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Who Is Joslyn James?

'The Tigress MILF' or Celebrity 'A' Lister?

Joslyn is especially popular in the MILF category of porn

Joslyn James is a name synonymous with superstar golfer Tiger Woods. Their sexual trysts throughout 2009-10 made tabloid headlines and James shot to fame as she revealed the text messages the two had on a website she published. She was said to be the second of eight mistresses Tiger Woods had on the side and Joslyn was thought of as Tiger's full time mistress. One can only feel bad for Tiger's glamorous wife, Elin Nordegren whom Woods has two children with. Joslyn's real name is Veronica Siwik-Daniels and the star of numerous pornographic films. She entered the business in 2007 at the late age of 30 as many stars tend to enter much earlier than that.

Put a Spell on You...

Joslyn Jame is said to specialise in 'Kinky Sex.'

She's of Polish/Jewish descent and entered porn just after finishing college. I decided to brush up on some of Joslyn's material so went to the various 'Tube sites' of the internet (I believe the one I used the most was one called 'WhoreStepmom' which had a lot of her scenes).

I was unable to find out what Joslyn qualified in at college but one thing is certain, she has a PhD in sex. From girl-on-girl action to being double-teamed by two guys, the woman clearly had a sexual appetite being fed on film for all the world to see. What I found shocking was that someone so glamorous could be so overtly filthy on camera. She was clearly into black guys as well involved in various 'gangbang scenes' with multiple black men. She's slowly edging her way into the 'MILF' category as she is now in her forties but there is no decline in her popularity due to the media attention around her. Obviously the fact that she has model good looks and 36E breasts is always going to help her career.

Some people just like sex?

It's clear to see all men enjoy filming with Joslyn.

Another thing I noticed was her sheer eagerness to satisfy whoever she was performing with. In some scenes with young men she would practically dive head first into their crotch in sexual submission. Someone like Tiger Woods was always going to be attracted to her, the guy has 'God-like' status in golf and I suppose he wanted a sexual menu to go along with it. On September 9, 2009, Tiger bragged in a text message to Joslyn, 'Good job, we have a life time of this.' 

So it did seem that Tiger Woods was in for the long haul with James despite having a glamorous wife and two children at home. If you read the texts Joslyn released, Tiger seemed to want to match his namesake in Tiger like behaviour. One message read, 'Next time I see you, you better beg and if you don’t so it right I will slap, spank, bite you till mercy!'

Joslyn is no stranger to aggressive sex I suppose. In one of her scenes I viewed she was bound by rope and pleasured by two men. In another text message Tiger enquires about a threesome with James stating 'I would love to have a threesome with you and another girl you trust.'

Don't go breaking my heart...

This is a great scene from Joslyn James- 'My Wife's Hot Friend.'

So not only did Tiger Woods want to have an affair with an adult star behind his wife's back, he now wanted to drill one of her pornstar pals in her presence, among other things. Lets be honest, this is destructive behaviour and as far as I can tell it's only going to end badly for all involved.

One can sympathise with Joslyn James to a degree, in 2010 obviously feeling the strain of being in the media spotlight she demanded an apology from Woods. Upset and on television, it came to light that Joslyn had been impregnated twice and that she had developed feelings towards the golfing superstar. We're all only human, and despite the sleazy element to porn, any sort of sexual activity can be intimacy. It seems Joslyn didn't come out of the situation unscathed either, as a fellow mistress decided to threaten her life, to the extent that the law got involved. There's lessons to be taken from stories like these, a lesson I hope all involved learned.

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Who Is Joslyn James?
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