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Visions of the Succubus

For a Faustian bargain & a good time call...

A tall, robed figure crouched low to light the final candle. The man was named Vorn, the province's resident warlock. He rose slowly, and surveyed his work, his deep hazel eyes and sharp features examined the occult sigils drawn in chalk on the wooden floor with meticulous precision. Then, finding it all to his satisfaction, in a deep sonorous voice, Vorn began to chant the ritual incantation—

With a sudden dark flash, a figure appeared in the center of the summoning circle. She looked at Vorn with a seductive and predatory smile and spread her bat-like wings with an excited shiver. The succubus was easily the most, starkly beautiful woman that Vorn had ever seen. She stood, naked and glorious, with red-black hair and pale skin which glowed like moonlight. Her nipples were pierced with black iron rings. Her brow was topped by a pair of small, black horns that swept back through her hair, and her smile bared over-sized canines.

“Felnaria, nice of you to join me this evening.”

“Ah, but the pleasure is all mine, Master Vorn,” she said, and her tail twitched with unreleased tension. “Are you ready to consummate our agreement?”

“I am.”

Felnaria took up a nearby wine goblet and dipped a slender finger in. She withdrew her finger and allowed a few ruby drops to fall to her cream-white breasts, then traced the areola of her left nipple with the same finger. She snaked an arm around Vorn and pulled his head low, and he licked the wine from her breast without hesitation. The succubus’s skin tasted of exotic spices, incense, and the sweet red wine. He pulled a silver ring between his lips, the piercing was blazing hot. Felnaria’s nipples stood erect after the ministrations of his tongue and lips, and she pulled his head up to meet her waiting mouth, snaking a hand through his dark, close-cropped hair. 

The kiss was long and slow and fiery with raw heat and unfiltered passion. Felnaria bit down into his lower lip with her sharp canines, and Vorn felt the aphrodisiac effect of her kiss flow into him, into his blood. His erection, merely present before, suddenly became hard and urgent.

“Please,” she said motioning to the black velvet divan, “Make yourself at ease.”

Vorn turned and reclined on the long, low couch.

The succubus pounced hungrily on Vorn’s prone form. All restraint gone, Felnaria ripped open his robes and pulled his breeches to his knees in her eagerness to mount him. She pinned Vorn’s arms with her immense strength and slid against his now steel-hard erection. As a daemon, her smooth, hairless cunt was not entirely "human." Her inner labia were lined with small, sharp eager, teeth which could unsheath to grip and lock-down on the base of the male member during the final throes of passion — to better drink in every last drop of male seed. But for the time being the teeth remained withdrawn, like cat-claws, waiting.

As she pressed against him, Felnaria’s cunt began to drip with near-scalding fluid, and she leaned back and began to slowly ease the tip of Vorn’s cock between her eager labia. Vorn penetrated her, and felt her cunt writhe madly around him, intense heat engulfed him, a sensation like fucking a living bonfire. The succubus pressed her mouth hungrily into his, her aphrodisiac kiss drove him to ever higher realms of passion.

Felnaria then took her time and rode him slowly. Vorn felt her move and writhe over him, watched her fluids drip down his cock steaming in the cool night air. Often she leaned down and kissed him, long and languorously, breasts pressed against his broad chest. 

The slow sexual congress continued for the better part of an hour, then she rose and walked to the center of the summoning circle. Vorn stripped off the remainder of his clothing and followed, and watched Felnaria drop to her elbows and knees. Felnaria stretched her wings in a slow enticing movement that was eerily suggestive, and then folded them tightly against her back. She then spread her pearlescent thighs for him, and flicked her tail invitingly. As if a man needed any further encouragement!

Vorn dropped to his knees behind her and slid his cock teasingly against her engorged lips. Then he gripped her hips hard, and the succubus gasped and shuddered as he drove his cock deep inside her. Her long whip-like tail wrapped around his waist, and drew him into her with light but insistent pressure.

The thrusts came hard and fast, beating out a staccato pattern that built into a frenzy. Vorn pounded her mercilessly, and he felt the slowly rising tide of her orgasm approach. Felnaria’s eyes began to subtly glow in the dim light of the chamber as the pace of the thrusting increased, then a sudden rush of energy flowed through her and Felnaria’s eyes began to glow white-hot.

Felnaria’s climax washed over him like a wildfire.

Vorn pressed hard into her with a final thrust, and Felnaria’s tight cunt constricted around the head of his member. The sudden pressure and rush of undistilled pleasure drove him fully into orgasm. Her inner labial teeth unsheathed and locked down on the base of his cock as she came, her body shuddered, and the peristaltic contractions of her cunt and womb worked to drink and suck every drop of his ejaculate deep into her burning, inner core — further stoking her fires.

As he had trained for weeks, Vorn began to chant in Latin rapidly through gritted teeth—

“Et perforabit, iraque et obstat exsertum 

obiectans penetralibus absconditis tuis!

Bibes profundum mea torret libidinem!

Mea fluent aquæ in calicem, perpetuo fonte!

Et videbis!”

Vorn felt himself release and Felnaria moaned beneath him, his cock pulsed madly and raging jets of cum rushed violently into the succubus, the ejaculate poured forth, an ocean drained into her eager womb — and her body shivered and drank it all in eagerly. Their joined orgasm lasted for seconds that seemed like hours, as they were both drawn into new heights of sensation by her daemonic aura.

Yet even in the throes of orgasm, a brilliantly clear vision came to Vorn, the treasure he sought, and more importantly its hiding place, in the nearby city of Würzburg. He gasped as his mind reeled back from the vision, and returned fully to the task at hand—

When the orgasm finally ceased, the succubus’s labial teeth resheathed, and Vorn withdrew wetly, surprised to see a slow stream of cum pulsing languorously and dripping from his still granite-hard erection. Felnaria turned, her glowing eyes lighting the dark room, and, on her knees before him, she sucked and drank the last of the seed from his member, until the flow completely ceased.

Felnaria licked the last remnants of pearlescent fluid from his penis and her lips. Then she rose easily and walked over to the wine decanter, her lithe body swaying with her gait, wings tightly folded behind her. She poured them both full goblets, and returned one to Vorn’s hand. He drank the liquid greedily, the wine sharp and sweet on his tongue.

“Well, Vorn,” she Felnaria said with a wicked, fanged grin. “I got what I wanted from our exchange. And I saw you enter a trance. So did you get the knowledge you came for?”  

To be continued...

Diana Aalto
Diana Aalto

Twitter: @diana_aalto — Enjoy my writing? Feel free to send an anonymous tip. Thank you! 

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