10 Reasons That Make Women With Spectacles Super Desirable

Ever wondered why all women with specs have a special charm and a very attractive aura?

Glasses have the capability to provide the person wearing them with a very brainy as well as charming personality.

Glasses can transform the entire look of a woman that too without any sort of pain!

Here are some reasons as to why glasses tend to make women look attractive:

  1. A Facial Accessory, minus the pain.

    Glasses are to known to add a little extra spark to your face.

    They make your best features shine out, they are simply like earrings, only more visible.

    Also, they are not permanent or painful!!

  2. Men feel like they are actually dating two women.

    As previously mentioned glasses change your entire look!

    When women take off their glasses they look completely different.

    This makes men feel like they are with two women, therefore adding some spice to the romance!

  3. Intelligence Attracts!

    It is a known fact that most men are sapiosexual and are attracted to very intelligent women.

    Glasses aid women here by giving them a ‘know it all’ look.

  4. Makes a women unique.

    Women with glasses have been known to stand out in the crowd.

    They look and feel unique and therefore have a warm and welcoming as well as confident personality that attracts men.

  5. Realistic personality.

    A woman who wears glasses has the ability to be true to herself.

    They commit to comfort in a room full of probably fashion crazed and chemically covered people and this trait attracts men.

  6. Frames help judge the character of a women.

    Sometimes men tend to judge their dates on the basis of their frames.

    Frames give away a lot more than we think they do!

    Thick, black lenses = hipster, all about the fashion
    Small wire frames = sweetly nerdy
    Coloured plastic lenses = creative
    Thin frame = professional

  7. Professional look

    A woman who has the power to commit to her future and lead a self made as well as independent life and makes her own decisions gives off a very responsible look that tends to attract men more.

  8. They give off a friendly look.

    Women who wear glasses are usually down to earth and a smile makes them look so friendly that men cannot help but fall for them.

    They have an easy going and sweet side that attracts men.

  9. They make you seem easy to approach.

    Glasses and a smile with a bit of gratitude can take you a long way.

    Men seem to easily approach these women and indulge in meaningful and intellectual conversations with them, which turn into more in future.

  10. They balance your face.

    Glasses tend to enlarge your eyes and eye makeup.

    This makes your best features flash out as well as covers up the bad parts.

    Women with glasses have an advantage over others because they always seem picture perfect!
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10 Reasons That Make Women With Spectacles Super Desirable
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