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A Review on the Maia Toy Company

Are they worth the money?

Maia is a relatively new company in the adult toy industry. A lot of their toys have 10 vibrating functions and are made with medical grade silicone, which is the best silicone you can get when it comes to sex toys. Most of the toys, such as the Angel, Leah, Margo, and Zoe, are all rechargeable. There are a couple of toys that are battery operated. These battery operated toys are still made with medical grade silicone and have 15 vibrating functions. 

Maia offers many toys for vaginal and clitoral pleasure. Please note that they don't have anal toys, so if you're interested in anal play, you will want to look elsewhere.

There are some toys, such as the Jessi bullet, that are incredibly quiet and discreet. None of them are all that loud, with the exception of their thruster. But then again, any thruster you buy will be a little loud, no matter what company you purchase from. Whether you're looking for a flexible rabbit style, a bullet, something with a suction cup, or a normal dildo, you'll be able to find something to work for you. With over twenty toys to choose from, anyone can find a good toy for them. 

At an initial glance, they're already more impressive than many other companies. Not every company can boast that they use medical grade silicone or that most of their toys are rechargeable. And if their toys are, they're usually quite expensive. Maia keeps all of their toys under $100. I love selling these toys when people say they're on a budget. Just because you are on a budget doesn't mean you should have to compromise quality. You deserve the best bang for your buck. Remember to keep your receipt or take a picture of your receipt, because most Maia toys have a one year warranty as well.

I own multiple toys from Maia, and I love them. They're powerful, but not too powerful. The charge goes a long way; I've gotten multiple sessions out of one full charge from my toys. They have a variety of vibration speeds and pulsation patterns. The toys are easy to hold and operate; one button to turn the toy on/off, another button to change functions. But most importantly, they feel good against my skin. Most of their toys are not hard plastic, so the toys feel soft and kind when I use them.

I know many people who really don't like this company. They get a lot of defective toys and then they're stuck with a broken toy because you can't return sex toys.  This deters them from ever buying from Maia, because they don't like the gamble. When you buy a sex toy, it should work. Guessing whether or not it will work for $40-$90 is not worth it. Some people don't think these toys are powerful enough, not girthy enough, not big enough. They don't like the color scheme of pink, purple, and blue. They are more interested in anal play: something Maia does not offer. Whatever the reason may be, Maia has most definitely accrued a base of haters. 

Obviously, Maia is not for everyone. No company is for everyone. I think these toys are best suited for first-time buyers who aren't ready to commit to a big, spendy purchase. You can find quality toys from Maia, such as ben wa balls, a penis air pump, g-spot stimulators, clitoral stimulators, multi-stimulators, and even a body wand for a decent price. The toys are petite and non-intimidating, but still flexible and on a mission to provide pleasure. 

Based on my personal experience, I give Maia 5 out of 5 porn stars. 

Based on the collective experience of others and feedback from coworkers, I give Maia 2.5 out of 5 porn stars.

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A Review on the Maia Toy Company
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