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Why so Many Young Men Can't Get It Up

Reasons and Solutions for It

As I was listening to the Depeche Mode song "Just Can't Get Enough", I noticed that they're almost saying "I just can't get it up." Repeatedly. And I've asked myself always the same question since. Did I really hear that? Or was there some bias in my mind because I, myself, had some issues with getting it hard in bed?

I honestly don't know. Does this happen to many young men like myself? (I'm in my early thirties.) I'd like to think, for purely selfish reasons, that I'm not alone in it. So, for purely altruistic reasons, I'm going to try to offer a couple of causes and (possibly) solutions for that problem.

Number One

From personal experience, I can tell you what happened to me many times. As I was putting on a condom, or shortly after using one, my dick fell. I'm not entirely sure. Was it related to the condom or the fact that I'm naturally a shy person? For the sake of argument, let's assume it's related to the condom itself. As good as they might be in protecting from pregnancy and STD's, unfortunately, they rob you of the full feeling of pleasure that you have when you put your dick in a woman's warm and moist pussy.

Luckily, I found an understanding girlfriend who got the IUD birth control. It's actually the most effective way to protect a woman from unwanted pregnancy. And once installed, could last for 12 years. It was a win-win situation for us. For now, we can really enjoy sex, and if we ever want to make babies, she can get the IUD out, because it's a reversible process.

To conclude, I do believe, without making the case for hardcore religious people, that condoms are actually more of a nuisance than anything else. And if you ever doubt your abilities to lift it up, it might not be your fault. It just might be that some devious obstacle is enveloping your dick.

Number Two: Food Then and Now

In this beautiful article, the author, Jill Ettinger, explains that: "Today, our processed foods resemble anything but their original intention. Nearly 80 percent of all processed foods in the U.S. contain genetically modified ingredients. They're full of artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners."

In other words, our ancestors ate much healthier food then we do today, and it is my sincere belief that, on average, they suffered from erectile dysfunction less than we do today. A solution to this problem would probably be to grow your own food as much as possible. And to avoid junk food, also as much as possible.

Number Three: Watching a Lot of Porn

That can make you numb. Believe me, it doesn't do you much good. Nothing in life is good in abundance. And when you see a real woman lying in front of you, naked, with all the good attributes, and a few not so good, some discrepancy could happen in your brain.

The image of a woman you formed while watching porn videos definitely doesn't resemble the reality you have in front you. That's why, I know it could be hard, but in my opinion, it's important to downsize the watching of porn videos to a minimum. (That doesn't apply to short erotic stories on Vocal, please read those as many as you can hahaha).

Number Four and the Last One: Bad Physical Shape

In my opinion, it is very important for young men to avoid being overweight and especially to avoid having a "beer stomach". It's not only unattractive, but it can seriously affect your health later in life. And of course, it can lead to diabetes and, you can guess, erectile dysfunction. So guys, if your willpower isn't at the best level to be able to exercise by yourself every day, you better sign up for some Muay Thai class or some CrossFit workout.

A firm stomach is a good precondition for a firm dick. I know from personal experience. Downsizing my weight and my stomach was the best thing that happened to me lately. I found my love life and my life, in general, to be better. And if some half talented, porn stories writer and a poor bastard like me can do it, so can you.

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Why so Many Young Men Can't Get It Up
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