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Welcome to the Neighborhood

Single White Male

One sunny day as I was pruning some shrubs outside, I noticed that a new neighbor was moving into the house two houses over from mine. I saw a tall, muscular looking guy who was well dressed and clean shaven. He was very attractive, and I immediately began looking for his wife or a sign of children around. I didn’t see anyone as the movers began moving his furniture into the house.

I guess the wife and children would be arriving shortly, so I went back to pruning and cleaning out my flower beds. My husband was pulling into the driveway shortly thereafter. He had been at work all day and I had dinner simmering on the stove. I got up and met him in the garage while I put my gardening stuff away. I washed my hands in the sink that was in the garage and walked into the house.

My husband walked in soon after where I was met with a kiss and a long hug. I loved my husband so much and was very thankful that he was a wonderful provider for our household. We had no children but a yard and house with fantastic dogs that were my children. They kept me company when my husband was away at work.

I got myself cleaned up and began setting the table for dinner which would be by candlelight just because I loved my husband. I needed no special occasion to share a loving and sensual dinner with my husband. That was just the type of woman I was. I did have my kinky sides which my husband brought out every now and then.

After dinner, my husband and I shared a movie and some popcorn before going to bed for the night. Our bedtime conversation was about the new neighbors moving in a couple houses over. My husband asked me if I had gone over to greet and welcome them to the neighborhood and I told him that they were busy moving furniture into the house and that I didn’t see a wife or children yet.

I stated my opinion that maybe the wife and children would arrive later, and that I would try tomorrow to go over and welcome them. He agreed, and we kissed before getting comfortable to sleep. I laid in my bed thinking about how attractive that man was and felt excited that I might get to meet him in person tomorrow. I drifted off to sleep with good thoughts of him.

The next morning, I woke up and found that my husband had already left for work and he left me a sweet note on the refrigerator when I made it to the kitchen for coffee. I grabbed a cup of coffee and went over to the kitchen table and sat down. I began thinking about the guy moving in again and then my curiosity kicked in.

I finished my coffee quickly and before getting another cup, I went to the bedroom and got changed into some nice clothing and did my hair and makeup for the day. Once I was finished, I walked back into the kitchen and grabbed another cup of coffee. With coffee in hand, I walked to the door that lead to the garage, opened it, and pushed the button to open the garage door.

Since the garage door was open, I walked towards the outside and stood at the entrance to the garage and looked towards the new neighbor’s house. By luck, he was outside washing his car and I just stood there watching him. He was wearing a pair of jean shorts and no shirt which allowed me to see the outlines of his chest.

Each muscle was etched out on his chest and when he moved, so did his muscles. While watching him, I could feel the fluttering in my vagina that wanted those hands to touch me. I began getting wet and I could feel the wet spot in my black panties. I didn’t care to move because I was enjoying the scenery.

Once I finished the coffee, I was holding in my hand, I walked over and sat it down on a shelf right there in the garage and then made sure my clothing was intact and looking my best. I fluffed up my hair a little before beginning my walk down the driveway and over towards the new neighbor’s house.

I walked down the sidewalk while keeping my eyes on him. He looked up and saw me coming and instantly a smile showed on his face which made me drip a little more into my panties. I casually walked up to him and began introducing myself to him. He reached out his hand to shake mine while introducing himself to me.

We started casual conversation about the neighborhood and weather before I blurted out the question regarding his wife and children? He laughed a little and stated that he was not married and did not have any children yet. Those was sweet words to my ears and so the flirting began.

I told him about me being married and having no children either which brought a smile to his face like he had dirty thoughts of his own. I stood there and had a conversation with him for a few minutes more before letting him get back to washing his car.

As I walked away, I could feel him watching me as I put a little more swing in my hips. With him not being married, it gave way to some fun, I thought. I wasn’t sure how he felt, but thoughts ran through my mind that I could not get rid of.

