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"What Will You Do to Me?" (Pt. 2)

The journey continues.

He said nothing as she shook. The after tremors racking through her body for an age. Eventually, when they subsided, a calm voice said, " You may put your leg back down, Primrose, now if you desire?"

"How could he do that to her?" He had barely touched her. She had spent all night with some guys and never got close. Yet after a such a short time and so little stimulation, this was the best cum she could remember. The only fly in the ointment now was that she really needed to pee. The wine that had been consumed prior to his arrival had by now worked its way down to her bladder and she was grateful for the permission to close her legs. It helped a little, but inevitably she began to fidget.

"I have something for you to listen to because you have been such a good girl. At the end of it, you will get what you most desire." She felt him stroke her cheek. The stereo returned and started to play "American Pie" by Don Mclean. It was the album version and it went on for ages. Meanwhile, the car was no longer as steady as it was. It seemed to be going faster, then slower, stopping, turning, going over bumps till it came to a halt. The seatbelt was released and she heard the passenger door open.

Hands took hold of hers as the song came to an end. She could hear traffic in the very near distance as he helped her out of the car. The ground was rough and broken as he guided her a few steps. His hands left hers and pushed her down to a squat.

"You can now pee, Primrose."

"How had he known? What did he sense? Did he just get that from my fidgeting? God Steve wouldn't have known if I was dying of thirst and this man knows I want to piss just by my moving my arse around a little?" All these thoughts went through her mind till the splendid cascade of release washed any thought away at all. Out it sprang, in gushes and spurts till the last little trickle dripped from her.

"There's some tissues in my bag," but fingers on her lips silenced her.

"I know, Primrose, stay right there."

She felt his breath on her thigh as he wiped and dabbed. Shivering when fingers pulled her apart and the paper ran up her vulva. When he was done, she could sense movement and heard a zip.

"Now here's a reward for my good girl. Try not to eat it all at once."

He took hold of her hand as she tried to balance. It grasped hold of a long hard cock. She leaned forward, her other hand on his thigh and kissed it. Then ,covering her teeth, sucked and pumped for all she was worth. It was not her first BJ, but it was the most desirable. She wanted to consume him, devour him, take him into her body and soul. She wanted his cum but all she got was a little taste. He pushed her head away gasping.

"Leave something for later."

Then, grabbing the backstrap of her bra through the blouse, he pushed, almost lifted, her to the car. She could feel the engine heat as his body pinned her to the bonnet. It came up and hurt her. In an instant, he had slid deep inside. His throbbing member filling her completely, then he stopped!

"Why?" she thought. Inside it was hard and pulsating. She tried hard to move, create some movement and quell her need but he kept her pinned down unable move.

"Fuck me, you bastard! Fuck me!"

Her head was jerked back as he grabbed her hair. His breath on her neck as he asked, "What did you just call me?"

"I'm sorry, please. I just wanted you. Please, I'm sorry."

"I asked you, what did you call me?"

"A bastard, I'm so sorry. Please, don't stop, I'm sorry."

He gave her one almighty thrust that she thought might split her, then pulled out.

"Good girls don't use words like that Primrose, do they?"

"No, I'm sorry"

"Good girls get nice things. Bad girls get punished. What do bad girls get?"


"And what have you been?

"A bad girl."

"So what should you get?"

"Punished," and as she said this, she lifted up her skirt and braced herself.

The searing pain of his slap on her buttocks coursed though her pelvis till it reached the front, where it had become exquisite pleasure that only made her ache for him more. Tears formed in her eyes and began to roll down her cheeks. 

"Lift this leg up," he tapped her calf and put one foot inside her panties.

"Now this one," he repeated the maneuver. Then, gradually pulling them up to her knees. Then, she felt his face push between her cheeks and his tongue reach in and lick her from the clitorus all the way to her spine. Her legs almost gave way, and she found it hard to stand. A gentle kiss where the slap still stung and he pulled the panties up to the top. Then, gently taking hold of her shoulders, he led her back to the passenger seat. Again he leaned over and buckled in the seatbelt, but this time she could smell her sex upon him as he licked the tears from her face.

The door closed and they started off again. So many questions ran through her mind. "Why did she let him hit her? No, she did not let him. She asked him to slap her! Why did he stop when he did? What had she gotten herself into? Should she stop this now?" and then "What if he did not want her anymore? What if he was actually driving her back home?" That last thought made her start to cry again and in desperation for any form of contact she asked, "Can I touch you again please?"

"Yes, Primrose, you can touch me for a little while."

She heard him unzip and she tentatively felt her way over to his groin. He was still hard and it reassured her that she was not on the way back home. Three conclusions and thoughts were reached as she gently stroked his penis. One being that, that was the most interesting pee ever. Two, that she had never been so turned on by a man putting her knickers back on before; and three, that she wanted this dick inside her again as soon as she could get it. The one thought that never even crossed her mind was that he had been in her bag without asking.

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"What Will You Do to Me?" (Pt. 2)
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