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Why Do Prisoners Get Laid So Much?

Many well-known​ murderers are adored and often get laid because people have this fetish.

Have you ever googled prison porn? The results are almost as popular as daddy does babysitter or MILF porn. It's why Darren Criss became a sex symbol when he played Andrew Cunanan for American Crime Story: The Assination of Versace. Seriously, read the comment sections of the recaps or discussions, and people went crazy for him. Some of us still think that he was cuter on Ryan Murphy's other show, Glee, but to each their own. So why are violent offenders and prisoners the source of so much erotic attention? A fetish known as hybristophilia could be the answer.

Before going in for a deep dive into this, first, let's understand what it is. Sexologist (what a great job!) John Money was the first one to try and define this fetish, it is when a person has "committed an outrage or crime, such as rape, murder, or armed robbery." One's orgasm must be dependent on the partner performing or having had performed that act. No wonder Bonnie and Clyde allegedly had so much fun on the run.

Since most of the violent criminals are in prison, it is difficult to act out these fantasies in real life. That doesn't stop people from sending nasty letters and emails to prisoners like The Menendez Brothers, both of whom got married after being convicted of killing their parents. At least no in-laws are nagging about grandkids. Dr, Katherine Ramsland says “I know it sounds weird and counterintuitive, but a man behind bars can’t hurt you, so he’s safe.” Though she is probably talking physically, there could be an argument that emotionally he cannot hurt a partner either.

Why would someone be attracted to the violent behavior that leads perpetrators to be jailed? Some think that it could be an issue of wanting to be notorious along with the felon. Shelia Isenberg, a journalist, and author of Women Who Love Me Who Kill says that the people may not even realize why they are attracted to this type of behavior. "It’s subconscious. They want to be noticed. They want to be important like we all do.” That is an interesting theory but not one that everyone agrees with. In fact, many experts think that the notoriety plays second fiddle to something even more primal than the desire to feel important.

Those experts believe that it's all about wanting to get fucked. They put it in much more delicate terms, but it's what they meant and would have said if being vulgar wasn't frowned upon by the academic community. Dr. Ramsland says: "When it rises to the point where it’s sexually arousing, and especially if it’s the only thing in your life that’s sexually arousing, now you have a paraphilia…a paraphilia is really about not just, ‘This is one of the many things a person does sexually.’ This is their primary arousal stimulus.” A long-winded way of saying that they want to have an old-fashioned, throw down session with very little if any emotions involved. Or as stated above, they want to get fucked and not make love.

Some of the people with this fetish believe that their partner can't cheat on them behind bars. Dr. Louis Schlesinger reveals what he has found in his research, and that is “the woman will know where her boyfriend is at all times” when he is in prison. Because no man has ever put his dick in another man's ass or enjoyed getting head from another male. Gay or straight. Come on. Watch some porn. Read some prisoners accounts of what happens inside a prison. No matter the orientation of the man, it is very likely that he has had a gay experience while behind bars. It's much less likely that he is in prison or jail for any amount of time and not enjoy the company of another man in bed.

What attracts someone to a violent prisoner? It likely is just a fetish, the same as any other. However, this one could lead to dangerous circumstances, if the perpetrator is let out of jail or is not convicted in the first place. It takes being a bad boy (or gal) to a whole new level. 

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Why Do Prisoners Get Laid So Much?
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