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A Little Fantasy

Master's Pet

I’m blindfolded, my arms are tied up above my head and my ankles are shackled so my body makes an X across the wall. My breathing is shallow and deep; my face and naked body feel cool against the wall yet I am still slightly sweating. I don’t know exactly how long I’ve been here, ten minutes maybe an hour. I hear the door open behind me; the sound seemed to strike me right in the heart and time stopped. My Master has returned to deliver my punishment. I’ve been a bad, bad girl. I’m being punished for refusing to get into my “Home” position when told. I knew I would be punished for it but I wanted it secretly. I could hear him walk in, close the door behind him, and lock it. He knows I hate not being able to look at him so in addition to my punishment this is his torture. I could feel his eyes staring at my bare backside.

“How’s it hanging?” He said mockingly.

I smiled to myself; I already knew what was going to happen next so I prepared myself. He ran his big, strong, warm hands down back and onto my behind and began to rub softly. I could feel the tension building in his hands as he touched me, and my own body awakening under his touch.

He whispered in my ear. “Do you know why you are being punished, Harley?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Why is that?” He asked.

“For being disobedient Master.” I replied.

I could feel him take a step back, his hand still on my behind rubbing it softly.

“Count out loud.” He commanded.

His hand left my backside then connected again hard and swift.

“One.” I counted out loud, my backside stinging under his palm. Another loud smack and I winced at the connection his firm handmade with my flesh.

“Two,” I said the tears now began to gather behind my closed and blindfolded eyes. By the time I got to ten, I was sore and my flesh felt burning hot. My backside numb yet at the slightest stimulation, all the skin began to burn again. He stopped and kissed the back of my neck tenderly and full of pride.

“Thank you, Sir,” I said choking back my tears.

“We’re not done yet.” He said matter-of-factly.

I don’t care I want this so bad and even with tears running down my face now, between my legs is moist and almost dripping. I can’t help it. I am being punished but I want it, need it, crave it. For him I would do anything, anything to please him. Then without warning, I felt something bite my thigh. I could feel dozens of tiny bites on my thighs and the back of my legs. My Master now wields a flogger in his skilled hands. I proceeded to count out loud with the strikes of the whip.

My body beginning to sweat and get goosebumps at the same time, my insides contracting in anticipation, longing, and desire. The cold wall against my hot body, the sting of the flogger, tears in my eyes yet my insides are full of butterflies. Again I count to 10 I can still feel the little bites on my thighs and legs. My backside no longer numb but also stinging from the flogger ends making the flesh come alive and burn. I feel his fingers undo the knot on my blindfold; I open my eyes only to be face to face with the wall. I can feel his breath down my neck, his face against my hair and his hands on my shoulders. His body pressed against mine pressing me into the wall slightly and his cock pushing against my warm behind. His hands run over the length of my body undoing each one of my cuffs one by one. Finally some relief to my arms, they feel heavy as the blood rushes back into them. I turn and stand face to chest with my Master for a moment, wanting to just run my hands over his chest. I want to feel his chest and the little patch of chest hair that drives me wild, but I knew he wouldn’t allow it and I sat on my feet with my hands on my legs looking down at the floor.

“Bend over,” He says and gestures towards the bed. I immediately obey and was into position on my hands and knees; I feel the light brush of leather tassels against my skin. He dangles the black leather flogger in front of my eyes and once again my insides contract. He places the flogger on my back and walks away. When he returns, he places a few objects in a line in front of me. A rubber ball gag, an inflatable butt plug, chained nipple clamps but the most curious of all a solid chrome egg. With the items placed in front of me my legs trembled.

“Are you wet for me yet little one?” he asks.

I bite my lip and try to answer but there is a lump in my throat and the flogger bites me. I nod my head yes but before I can get the words out I feel him reach down and pinch my lips together, his finger slips between the lips and across my clitoris and then inside me. I bite my lip as he pushes in and out of me, it feels so good and only my Master could make me feel this way. He stops suddenly much to my disappointment.

