right time" when I came across Oliver Stone, a thirty year old stripper living in Miami. He makes his living dancing in the two popular night clubs down on the main drag and he isn't scared to talk about it from what I can tell.

Exotic dancers require a fit body so during the day he works out every muscle till it burns. At the local gym he notices an admirer, her name is Chantelle and she's no stranger to him or the place. They often share glances and touch each other in passing, it's safe to say there is sexual chemistry between them but never acted on.

Chantelle notices that Oliver has another admirer from the corner of the room. It's a man in his early forties with the body of a football player, muscles poking through his t-shirt. His skin was tanned and he had a sex appeal that was hard to look away from.The woman at the front desk called him Alec when he came in but we've never exchanged words.

Oliver had no idea that he was being watched by both of us. At least I didn't think he knew. My mind began to wonder why he never made a pass at me. Maybe he was married, in a relationship, or just not attracted but to be honest the lack of attention makes me want him more. His smile and muscular body make me ache, I want to rub my hands all over him while he moves in his sexy stripper ways. If only I had the nerve to talk to him and introduce myself as Stacey.

Oliver and Alec were in a deep conversation when I arrived at the gym today. The two of them are like cut out models from a magazine. I can feel my thong getting moist as I imagine what it would be like  between them in a sexcapade. I needed a way to lure them in so I picked out the skimpiest gym outfit I can find, that should catch their attention. The tank top makes my titties look like two perky pomegranates and the spandex booty shorts are so thin you can see my tiny, tight bare ass right through them. I looked hotter than hell and my confidence showed it.

I lined my downward dog yoga pose up in Alec's plain view. I was on all fours, nose was to the floor, ass in the air. Every eye in the building was burning a hole through my backside. The attention was exactly what I wanted, I could feel desire coming from Alec and it was intoxicating. Oliver must have been feeling it too cause he was staring at Alec's bulge. It kind of made me giggle and explains my many questions. Chantelle was on the treadmill and gives me a nod and smile at my sexy position, maybe she knows what I'm up to. I love contorting my body, karma sutra positions are sexy as fuck. I arch my back and show some camel toe while I bring myself upright. It was the perfect attention grabber, everyone was watching me in awe. Alec quickly covered his massive erection, Oliver's mouth hung open while he stared and Chantelle wanted me to teach her.

She was a quick learner and taught me a few things too, I always struggled with a cartwheel so she and I would practice while the boys watched us. It felt good when she gripped my wrists or ankles to help flip me over. When my legs are in the air, my pussy is inches away from her mouth, at one point my clit pulsated and I'm sure she could see it through my spandex shorts. I had a dream once that she grabbed me by the ass and licked my pussy till I begged her to stop. I've never been with a woman so I was super surprised my mind was going there but it sure made me horny.

Oliver invited Chantelle and I to go watch him dance at the local strip club tonight. It was amateur night and Alec was going to audition for his first time. We immediately agreed and all head home to get cleaned up.  I have no idea what to wear but whatever I choose, it will be more than they're wearing. We were super pumped to finally get to see the hunks naked. At least that's what I was hoping for.

When Oliver came on stage in his construction worker get up, my nipples perked to attention. The song "Pony" by Genuine played as he moved his body, working that stage like he owned it. People of all ages were screaming, looking at his glistening abs and hips rolling to the beat can make anyone horny. Alec was watching Oliver's every move, taking pointers I'm sure. The whole house erupted when he ripped off his g-string, money was flying at him but he had no where to put it. Across the stage, we lock eyes and he crawls to me on his hands and knees like a tiger about to pounce. He was so fuckin hot, naked, a fist full of money and tucked it between my tits, whispering he'd be back for it. I was instantly soaked and the crowd went wild once again. He was a pro and he really did know it.

Alec sure had a tough act to follow, especially being his first night in all. At least the ladies were all hot and rearing to go. "Sexual Healing" started playing over the speaker when Alec stepped out wearing a full tuxedo with the jacket tossed over his right shoulder. My jaw hit the floor, he was drop dead gorgeous and all the ladies went wild screaming. He moved his body like a natural Greek god, slipping each piece of clothing off with perfect timing. He was beautifully naked and looked so powerful in front of us all. A lust filled the room and he could sense it.Throwing his head back with desire as he moved his hips and sweet ass to the music. He was loving the attention!

My heart was racing fast as the lust pumped through my veins.Watching him move makes me want him badly. I want him to strip my little black dress off and rub his fine self up against me while I cum on his balls. Apparently I'm not the only one to feel this way because Chantelle looks like she's about to get off then and there. Alec, like Oliver, had no where to put his tips so he turned to Chantelle. He ran his hand slowly up her thigh and tucked the bills into her tiny purple thong, saying he would be back for it. The whole room started to clap and yell while Chantelle and I squeaked with excitement wondering how the night would unfold.

I could see a wet spot through Chantelle's tiny, tight red dress. She was just as horny as I am. We sat on the stools by the edge of the stage drinking rye and ginger watching all the other male dancers perform. Each one of them brought their crotches to our face and we were on fire for these massive cocks. I can only imagine what I'll do to Oliver when he comes searching for his money. I think I may make him work for it.

Whenever I stood up it felt like every person in the room looked at me. My pussy was so wet and I was hoping you couldn't see the wet spot through my thin dress cause it was my turn to buy the drinks. I was watching the cheeky little bartender when I felt a warm breath down the back of my neck. I could feel someone behind me, close enough but not touching. The sensation covered my body with goosebumps. My nipples hardened and my pussy contracted from the exciting feeling.

