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Zazel: The Scent of Love's Gina LaMarca

Penthouse Pet Gina LaMarca was cast in Philip Mond's erotic masterpiece Zazel: The Scent of Love.

Penthouse Pets were strikingly beautiful and Gina LaMarca was no exception. The voluptuous beauty is half Italian half American. LaMarca was born on in 1969 in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The brown-eyed and red-haired beauty oozed sexuality and became the Penthouse Pet of May 1993. Gina was tlater named the Penthouse Pet of the Year 1995. She went on to appear in several Penthouse videos and made the transition from adult magazine model to art house adult film actress in the mid 1990s. LaMarca was renowned for her dynamic style and highly distinctive V-shaped triangle of pubic hair which was featured in master erotic photographer Philip Mond's cult classic soft core film Zazel: The Scent of Love. Zazel won seven AVN awards, and is perhaps the most beautiful erotic film ever made. If porn was ever art, it was Zazel that set the bar.

By the time the 1990′s started, it was not all that uncommon for the pinup models in the centerfolds of popular men’s magazines to also be featured in softcore artsy movies. Although technically they would be videos since the adult movie theater business was dying as early as the 1980s, as the adult video or VCR market was exploding. The likes of Hustler, High Society, and their many offshoots were filled with models who were softcore sex symbols and secondarily did the magazine circuit. The honor of being a Penthouse Pet meant a big deal for sales, and Zazel was a big success with its all star cast of pets.

Zazel was the first adult film imagined for appeal to both men and women. With beautiful magazine models, like Gina, Sasha Vinni and Lene Hefner men are familiar with stars. For women it is just plain beautiful sex. The opening scene of Penthouse magazine's Sasha Vinni, from head to toe, covered in blue paint, dancing for another woman near a beautiful waterfall. Later with tiger patterns painted on her back she gyrates like an animal in heat. Philip Mond lets the film question its own morality with a finale featuring an amazonian she devil, crowned with red latex-horns, brandishing a black leather whip. The film's trailer claims that a the new age of erotica is upon us. Unfortunately this era was born at the same time as the internet, and Zazel remains an unparalleled sole achievement, a still an unrepeated paragon of the genre.

Zazel is the only movie to ever create a porn movie with an undertone of messages and emotions. The total lack of substance to any contemporary porn flick production has commoditized the whole adult industry and perhaps the female body. With zero dialogue, Philip Mond pulls together a narrative that sends mixed emotions of arousal, sadness, anger and excitement. The red beauty Anna Romeo is at her best in three dazzling scenes of pleasure.

All things considered Zazel and its stars, Gina LaMarca, Sasha Vinni, and Anna Romeo create a compelling argument for an art form that never got its footing. Common consensus is that the industry is too far gone to swing the pendulum back. Then again there is a growing voice, silenced since the mid 1990s who believe the digital age has evolved us. That the internet has enlightened us. That a new generation of erotic artists has risen from ashes of previous defeat. Jeff Koons, John Currin, Sam Jackson, Chapman Brothers and Tracey Emin are among those who are leading the charge into a new era of erotic art and sexual observation.

Zazel: The Scent of Love

Philip Mond’s Zazel : The Scent of Love focuses on sensual imagery as much as sexual heat. Zazel is assigned to create the most arousing scent ever as part of the hunt for the perfect perfume. Some of the deepest and most erotic fantasies ensue, in settings whose beauty rivals that of the performers including Gina LaMarca and other Penthouse Pets.

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Zazel: The Scent of Love's Gina LaMarca
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