“Open up.” He says.

I open my mouth wide and he sticks his finger in. I suck his finger tasting myself and loving it. As I suck his finger he brings his other hand down to the items in front of me. He grabs the chrome egg and pushes it inside of me. It’s surprisingly heavy and I have to clench my muscles to keep it in so I don’t push it out. He smacks my rear hard and it almost falls out.

“Don’t let that out.” He demands, “Get on your back.”

“Yes, Sir.” I obey and roll over onto my back. He places the nipple clamps on my very hard and pulsing nipples. The clamps squeeze tight and he yanks the chain roughly to make me moan.

“Spread your legs and put your hands behind your head.” He instructs.

I obey. He rubs my body with his hands. Stopping at my breasts to squeeze and even tease them with his tongue. Not touching him is torture; my body feels like it wants to explode already. He kneels above my head. His cock is ready, hovering above me teasingly but I can see it throbbing with anticipation. My mouth wet and ready for it, he looks down at me with that mischievous smile he wears so well. I love the way he tastes. He grabs the chain from the nipple clamps as he pushes into my mouth, tugging on them pulling me into him. I can feel him getting deeper and deeper down my throat. I breathe through my nose as he starts to go faster and faster, closing my eyes and listening to his ragged breathing. As he slams harder and harder into me the chrome egg moves along with the motion of my body. Rocking inside of me and making me moan even more. Before I know it he is completely down my throat and I can feel him get really tense, I can feel his climax peaking and he explodes hard. I choke on it a little but I don’t spit any out. He lets go of the chain and bends down to kiss me on the forehead. I see him smile and it makes me happy to serve him.

“You’ve taken your punishment well little one.” He smiles

“Thank you, Sir,” I say smiling.

“I’m still not quite done torturing you yet. Back on your knees.” He winks.

He picks up the rubber ball gag and fastens it tightly over my mouth and kneels behind me, he spreads my legs as wide as they can go and begins to gently press his finger against my clitoris and anus. Teasing me making me relax my muscles, he spits on me to push his finger in more. I moan with pleasure and squirm trying to keep the chrome egg from falling out. When he is satisfied with how wet and open I am he grabs the plug and pushes it in gently. He holds the pump in his hand as he rubs the inside of my thighs. My desire is going to burst out soon. He sits staring at my open legs and begins to let his fingers dance across my clitoris as he pumps the plug a few times making me feel full. My body begins to twitch under his expert touch. I feel like I’m going to explode but right before I can he stops and I take a deep breath. Yearning for more.

“Give me back the egg.” He commands.

I push out the egg finally and feel relief from not having to hold it in any longer. The relief doesn’t last long; my Master has finally taken me. I moan through my gag, I can feel him deep inside me pushing against the anal plug. As he begins to ram hard into me harder and faster he gives the pump a squeeze and the plug expands slightly. I moan louder as both sensations take over my body. He leans his head down and grabs the nipple clamp chain and tugs. Ramming me faster and harder until I can’t take it any longer and the tears fall down my face again sobbing lightly through my gag. He drops the chain and kisses my ear. That’s it and I lose myself in blinding white light of climax, my juices squirting out like a water gun down both our legs and splashing a little as he still pumps me hard. Without warning, he pushes me down onto my stomach and pulls the plug from out roughly from my backside. Then he shoves in his hard shaft in with no mercy, making me cry out in pain and pleasure. He grabs a fistful of hair and pushes down hard, his other hand on my waist and gripped me tightly. His breathing is hard and his grunts keep me going. His hand comes across my throat and he squeezes. He grabs it tight as he rams me harder and harder, me moaning through the gag, sweat beading down my face, and before I need to take a breath my Master finally explodes inside me. We both fall over breathing fast and hard, his hand brushes against my face and he tucks my hair behind my ear.

“Home.” He says.

I position myself between my Master's legs on my stomach and lay with my face near his perfect member.

“That’s my girl.” He says proudly.