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Warmachine—The Bongo Flick

Disgraced MMA Star Has Sex on Camera!

War Machine awkwardly walks in to have sex for the camera.

That's right folks, if you thought the life of Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver couldn't get any more depraved then you were wrong. The former MMA fighter who legally changed his name to "War Machine" (as you do) is currently serving a life sentence for the kidnapping and assault of his ex-girlfriend and her partner. War Machine will not even be considered parole until 36 years into sentence and rightly so given the crimes against him ex-partner. Christine Mackinday was left with a broken nose, missing teeth, fractured eye socket, leg injuries and a lacerated liver. In the porn industry herself; she had an on-off relationship with the MMA star. Unfortunately this was not a one off incident and it appears the fighter systematically abused her during the relationship. Mackinday received the injuries when War Machine turned up at her house, flicked on the bedroom light and began his assault on her and a guy she was in bed with at the time. Corey Thomas was beaten for 10 minutes before being allowed to escape. Mack escaped naked to a neighbour's house when the martial artist went to fetch a knife to finish her off. 

Oh, you deserve everything coming to you now.

Avy gets ready to do some bench press.

So if you feel any sympathy towards the fighter, then you clearly didn't read the paragraph above. In this scene, the depraved lunatic has sex with the gorgeous Avy Scott (probably unaware of his psychotic tendencies) in a small gym room where the two are scheduled to "work out."

The guy clearly hasn't got a brain between his ears as he appears only to beat people senseless or have sex on camera for money. It really does baffle me though, how does a guy with so much going for him act so pathetic. We're talking about a man who had two fights in the UFC and a stint on 'The Ultimate Fighter' reality show. Why throw it all away for a relationship that clearly was toxic and was not going to work?

Only "War Machine" can answer those questions but this footage clearly shows that he rubbed shoulders with those in the porn industry.

'He wasn't that good...'

Avy works the camera during the introduction.

To be honest it's all an odd affair from the outset, the footage is for Avy Scott's official website. She's explaining to the camera man that she's invited "War Machine" round to "work her out."

Unbeknown to the viewer at this time she's bizarrely masturbating with a vibrator. Is she getting ready for
War Machine?"

Most likely yes, the 36D-26-36 beauty from Tampa, Florida does some good stuff and if you can get past the fact that she's having sex with a convict here; some of her other stuff is quite good.

You'll be seeing plenty of bars mate...

Avy's intentions for War Machine become clearer.

War Machine enters and Avy explains she wants to tighten up her body including her butt. He appears slightly awkward here, unlike some of his social media videos which are pretty aggressive. Jonathon has Avy  do a bench press and she is appropriate near his crotch. He notices she's not wearing a bra and the two start to think they had motive for meeting up other than working out. It's not Oscar winning stuff and part of you wants Avy to be armed for her own safety.  Jonathon gets to grips with Avy's chest while she's still on the bench giving viewers a look at her ample chest. They begin snogging and Avy starts to untie his shorts so she can get dirty with his genitals. It wouldn't be a bad movie if the male performer wasn't a deluded mental case with anger issues. Avy's natural body is very photogenic and looks great on camera in the doggy position and reverse cowgirl.

War Machine has some odd tattoos which include a tooth embedded in his hand, an Anarchy sign on his other hand and the words 'Alpha Male' on his pelvis. The poor bastard who got to do that last one has my sympathies, maybe "F****** Headcase" on his forehead might be more appropriate. Avy clearly enjoys having sex with the martial artist, mouthing "I need this" to the camera man. 

'Did I bring my duck tape?'

The two get busy for the camera.

If you really want to watch this, it's all over the internet including on Avy Scott's official website. Fans are still waiting to see Avy do some stuff she doesn't normally do on camera so she's always worth watching. As for Mr War Machine luckily he's tucked safely behind bars where he belongs. If you look at this guy's MMA record he has wins over the likes of welterweight contender Roger Huerta and he's threw it all away. Yet when he's been trained to the level of martial arts he has it instantly makes him dangerous; You can't use those skills against unarmed civilians!

Hopefully the system can rehabilitate him and at the very least make the people around him feel safer.

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Warmachine—The Bongo Flick
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