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Uncontrollable Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome

No Laughing Matter

Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS), is a real medical condition that primarily affects women. PSAS can probably be compared to priapism in men. Priapism is an erection lasting for more than four hours and is considered a medical emergency for men. Constant sexual arousal, unrelieved by sex or orgasm, is the defining characteristic of this disorder. This is a very serious condition that is very stressful for the one who suffers from it.

The cause of Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome is unknown, therefore there is no specific treatment. It is not triggered by hormones, yet it is undetermined if it is nerve related, or caused by the brain or body. PSAS is a very frustrating disorder and the constant sexual arousal is non-ending. The slightest movement, vibration, or genital stimulation sends the sufferer into uncontrollable orgasms without relief. PSAS activates without warning is similar to recurrent seizure activity.

Some women who actually suffer from PSAS have been interviewed about what it is like living with Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome. Many women who actually suffer from PSAS have lost jobs, relationships, and their self-esteem. Many even lose sleep due to PSAS and even report masturbating constantly, application of ice to the genitals, and the use of vibrators without any relief.

The onset of symptoms for PSAS have been reported to occur post-menopausal, after childbirth, and some even report having symptoms of this disorder since birth. Some physicians do not believe that it is a true medical condition and won't even treat women with this disorder. Yet not all doctors feel this way, and some are very sympathetic.

A Living Nightmare

Some doctors believe that this is a very real disorder and a nightmare for those who suffer from it. Many of these same doctors feel that PSAS may be like a sort of short circuit caused in an area of the brain. These feelings are not a desire for sex, some women describe it as "a tickle that just won't go away."

Sexual activity can make the feelings of PSAS more intense and is not effective in relieving symptoms. Electric shock therapy has been used for some cases of PSAS with varied results, and one known successfully treated case. The electric shock therapy was able to re-set the area of the brain that controls the sexual reflex involved with PSAS.

Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome is very agonizing for the women who suffer from it. Insomnia and sleepless nights are common for women with PSAS, leading to fatigue and other health complaints caused by lack of sleep. Insomnia is just one problem faced by these women. Depression and suicidal ideations are some serious disorders that are sometimes successfully controlled with the use of anti-depressants.

Before a diagnosis is made by a doctor that is familiar with this very unusual medical disorder, many Women with PSAS may seek help from several doctors in different field of expertise including gynecologists, psychiatrists, or psychologists.

There is no cure for Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome. Drugs that can change the brain's levels of dopamine, and possibly relieving symptoms, are currently in the experimental stages. Treatment options are available. Feelings of embarrassment should not cause anyone from seeking proper medical interventions. Many doctors are willing to help women who suffer from the never-ending agony of this unfortunate medical disorder.

About the Author:

I am Matthew Evans and I want to show people how beautiful and interesting our planet is. I am a business coach and Ruby Fortune Reviews writer and blogger. In addition, I really like to read new information about psychology. I started to learn about psychology and relationship problems when I was 18-years-old. I hope that my knowledge will help me to understand people and make their lives better.

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Uncontrollable Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome
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