You Watch Me...

When the best arousal is from enjoying yourself.

7:45 PM

"Camera is on, and I'm ready to play. Action!"

She grabbed her 'goody box' from underneath her bed, all rectangular and white. Clean. When everything it held on the inside was anything but clean. She grabbed the one that she knew would satisfy her the quickest, but she wasn't in for the short of it, no... she was going to make it last. 

As she closed her box, leaving it just outside of the bottom of the bed, she began to disrobe. She carefully, slowly, lifted her cream colored blouse over her head, her fingers softly leaving a trail of goosebumps on her caramel complected skin as she did. Once it was off, she threw it across the room, leaving it to land crumpled on the other side of the bed. She quickly glanced at the camera, making sure that it was positioned just right on her dresser, just in front of the bed. She continued on to remove her bra, reaching back expertly, unclasping it. Normally she would've closed the blinds at her window just off to the side of her bed, but she was pretty sure no one would see her as her neighbors in the building across the way seemed to be preoccupied, and the neighbor directly in her sight, their window was dark. With that thought out of her mind, the pink lace bra fell in front of her. It left her brown hued nipples hardened from the quick caress of the bra leaving her flesh. She left the piece of soft fabric and wired clothing there, wasting no time with getting to her pants. The buttons on her black dress pants were easy, the zipper as well as she began to slide the pants down her legs. She hadn't shaved her legs in a while so the stubble was there, but it wasn't going to stop her. She had a mission. She was going to execute that mission. 

When she was finally in just her skin, she crawled onto the bed, making sure every lump was smoothed from the covers so it didn't disrupt the motion. She then gathered her pillow behind her head, legs spreading, inviting the next phase of her evening.

She brought the phallic object to her lips and gave it a brisk lick, then slowly inserted the tip between her plump lips, feeling the realistic veins on her tongue. The head even had a hole much like the real thing, and she allowed her tongue to slip in there for a moment. She let it out leisurely, enjoying the feel of it in her mouth, then released it from her parted lips. She took a moment to appreciate the artistry of the piece. The craftsmanship it took, she was sure to enjoy every second of it like she always did, but she promised herself she'd take it nice and easy. Then she let the fingers of her free hand find their way down to her spread legs, right to the center. She began to get herself warm and ready to receive the offering of the beautiful piece of art she held so lovingly in her other hand. While she did, she let out a sound of satisfaction, her fingers getting moist. The evidence on her fingers showed she was very ready.

She reached down with the member and let it find her entrance, warm from being held in her hand. She was so welcoming but did not rush to insert the full length of the apparatus. Instead, she just let the head play in her opening, teasing herself more, arousing herself. She held the piece in both of her hands now, still not thrusting it in completely, but taking control. Being painfully precise. Only when she felt like she couldn't take it anymore, did she give herself more of it to take inside. Spreading her legs wider, one leg lifting in the air to give the angle more depth, did she moan in full delight. Feeling it get deeper with each careful stroke, she was careful not to get herself too turned on for fear that she'd finish too soon. She didn't want to end it so quickly.

She switched her leg positioning and laid on her side, allowing herself to let her leg once again raise to an agreeable position as she worked the object inside of her. This angle was deeper—she could feel it hitting her G-spot, and that was not what she was trying for. She decided to tease her opening once again so she wouldn't orgasm too quickly. It was still almost too much, and very much like torture but she sailed through it, enjoying each small shudder that it produced. Slowly, small motions. Those nearly brought her to finality as well but she couldn't do it that way. 

For her final moment, she decided to ease it deeper and hold it there, containing it inside. Her eyes rolled as she could feel the giant wave about to come over her. Instead of rushing to meet it and crash into it, she gave herself deep strokes, long and hard, gently tapping her uterus each time. Her groans heightened in volume, louder each time the pleasure stick would hit deep inside. She could feel herself gaining wetness, her juices were slick over her fingers that were working the godemiche. She was working it quicker now, legs beginning to tremble, her heart racing, and her breath escaping her. Her pulse was running away from her the closer she got to the edge, and she was about to welcome it. The wave was coming to shore, and she felt it rushing ever so close to her as she reached out to allow it to wash over her. Her moans came out louder than they ever had as her womb contracted and she came with tingles and a warmth that tensed her. The room was all a bright light as her vision was spotty. She released so hard, her entire body seized, her small lover trapped inside of her tight. She reveled in this feeling until her sight came back to her, her heart beat began to normalize, and her breath was slowing.

She smoothed her hands over her stomach, up to her chest, and cupped her right breast in her left hand as her right hand kept its grip firmly on the pleasure piece. She allowed herself a little extra time before letting it escape from inside of her. When she did take it out, she made sure to take care, watching it come out of her, all slick. It was fully out, she stood it up on her bed side night stand and sat up. She smiled at her camera and let her legs go over to the side of her bed so she could stand, walking over to the dresser where the camera was, red light still beaming. 

She turned the camera off as her mission was complete. She picked up her phone that laid next to where she had the camera, the time read 8:20 PM. She raised her eyebrows in surprise as she proceeded to grab both camera and phone. She made her way to her laptop and connected the camera, uploading the completed piece of work, saving it to her private file (also password protected). Once it was saved, she got up from her laptop and went back to her room to clean her mess. She went to her window and her neighbor right across the way from her was indeed home, his light on, and he stood in his window. He looked to be staring right at her, with a smile on his face. She was wondering why he was smiling when she realized she had come to the window fully disrobed. She didn't have time to play abashed as he just kept smiling, more like a devilish grin really. She returned the smile and even waved as she began to close her blinds. She didn't even care if he had been watching. It turned on her on even more, the thought of someone watching. She looked on her nightstand at her plastic lover and grinned. Maybe she had one more left in her.

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