When I got back to my house, I went inside and had to find something to do to keep from thinking about him. It was difficult to think about anything else which began to frustrate me. I just had to have some fun with him. My husband is great in bed and with intimacy, but it is also fun to have something strange or different every now and then.

As the days went by, I found myself outside more often and wearing shorter and skimpier clothing, hoping that he would notice. It was sunny and hot, and I felt myself tanning with each day. Soon, I was lying outside and misting myself with the water hose to keep cool. He finally did notice me.

One day while outside lying out in the sun, I felt someone walk up and then I heard his voice before I could open my eyes. He was standing over me with a bottle of suntan lotion, asking if I needed some on my back. I felt flattered and rolled over, allowing him to lotion my back and then my legs. His hands felt so strong against my legs and back.

As he was putting lotion on my legs and thighs, he asked when my husband would be home from work. I told him he usually gets in around 7, which was about six and a half hours away, and then I felt his hands begin rubbing my ass. They would squeeze my cheeks individually, which felt very arousing.

I began wiggling and gyrating my hips, giving him a better feel before turning over and asking for some lotion on my arms and stomach. He found pleasure in rubbing that lotion all over my body and even taking a feel of other body parts.

I looked down towards him and noticed that he was becoming aroused himself by the bulge in his shorts. I looked him straight in the eyes and asked him if he would like something cool to drink inside? He accepted the offer and reached out his hand to help me up from my lounge chair.

He grabbed my lounge chair, placing it in the garage, and followed me inside for that drink. When we got inside the kitchen and I was grabbing some glasses, he came up from behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I felt my heart flutter as well as the butterflies in my stomach.

I thought to myself, “Was this really going to happen?” He then turned me around and placed a long sensual kiss on my lips. I reciprocated with my lips and then found him slowly slipping his tongue inside my mouth while his hands groped my breasts.

We kissed for a few minutes before he picked me up, sitting me on the counter. He reached up and grabbed my bikini bottoms, slipping them off. He set them next to me on the counter while he used his hands to spread my legs apart. He grabbed a chair and sat down right between my legs as I leaned back on my arms.

I felt his lips begin kissing my inner thighs while his hands grasped my ass cheeks. It felt so good and intimate. Then his tongue lightly began playing with my clitoris which made my hips gyrate even more with excitement. His hands were still squeezing my ass cheeks which made me a little more wet.

He wrapped his lips around my clitoris and began sucking on it which made it more erect and quivering. He slid his tongue down to my fluttering hole and pushed it inside which made me reach down and grab his head wanting more. I pulled his face deeper inside my vagina and quietly told him to give me more.

He began pleasuring my vagina like no man has before which felt so good. I could just imagine how hard his penis was at that moment. He spent about twenty minutes teasing my wet trimmed vagina. I couldn’t help myself because he was doing things to me that my husband wasn’t doing.

He then stood up and pulled his shorts down, showing me his hard-erect penis that was throbbing, wanting to be inside me. I asked him to give it to me and then he took it in his hands and rubbed it all around my vagina, getting it well lubricated from my juices. I could feel the wetness drip down between my ass cheeks.

He then pushed his hard penis inside my quivering vagina and I took it all the way in. It felt so phenomenal that I couldn’t help but squirt my juices down his throbbing shaft as I came to orgasm. He pumped me even harder with arousal until he shot his huge sticky load deep within me.

Once we were both done having orgasms on each other, he pulled it out and I instantly felt his sticky cream running back out of my wet vagina and down the crack of my ass. I could feel it on my puckered brown hole as well. I could not believe what I just did and on my kitchen counter. The same counter I feed my husband from.

He helped me off the counter and I knelt to where my face was right in front of his penis and began licking the juices off it before slipping it into my mouth to make sure every drop of his sticky cream was out. He loved it and stated that we would do this again soon.

He then got himself together and I escorted him out to the garage while feeling his cream soak my panties. I watched him walk back towards his house and about 30 minutes later, my husband was pulling up in the driveway. I had not changed yet, but still managed to greet my husband with a passionate kiss. 

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Brandi Payne
Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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