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10 Reasons Why Guys Are Not Having More Sex

The 10 Biggest Turn-offs for Women Learned Through Painful Trial and Error

10 Reasons Why Guys Are Not Having More Sex. Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Guys, if you’ve ever wondered why you’re not getting laid more, you’ve probably already blamed it on all those “stuck-up biatches” out there.

 Wrong. It’s you. 

It's become a well-known (and delightfully surprising) fact that women love sex just as much as men. Maybe even more, if that’s possible. But (unlike most dudes) they can be very picky. Especially if you fall into these Top 10 "Typical Jerk" stereotypes. 

So, clean up your act and let's see if we can't teach you guys how to begin having lots more sex. 

Starting… NOW!

10. Your Arrogance

Your mom was wrong. You’re not the most special person in the world. Nobody is. Except for the hottie you’re trying to nail tonight...

9. Your ‘Sweet’ Talk

Calling her breasts “jelly donuts” and telling her you want to “motorboat to Dunkin' Bay” usually lands like a dead fish on the dock. Learn how to soften up the smack talk and you might just get some ring time...

8. Your Big Mouth

Bragging about yourself all the time gets pretty boring. Especially if it’s all BS. Most women can see right through it, and, in fact, will actually hold back sex from even the hottest guy if he can’t keep it zipped. Mostly...

7. Your Kissing

Nothing makes a woman quiver and swoon more than a sweet, soulful, passionate kiss. If you don’t have enough real-life experience to pull it off, read a book or watch a YouTube video. Remember, her lips are not the bottom of a bag of Cheetos...

6. Your Dirty Apartment

Most women are really turned off by guys whose only real creative talent is making piles of dirt. Buy a vacuum, a broom, a dustpan, a mop, and bucket and never leave the house without thinking today just might be your lucky day...

5. Your Dog

Or, worse… your cat. It’s not so much the animal. It’s how much attention you pay to it. For busy, single guys, having a pet is a big responsibility and it can show prospective mates that you are sensitive, kind, and caring. Just make sure you don't overdo it in front of her. Remember, women are people too...

4. Your Toys

There comes a time when every boy becomes a man and has to leave his toys behind. Although more and more women are into so-called "Guy" things like gaming and gadgetry, they really want you to pay most of your attention to them. And, let’s face it, your toys are nowhere near as fun to play with as her toys...

3. Your Snacks

There’s no bigger turnoff when you’re going in for the kill than having Blimpie Breath. With a side order of onion rings. Try a fresh garden salad once in a while. And remember, there are better things to do with the salami...

2. Your Neediness

In the old days women used to sit for days by the landline rotary phone waiting for it to ring after meeting Mr. Right who promised "to call the minute they got home." No more. Today, with texting, email, IM, blogging, vlogging, streaming, social media, and Skype, there are more ways than ever to let her know you're crazy about her. Just don't overdo it...

And, The Number 1 Reason Why You Guys Are Not Having More Sex: 

Your Hygiene

Even a serial killer showers now and then, but it's usually in somebody else’s bathroom. If you really want to have a shot at getting more sexy fun time, bathe every day, groom that out-of-control Bro-Stache and make sure you change your undies. And, always have a breath mint handy.

And some pepper spray...

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10 Reasons Why Guys Are Not Having More Sex
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