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Why Women Become Sugar Babies?

The Truth

There are so many reasons women become sugar babies. I don't speak for all women but these are just the more common reasons that women become sugar babies.

The main reason is to be spoiled. A lot of women like receiving gifts from guys and sugar daddies are just more lavish with their gifts. This leads into the next two reasons. Another main reason is money. Don't get us wrong, there's more to life than money and we get more out of the arrangements than just money. The money does help with a lot of things and it could help with us achieving our goals. Sugaring can help girls get through school. School is expensive and girls may not want to take out loans. Scholarships may not cover everything. Stabilizing financial situations may be a huge draw. Some girls are sugar babies because they want to experience things that will not be able to experience on their own. Being spoiled and treated like a queen is a huge perk for a lot of ladies. Ladies may just get tired of having to do everything for themselves. It's hard being a strong, independent woman is hard sometimes—you want a break, that's where a sugar daddy can help.

A handful of girls want a legal way of doing escorting (or prostitution) or another way of being a cam girl. This is really not what sugar is meant to be. I am not judging in just telling the truth. This lifestyle is a way to be a companion to someone who can help you achieve your goals. There are ways to be a cam girl without being a sugar baby. Escorting is a gray area because an escort can be paid for more than just sex but sex is usually expected. So legality and legitimacy is not the reason to be a sugar baby.

A lot of sugar babies want to have the added benefit of mentoring that may go along with being a sugar baby. They want to learn things that a sugar daddy may be able to teach them. When a sugar daddy is with a sugar baby, they usually want to teach the baby something, to make them a better person. The baby may also teach the sugar daddy something. Some girls find that being a companion is a perk of sugaring.

These are just some of the reasons why woman become a sugar baby and I understand everyone has their own reason. I also know men are sugar babies but the majority are women. It's so empowering to be in control of how you achieve your goals. 

I'm a sugar baby because I get bored easy and I like having different types of people to hang out with. The other perks are awesome and I look forward to getting them, but the people I meet through it are awesome. I also get to experience new things and that's so cool. I think we can get comfortable as people doing a certain routine, but sugar is a great way to get out of that, whether you are a sugar baby or a sugar daddy.

If you want to ask questions about sugar babies or daddies email me at: [email protected]

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Why Women Become Sugar Babies?
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