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Witch Fantasy

Joslyn casts a spell on two men!

Mature MILF Joslyn James looks delightful in this scene.

If you're looking for witch-themed porn this Halloween you're likely to come up short with quality material. Personally, I've always found the idea of screwing a witch quite accommodating, especially a green one like from stories you read when you were younger. Unfortunately, the best you will see of a green witch having sex on the internet is the scene from The Wizard of Oz porn parody. It'd actually be a decent scene if she wasn't getting screwed by a Tin Man, but that kind of ruins it all for me. You can find witch porn, but it isn't great which brings me to the review of a Brazzers Halloween scene Hellvira: Mistress of the Fuck.

I believe Brazzers are trying to parody Elvira from those comedy films from The Mistress of the Dark, but by actually making it a bit dark in the process. By doing this viewers will have a porn film they can take seriously which will add to the arousal factor. It's a very clever tactic by Brazzers and it may substitute for all the bad witch porn you may watch this Halloween. This particular escapade stars porn celebrity Joslyn James, young gun Will Powers, and the charismatic Tony Ribas—it basically is Joslyn James as Elvira getting double teamed by a pair of dudes.

"I put a spell on you..."

Joslyn in Full Witch's Attire

I'll be honest with you, this looks like it would a hot, sweaty and smelly affair on set the way that these three performers go at it. Once the initial acting is done it turns into one nasty affair which maybe a bit too much for some viewer's tastes. I'm not sure if these actors and actress are part of the local swinging scene but they do some pretty nasty shit for the camera and it was even too much for me at times. The scene begins with a cackling Joslyn Jame's silhouette before zooming out to show her skirt uplifted masturbating in a living room full of cobwebs and lit candles. I don't usually find masturbating that arousing but the way Joslyn is done up as a witch in black latex is a turn on. It looks like she has a black wig on with vampish type make up and a black latex dress. Brazzers have went for of a devious witch look rather than the pale Elvira look. She still has a large cleavage and looks just as desirable as the Gothic cult icon. Joslyn orgasms, declaring then that she "needs to get fucked."

Run for your life lads!

These lads have no idea what they're in for, hoped everyone showered afterwards.

Appropriately timed the telephone rings; it's her receptionist who tells her two gentlemen are here to see her. The two gentlemen are Will Power and Tony Ribas who are here to offer their condolences for Joslyn's recently passed Aunt Ester. It's not clear where Joslyn is but am presuming she is at home. It just so happens her home has a female receptionist and lots of candles. I don't think it will detract from your enjoyment but the improvisation isn't great and doesn't get much better when the three start chatting. That said Joslyn is particularly attractive as a nasty witch, gloating at the fact that Aunt Ester had croaked. The guys look a bit unnerved by her attitude as they tell her they run a g rated movie theatre. Joslyn asks if they show any of her movies to which Will replies only g rated. I'm not sure if that's an American term for adult movies but like I said previously the improvisation isn't great. Tony tells Joslyn she's very charming and they can see why the town is talking about her. You can see the guys get very nervous as Joslyn is quite dramatic and evil as she speaks. When they try to leave she pushes them back down on the sofa and begins rubbing their crotches. It doesn't take long for Joslyn to start smooching Will and then for the two guy's to start sucking her tits.

"Do ya use Febreeze pet?"

Will tells Miss James about their movie theatre.

While Tony receives a blowjob, Will devours Joslyn's ass in a truly dirty act on film. Unusually after Will is done eating her ass, Tony gives it a try and Joslyn starts sucking his cock. She does an excellent blowjob for the camera Joslyn as she does this flicking thing with her tongue which I find particularly arousing. She makes sure to get her tongue round the guy's balls as well, tonguing Will while Tony bends her over. The location where the sex is shot looks dark and gothic; good for the theme but the sofa seems a bit small. This causes a bit of a problem when the guys attempt to double penetrate Joslyn, making Will and Tony get a bit too close for comfort. That said this is a proper dark scene full of nasty sex acts and dark imagery of witchcraft. The guys go through the various positions, unfortunately not cowgirl (my favourite).

They bang Joslyn in the ass and she appears to orgasm multiple times for the camera. If you like dirty sex, you're going to love this scene, but not particularly my cup of tea.

Oh dear, you deserve everything you get now.

Joslyn starts snogging Will while Tony looks on.

Joslyn is sexy as she gets her ass spanked by Will and when she tells him to be a good boy and take off her shoes it's damn hot. Joslyn doesn't get completely naked until the last five minutes which is a bit of a letdown. We don't get to lay eyes on her naked body until the scene is almost over. Think there might be a bit of everything in here as Tony even starts sucking on Joslyn's feet which looks like it gets her off.

Not particularly my cup of tea, I managed to pick it up on whorestepmom, but it's on the Brazzers site officially. I give it four out of five. I think most fans will love it, a dark escapade for a dark Halloween.

4 out of 5

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