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Unfaithful Johnny

Don't trust your friends around him!

Johnny likes his girlfriend's busty friend Chloe!

Naughty America like to cater to everyone when it comes to pornography; from kinky scenarios surrounding your dad's girlfriend, to fantasies around a school teacher you have a crush on. Trust them then to cater to the female viewer now and again in the form of Johnny Castle. Born in New Jersey, the 5 foot, 11 inch beefcake left for Los Angeles to pursue a career in porn. As you can tell from his 190Ib build he was the typical high school "jock."

His sports include soccer, basketball, football, track and generally working out at the gym, which obviously gives him his size. Johnny is a hard worker and actually has a masters degree in psychology. So there's not just brawn to this big guy; he's obviously a well educated Italian/ Irish bloke. In this particular scene for Naughty America he's been chosen for their "big boob fetish" site; My Girlfriend's Busty Friend.

From what I've seen it's a great series with lots of gorgeous and glamorous women who don't make good female friends but make great "fuck buddies" for their boyfriends!

The idea comes from guys who meet their girlfriend's friends and have a fascination with their big tits. Most guys have been in that situation and this series feeds the fantasy of having an intimate encounter with that "busty friend."


Chloe Chaos tempts Johnny with her enormous bust.

Johnny's co star is someone I've never actually came across; the cute and appropriately busty Chloe Chaos.

The 29-year-old from Albuquerque gives a good performance and her 32D-25-33 tattooed body makes for stellar viewing. She's a decent actress too and confident with improvisation it appears making the scene feel natural. In this particular scene she has just got home from work. It appears she lives in a type of dorm situation with Johnny and his girlfriend Sarah. She comes home to find Johnny on the sofa doing some college work. She enquires where Sarah is and Johnny informs her she's doing something with midterms. You can feel the sexual tension between the two as Chloe flirts with Johnny displaying her cleavage for him. She tells him about her hard day and that she's just going to change. Chloe looks back to see if Johnny has broken his gaze which he hasn't. It's good but basic stuff from the two performers, probably a scenario they've acted out a million times.

Satisfaction found in Chaos

The very photogenic Chloe Chaos.

The scene cuts to Chloe Chaos getting changed in her bedroom and the viewers get a look at her beautiful tattooed body. She has distinctive enhanced breast with unusually large nipples which look fantastic. Peering through the door is a sneaky Johnny Castle who obviously has a bit of a fetish for large breasts. Clumsily, he manages to fall through much to Chloe's shock. Quick thinking on his part and he makes out to her he was just checking they were in working order. He continues to check them as Chloe hides her breasts unconvinced by his poor excuse. As Johnny tries to make a swift exit, she calls him back explaining how mad Sarah is going to be when she finds out he was leering at her through the door. Johnny is apologetic and just explains he couldn't resist taking a sneak peak at her breasts.

Who's the Queen of the Castle?

Chloe pleasures Johnny much to his satisfaction.

Chloe wants to negotiate for her silence inquiring what she gets for her to stay quiet. It appears there is a mutual attraction and its not long before Chloe and Johnny are lip locking and he's sucking on her breasts. Chloe is good in that she carries on acting even when the sex commences stating "They always say girls like their girlfriend's boyfriends."

I think male viewers are going to love it when they hear her order Johnny to "Fuck her harder than he fucks his girlfriend."

It's great stuff and Chloe's body is a piece of art to look at; I don't think many men would pass up the opportunity to go down on her.

All the positions look great and Chloe is particularly good at a blowjob; flicking out her tongue as she does it. Both performers are competent and use a fair amount of kissing to make the scene look genuine. Again my favourite shot is the cowgirl although it's good when Johnny gets to fuck Chloe's tits and the money shot at the end is good. The scene is available at Naughty America but I managed to pick it up at It's a good a scene from two excellent performers but nothing we haven't seen before, so I'm going to give it 4 out 5.

4 out of 5

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