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Women and Anal Intercourse

A Basic Guide

Plenty of women are asked by men to try anal. The problem is that if it is a first time for both parties (or just one), it is not going to be enjoyable. This is just a basic how-to guide in case you ever decide to try something new with your lover so you don't have to be overloaded with research on this scary subject. Ready?

Let's begin with protection. Unless you are certain that your partner is completely disease-free, protection is a must. Condoms don't exist just to prevent children, so if someone asks WHY they would need it, then feel free to give them a lesson in disease prevention. If they still refuse, call it off. However, if you KNOW they are disease-free, please move on to step two.

Invest in a water-based lubricant, and a lot of it. Why water-based? Because oil-based lubricant tends to dry out a lot faster, and friction becomes uncomfortable very quickly and can lead to small tears. You can find plenty of lubricants at your nearest Wal-Mart or sex shop. I prefer Astroglide (hehe, get it?). As time goes on, it will be likely that you will require less of it; until then, though, use plenty of it.

Aside from lubrication, you might want to look into a few toys both for vaginal and anal play. I prefer toys that vibrate, as they can cause intense pleasure, as well as numb nerves after extensive use. There is an expansive market for anal toys, from beads to plugs, and these can help prepare you for penile insertion. I have found that the smaller tip of the plug is a much better starter than the insertion of a finger; it is smaller and gradually grows larger, so if you hit a point that becomes too uncomfortable, you can stop and ease it in at your own pace.

So, now that you have your basic gear, what next? It sounds simple, but can easily be the hardest part. It is time to relax. You can do whatever it takes to make your body fully prepared for this new stimulus, from a long session of foreplay to vaginal intercourse, but you must stay relaxed. If you are not comfortable with your partner, DO NOT EVEN TRY ANAL. You must be comfortable with your lover and trust that they will follow your cues; if you are not comfortable, there is no way you will be able to relax.

Now, keep yourself relaxed. If that means asking him to whisper in your ear how beautiful and amazing you are, then do it (I did this my first time and I still do). If you feel like stimulation of the vagina will help you, then do so. There is no rule that says you can't have both at once; this is your body. Use a toy, your fingers, or your lover's hand; you will be going slow anyway, and if that means everyone has to stop, then so be it.

Upon full insertion, if you are still on the line between pleasure and pain, you are more than entitled to stop. If you have a safe word, use it. There are plenty of other times you can try this in the future. If you are more inclined to the pleasure, then go with it, as long as you stay comfortable.

If you should find that at some point in your new adventure that you have an extreme orgasm (or orgasms), don't worry: plenty of women do. The more relaxed you are, the more liable you are to have one (or many). It is one of the greatest side effects of it.

So, have fun with this new experience. I know I did.

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Women and Anal Intercourse
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