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5 Ways to Tell If You're a Lesbian

5 Simple Ways to Determine If You're a Lesbian

5. Do you watch movies for lesbian characters?

If you watch movies or TV shows only because you heard there are lesbian're probably gay. This is something all questioning lesbians go through. This stage is where you're scrounging all over the internet for movies or TV shows that show lesbians kissing, being in love, just being gay. You might even take notes from some of the movies or TV shows you watch. 

4. Do you want to cut your hair short?

A lot of lesbians cut their hair when they first realized they're gay. Most do this because they want other lesbians to know they're gay and the easiest way to identify a lesbian is by her haircut and/or because they feel they need to be more masculine.

3. Do you dress masculine?

The infamous plaid button-ups. Those are a clear indicator of lesbianism. 

2. Are you curious about girls?

If you spend time thinking about kissing girls, touching girls sexually, and being in a relationship with a girl, then you're most likely a lesbian. I'm not talking about being curious about what it would be like to kiss one of your girl friends (lots of straight girls kiss their girl friends just for fun), I'm talking about actual kissing for pleasure; imagining how a girl tastes and daydreaming about how her body would react if you aroused her.

1. Do you want to be her or be in her?

The most effective way to differentiate the difference between wanting to be her or to be in her is imaging her naked on top or underneath you. If you can't picture yourself having sex with her, then you most likely just want to be her. You'll know if you want to be in her by your sexual attraction to her.

DISCLAIMER: Disregard everything I said above.

There are no set of rules or system that can determine your sexuality. You are the only person capable of doing that. Figuring out your sexuality is a hard and, sometimes, a long journey, but you have to embark on this journey so you can become comfortable with yourself. If you're questioning your sexuality, try to find a local LGBTQ+ center or someone close to you that you trust and get help/support or try experimenting. There is nothing embarrassing about experimenting with your sexuality. In your heart, you'll know who you are. Don't let anyone tell you who you are. 

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5 Ways to Tell If You're a Lesbian
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