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A First Lesbian Experience

There's a first time for everything.

Tianna tossed her backpack onto her bed as she came into the room. After another long school day, it was comforting to finally be back home. Her bedroom was a mess. Week old laundry and books crowded nearly every corner. She knew it would behoove her to clean before her mother came home but first she just wanted to clear her mind.

She shoved the backpack aside and rested on the bed. She closed her eyes and the day’s events began to replay in her head. The morning breakfast she had had alone, trudging to her 8 AM English class, sleeping through history class. Everything following lunch had kind of become a blur. She couldn’t help but turn over in mind the conversation she had overheard between a group of girls earlier.

Tianna had never had a lot of friends. In many ways, it was more out of choice rather than circumstance. Being a loner had its benefits and lent her a level of mystique she considered sexy. She enjoyed sitting idly and consuming the social spaces of others when she chose. During lunch, she enjoyed her chicken salad while eavesdropping on a conversation three girls were having down the table. Tianna didn’t know them but had seen them around a few times on campus. They weren’t the “it” girls but they were damn near close to it. Even though they had never exchanged words, Tianna had a slight crush on the prettier of the three, Cierra. She appeared to have the softest skin and lips from what Tianna could see. She was a caramel complexion with hazel eyes. Tianna hadn’t seen too many Black girls with hazel eyes and that was intriguing. She personally described Cierra’s style as slutty-baby; a provocative combination of the school-girl-next-door and a sexy mistress. Her yellow V-neck seemed to plunge lower and lower as Tianna listened in while Cierra chatted with Harmony and Vega at lunch.

“How did your date go the other night with Chris?” Vega asked Cierra.

“It was alright. He was bummy as usual. I paid for everything,” Cierra responded with a sigh. “And then he had the nerve to try and get some at the end of the night.

“And what did you do, bitch?” chimed in Harmony cynically.

“I gave it to him!” said Cierra and the three burst in laughter. “Yes, I’m a thot and proud.”

“How big was it?” asked Vega. “I want all the tea.” She scooted closer to Cierra and prompted her to whisper.

“It was alright. I’ve seen smaller but I’ve seen bigger too. And it’s not the size that matters anyways. It’s the motion of the ocean, baby,” replied Cierra as she laughed. “His dick was probably the best I’ve ever had honestly. That’s the only reason I tolerate him.”

“That’s how Dom used to be when we were together,” said Vega. “He’d leave my pussy aching for days. Meanwhile, I’m crying and having nervous breakdowns because he won’t respond to my texts.” Vega rolled her eyes.

The girls then began to exchange stories of their past relationships and sexual encounters. They shared first date horror stories, Tinder rejects, and dick details—length, girth, and a number of other characteristics Tianna had never heard of. They talked about how the sex had made them feel, how they felt wanted as they were penetrated, and reactions they would receive from men. Still a virgin, Tianna was unable to relate to these experiences but was suddenly eager to try. As she turned over in her mind the details of their conversation, she felt her own pussy begin to ache. It was a new sensation, but a good one. In the past, she had found herself primarily attracted to girls but suddenly she felt the urge to be filled. She wanted to experience what the other girls had.

Tianna grabbed her phone and opened a private page in her web browser. Her older brother, Daniel, had left his phone open far too many times around her in the past. She now knew his secret ways of watching porn without their parents finding out.

Once the site loaded, she scrolled through the homepage content, shopping for a delight. The visuals alone excited her and her pussy began to ache more. It was a painful, yet pleasurable sensation. One that she wanted to continue. Tianna came across a video of two girls wading in a swimming pool. She tapped the thumbnail and a short preview began. The girls reminded her of Cierra’s friends, Harmony and Vega. Not outstandingly pretty but had bodies to die for. Round, firm tits, small waists, and luscious big booties. Tianna had been blessed with her own ass but could certainly appreciate that of another woman.

The video began with the girls chatting into the camera, giggling, and teasing the cameraman. They wore matching bikini tops, obviously two sizes too small. The tops covered nothing but their nipples and their tits jiggled with each move they made. Tianna was aroused at the sight of them teasing and playing with one another. The playfulness was intoxicating. The anticipation was killing her so Tianna fast-forwarded the video eleven minutes in. By this point, the girls were kissing passionately, their tongues tousling back and forth in one another’s mouths. Girl one slid her finger into Girl two’s shorts and she began to pant in ecstasy. Without realizing it, Tianna began to mimic their body language. Her hips moved in unison with theirs as they kissed and rubbed one another’s nipples through the bikini tops. Her pussy ached uncontrollably by this point and she could feel herself growing wet. Gently, she began to finger herself for the first time. She’d been told it would hurt but that wasn’t the case. All that she felt was wetness, the ribbed sensation of her pussy as she worked the finger in and out.

The girls on screen proceeded to completely undress and offer one another oil massages. They had exited the pool and were now occupying chairs on the poolside. Girl one eased onto her belly as Girl two doused her back with oil and began to massage her. They both glistened in the sun and Tianna craved to be on screen joining them. As she grew more excited, she could feel her pussy throbbing, squeezing her finger even more tightly. Feeling adventurous, she slipped another finger inside and began to rub her clit even harder. She was creating a mess of her panties but at the moment it was the least of her worries. Her first orgasm was in store.

The phone fell between Tianna’s fingers on the opposite hand onto the bed. Her focus shifted from the lesbian porn to a fantasy of her own -one that involved Cierra. She imagined the two of them together, laughing and giggling like the girls in the video. She pictured them in her bedroom, trying on clothes and exchanging compliments. Innocent banter that would soon turn erotic. In her fantasy, a slight brush across Cierra’s chest with her hand causes an awkward pause. She’s embarrassed by the accidental gesture until Cierra grabs her hand and places it back onto her left breast. They look into each other’s eyes. And Tianna knows. She knows Cierra shares those same feelings.

Tianna vigorously slides her right index finger in and out of her pussy. She pulls up her shirt and begins to squeeze her nipple with the other hand. She longed for Cierra to be there, to watch her pleasure herself, and then to join. She imagined what Cierra’s pussy looked like, how it smelled, and how it would taste. Tianna had never considered tongue fucking another girl until this moment and now she was obsessed. She needed it.

The aching intensified and she could feel the orgasm coming. Although she had never experienced it, she knew what this particular feeling was. She finger fucked herself harder, squeezed her nipple tighter, and began to squeal. Her legs grew stiff and her toes pointed upward to the ceiling. A warm sensation overcame her pelvis and suddenly she felt the urge to pee. She quickly cast that thought away and focused on cumming. The image of Cierra atop - her tits and ass exposed - pushed Tianna over the edge. She fingered herself and released a high pitched squeal as the orgasm approached.

It felt amazing.

For seconds after, she simply lied there turning over in her mind what she had just done. Her body fell limp, exhausted from the endeavor. She realized she was now lying in a pool of sweat. Or her own juices. She couldn’t tell.

She heard the sound of the front door opening and knew her fantasy was over. Her mother was home and she had yet to clean her bedroom. Time to prepare for another afternoon argument. However, considering how she had spent the time instead, she figured the argument was well worth it.

Tianna lunged off the bed and walked over into her bathroom. She ran herself a shower and planned how she would introduce herself to Cierra tomorrow.

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Micky Thinks
Micky Thinks

I claim this space as my corner of the net to express my deepest feelings and most sentimental thoughts. Not all opinions shared will be popular, thus the pseudonym. But it is my hope that others (if only one) can connect to my strife.

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A First Lesbian Experience
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