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Will Sex Robots Ruin Your Relationship?

Is sex with a robot cheating?

You come home from a long day at work, looking forward to a long hot bath and time alone with your significant other. As you open the front door, you hear noises. Sex noises. Someone is clearly having a good time in your absence.

You sneak upstairs, trying your best not to stand on those creaky floor boards. The bedroom door is ajar and you push it open. Someone is on top of your wife.

They are grinding and thrusting and he is making her scream with pleasure.

Suddenly, she sees you out of the corner of her eye. A broad smile spreads across her lips.

“Hi Honey, want to join me?” She says seductively.

The person on top of her, that she was gazing at with desire just a few seconds ago, isn’t a person at all. He’s just her sex robot.

Equipped with a 10inch vibrating penis and movements that you couldn’t manage if you were a trained gymnast, he is fucking your wife.

How do you feel about it?

This is a reality we are all slowly moving towards, whether we like it or not. Robots and artificial intelligence is constantly being invented, and reinvented to meet our every need.

Robots are literally being created to take our jobs, yes even the jobs we like doing.

You could argue that we have been close to this point for a long time, I can’t be the only one who fills my needs with a vibrating sex toy every now and again.

Isn’t it the same thing?

Perhaps I am being over sentimental, but I think going to bed with a dildo is something very different to going to bed with a walking, talking robot.

My issue: when you put a human face on something, it has to demand a certain amount of respect. It has too.

Perhaps our generation, those of us raised where sex involved another human being, wouldn’t be as susceptible to the issues these robots will raise.

Young men being raised around robots who do what they demand and when they demand it, that would be a problem. If you’ve only ever had sex with a robot that isn’t required to consent, how will you know that consent is required with humans?

If robots are all programmed to fulfill your needs perfectly, how will you treat an imperfect human with no programming at all?

A robot can’t get pregnant, and if you are the only one using it, it also can’t give you infections. Great! Right? To an extent. If you don’t have to use protection with robots, why will you use them with people?

We have to be very careful here. Making something look human is risky. Making it respond in a human way is risky. Allowing public access to these things is outright dangerous.

Now add the issue of infidelity, is it cheating if you are having sex with a robot? They look human, sound human, act human and want to fulfill your needs.

With them being so close to us though, will your partner be comfortable?

As always, we recommend communicating with your significant other about these issues. If you don’t know how your partner would feel about having one in the house, having one around the kids, having one in your bed—then simply ask them! Better to ask now than get in trouble later.

Your partner may like the idea, they may specify that you can get one but only if you use it together. They may tell you that they would like it turned off unless it is being used. Relationships are all about communication, trust and honesty.

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Will Sex Robots Ruin Your Relationship?
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