I didn't turn around, I actually bent over to give a sneak peek to a panty less show. My little black dress rose high enough to reveal my tight little ass and glistening bald pussy. Whoever was behind me is getting far more than they were likely expecting because now I could feel his bulge up against my ass, he was so close. I stood back up when the bartender arrived with our drinks. She was a hot little number in her sexy waitress uniform, looked like a slut any guy would fuck, bet she was a stripper. I paid, tipped well, and gave her a little wink before turning around to see my audience but he was gone.

Chantelle started tugging at my arm, pulling me to the dance floor when Biggie's "Hypnotize Me" came on. Alec and Oliver were up against each other grinding cocks to the beat, it was fucking hot! I knew at this point I couldn't make physical contact with anyone without getting off because I was so friggin horny. I wanted to be filled to the core.

To my surprise both boys grabbed me and I become the center of attention. My body sways to the beat while Oliver runs his strong hands all over my backside, pressing his bulge into the crack of my tight ass. Alec is in front of me rubbing his hands over both of my breasts,  pushing his swollen member into my mound. Both boys grinding on me, had me in euphoria. One kissed the nape of my neck to the left while the other was on the right. I could feel my pussy juice oozing as my skimpy dress slid up my body. I was beyond turned on and oblivious to the large crowd around us. I just wanted to be fucked, by BOTH cocks! What has gotten into me?

Alec slipped his long hard cock out of his zipper hole and rubbed the tip against my wet pussy every time the rhythm of the music brought him closer to me. Oliver slipped his thick tasty looking cock out too and started rubbing it on my moist ass crack. They were both taller than me so their cocks kept bumping together. I knew when it happened cause they would both moan. The dance floor was dark and crowded but Chantelle didn't miss a thing. She was on a bar stool watching our every move while rubbing her hairless pussy. I wondered which boy would fill my holes first. Both were getting rubbed hard and I was open for penetration of any kind cause I needed to get off. The only thing I got was frustrated cause the DJ announced he was playing the last song of the night. If I had balls they would be blue for sure, the night can't end like this.

Both guys put their dicks away, we head to the bar to get Chantelle before catching a cab to Oliver's penthouse. You could tell he made a lot of money because he sure had expensive tastes, the place looked like a mansion. He took us all to the living room where the ambience had a warm romantic glow, we looked sensational under the candlelight. A sexy soundtrack played quietly in the background while Alec helped Oliver make our drinks, Chantelle and I both notice them copping a feel every once in while and giggle with each other. It's kind of hot.

I knew we were all horny so it was just a matter of time before something got started but I didn't want to be the aggressor. I'm feeling a bit more submissive tonight and that thought of seduction burns a passion through me. I can't wait for it to get started. The smell of oranges lingered in the air, it was a sweet smell, one that made my mouth water. Turned out to be a hand lotion that Chantelle was using. I complimented the lovely aroma and she offered to rub it on my tits. I was flabbergasted by her forwardness and so were the boys, as they waited anticipating the answer.

I gladly agree and let Oliver and Alec slip my tiny dress over my head revealing my tight already naked body. It was like a dream only better, I had six lubed up hands rubbing lotion over every part of my body. I thought I was going to shudder in orgasm before my clit was even touched. You know the relaxed state you are in after a massage or meditation, well I was there. Every muscle in my core was relaxed and I was elated, lying there on my belly. Oliver parted my ankles spreading my legs open as far as they could go. He rubbed up and down them while Alec started on my ass. They caressed me like I was their prize possession. The silk sheets felt so smooth on my bare body, it kept my nipples at attention and I was getting more turned on by the minute. Chantelle was at my head squeezing my shoulders and back in a trance watching the boys rub me. I'm sure she is wondering when it is her turn. I lift my head and there is her wet naked pussy right in my face.

My first pussy, it had a smell, a musty scent, a good one none the less. I stick out the tip of my tongue and give her clit a little tease, she squirmed for more so I flattened my tongue and licked her from clit to asshole making her grab at my head in ultimate pleasure. She moaned and pushed my face into her while I fingered her tight cunt and tickled her puckered asshole. She was loving every minute of it and so was I, my pussy was dripping wet. Alec sucked up all my juices and was doing a glorious job eating me out, I couldn't take it any longer. I screamed in an orgasm that made me shiver, it felt electrifying and got me fired up for more. I wanted to suck some cock.

Oliver was deep throating Alec with all he had but shared his shaft with me graciously. It was so tasty and made me so horny watching another man suck a dick. Chantelle started licking my pussy like a pro, her hands were all over me while her tongue swirled in circles on my clit. This was obviously not her first tickle, she had me shuddering with delight in minutes. My legs were like rubber and I was spent but not too tired to watch the boys in a side sixty nine, they are expert cock suckers, putting on quite the show. Chantelle watched, rubbing her pussy. When her head fell back in pleasure, I stuck two wet fingers into her slippery cunt and she went buck wild jabbing them in and out of her. Sounds of joy filled the room as she climaxed down my hand.

The boys couldn't take it any longer. They sat next to each other on the couch while Chantelle and I positioned ourselves on their massive cocks. We began slowly but ended hard and fast, riding them like bulls at a rodeo. It didn't take long for her and I to cum, these boys are troopers. We switched dicks and positions for a backward ride that turned into doggy style. I felt like such a whore, two different size cocks simultaneously fucking me till I'm weak. That thought alone made me squeal in orgasmic pleasure as the boys release each others warm jizz all over Chantelle's ass.

The night turned out to be one of the most erotic experiences I ever had but our little fuck fest didn't end there, we had a few more rounds before making arrangements for future rendezvous. I'm not sure what happened and I sometimes wonder what I have turned into, maybe I'm just a nympho at the right place at the right time.

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A Stripper's Move
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