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Women's Sexuality: A Constant Criticism

There is a huge double standard between the genders when it comes to sexuality.

For years, I have grown with boys who are now men, who have proudly worn their sexuality on their backs like a rucksack. Times are changing and women want to do this too. I know I certainly do and would, why are we so squeamish when it comes to women talking about sex?

You see it every day. A group of 'lads' discussing their conquests from the night previous over their hangover breakfast. A busy restaurant or café surrounded by families, children, and groups of friends- tales of what happened in the bedroom just becomes ambient sound. It's become the norm- we expect to be told by our guy friends when they've had a one night stand. We cheer them on when they have 'pulled'. Yet in my experience, ladies are treated with a cold shoulder when they want to open up about their sex lives, their sexuality, and how they feel about it.

Let's think about it- when 'Fifty Shades of Grey' came out, there was a huge divide. There was the group who were desperate to see it, the group who were adamant that it wasn't a classy thing to watch- and then there was the group who claimed it was too vanilla to view, but would mock a woman for watching porn. It's the same when it comes to masturbation- there's a whole taboo about women admitting they masturbate because it's still seen as a masculine thing to do. Sure, sex toys are a massive growing profit margin where the customer is mainly female based, but that doesn't matter to society. When it comes to sex, it is still viewed as mainly a man's world.

There is a huge hypocritical double standard which should be abolished. Women are regarded as 'sluts' and 'thots' but aren't even allowed to talk freely about their sex lives without being judged either by men or other women. We're supposed to keep it private and only share that side of us with our partners, even though it's 2017 and none of us are Virgin Mary's.

That's another thing, if we're a virgin we get judged for that too. We have to keep that to ourselves like a hanging dirty little secret because otherwise 'no one will want to christen the flower'. Women cannot win on the subject. If they post nudes of themselves, they are 'asking for them to be shared', when really it should be a celebration of one's naked body. If they are sexually inexperienced, they are 'frigid and prude'. But if they talk about their sex lives all day long they are 'loose and no guy is gonna wanna go there'. It's a joke.

I say we all have a margarita and shout about our sexual conquests from the rooftops. Hit society face first with a ridiculous double standard.  

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Women's Sexuality: A Constant Criticism
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