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Woman Delivers Package Gets Roped into Fake Relationship

Romance Novel Review: 'Her Billionaire Secret' by Jenna Chase & Elise Kelby

Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance

My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Claire Bretton's four-day weekend is delayed when her boss tells her to deliver a package to a VIP client of the law firm she temps at. Working overtime isn't appealing, but the 200 pound bonus is. But when she arrives at billionaire Tevis Drummond's house, she walks in to find a missing celebrity taking refuge in his house from the press. The celebrity is marrying Tevis's brother and wanted to keep the wedding private and secret so the press wouldn't bombard them. To keep Claire quiet, Tevis has a weird proposal: pretend to be his girlfriend and live with him for four days. After four days, the wedding would be over and it would no longer be a problem. If she didn't agree, he could get her fired. After all, he is one of the highest paying clients for the law firm and she's just a temp. Claire agrees, but for her own reasons, not to save her job. 

Claire fascinated Tevis from the start. She doesn't care about his money or his status. Now he has four days to show her they should be together for real. If he has any say in it, she won't be moving out. 

Her Billionaire Secret is just what I needed. It has a healthy dose of escapism through a budding love story. Aside from a slightly sketchy love interest, a couple of awkward sentences, and a few kinks in the plot, it's awesome. 

Featuring 2.5 Dimensional Characters

I like Claire a lot. She's not spineless and she doesn't fold when Tevis is rude to her. I hate it when the heroine submits immediately, especially when the man hasn't shown her any respect. And Tevis definitely did not show Claire respect when she first arrived. Claire also has a secret in her past that I want to know more about. Even though she's a temp now with a photography hobby, she wasn't always one. It looks like she might have even been in the spotlight before.

Tevis is all right. But there's not much to his character. He's just a one-dimensional alpha. All we know about him is that he's a billionaire and he uses most women as sex toys. But of course, he sees Claire differently. However, he crossed a line when he threatened to get Claire fired and went from alpha to asshole. He never should have done that. Keeping a woman captive under fear for her job is not cool and is abusive. There are other ways to show dominance than that. That being said, I don't think Tevis would have followed through on his threat if Claire wanted to leave. He genuinely cares about her and wouldn't want to hurt her like that.

The only other character we see that much of is Claire's coworker Fran. I don't think she's going to be an important character in the story, but I could be wrong. Her only purpose was to give background on Tevis and the missing celebrity.

I didn't like her. She was very patronizing towards Claire and I got the feeling she's not a nice woman. In fact, Tevis compared Claire to opportunistic women who would jump at the chance to be in a fake relationship with a billionaire for a few days, and I think Fran was exactly the kind of women he was thinking about. This annoyed me.

One of my pet peeves in romance and erotica is how almost all women except for the heroine are depicted as mean, conniving, and morally corrupt. The authors could have found another way to show the background on Tevis and the missing celebrity. 

Plot is a Poorly Made Jigsaw Puzzle

Her Billionaire Secret is a typical fake relationship romance and it mostly pulls it off. But it's slightly insta-love and a couple of the plot points don't quite fit. 

Tevis doesn't give the super important package Claire delivered a second glance and I doubt it'll ever come up again. The sex scene is hot but it's not in sync with Claire's feelings on the situation. A hot tease, maybe, but not all the way. Yes, she had been disappointed the night before when Tevis honored her wishes to be left alone. That doesn't mean in the morning she loses all of her senses and has sex with him. However, I think the other books in the series won't have these plot kinks once the story gets going. 

You'll like Her Billionaire Secret if you like fake relationship romances. But if imbalances in power turns you off, then look elsewhere. I'm probably going to keep reading because I want to know what happens next. You can read this story for free on Smashwords. 

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Woman Delivers Package Gets Roped into Fake Relationship
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