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Tough Cookie (Pt. Two)

Mina and John are 'building a rapport.'

When the doors closed behind her, there were an additional couple moments of silence between them. John was looking at Mina in such a lustful way that gave her shivers all over her body. After all, he was still a handsome older gentleman. He reminded her of Robert Redford, with his blonde hair. Finally, he spoke, "Miss Vicky, I presume?"

"Yes. How can I call you?" Mina asked. 

"You can call me John," he replied.

Funny, he used his real name, Mina thought to herself.

"Whiskey?" John asked. 

"Yes, please." 

She figured that it might alleviate that feeling of discomfort she had. She was feeling little nervous, because her plan was very risky. She remembered she drank her birth control pills that very morning. She didn't want to have any complications after this meeting. Fucking an older man who happens to be one of the wealthiest men in America was enough complication in on itself.

John poured two glasses and gave one to Mina.

"I put two cubes of ice in yours, hope you don't mind."

"No, thanks, you're very kind." 

Flattery was also part of her plan. He showed her to sit on the bed and sat next to her. After taking a sip of whiskey, he asked, "So... Vicky, I heard you had a very bad experience three weeks ago. Ellinor told me all about it."

John was referring to a tragic event that took place at the different hotel, when Vicky's customer, and his old friend, Christopher, had a heart failure after taking some sexual performance enhancement pills from Germany. Mina knew about this because she read some restricted police reports that weren't accessible to public. The owner of the escort agency, Ellinor, managed to cover it all up, having a powerful friends among the politicians and businessmen. The official story that was released said that Christopher had a heart failure in an elevator on his way to the hotel conference room to attend some business meeting.

Mina took a sip. "Yes, unfortunately. It's difficult to talk about it. If you know what I mean." She pretended that she had a tough time because of it.

"Of course, I know. But my God, I was so angry when I heard about it. Taking that unregistered shit from Germany. Who knows what they sold him, could've been poison for all we know. Right?"

"Yes, but we still had some wonderful moments, when he was on it." She showed a gentle, almost sad smile, showcasing her supreme acting skills. John smiled back, gently. They both drank to the bottom, then he took the empty glass out of her hand and stood up. 

"Ok darling, please undress, while I put away these glasses."

Under the red dress, she wore black underwear. Her big beautiful breasts were barely contained within her bra. He saw her in her underwear and said, "Leave the bra on, it excites me more." It was like she knew he'll say just that. He undressed as well. She was very surprised seeing his full erect dick, that was probably around 20 centimeters long.

She started giving him a bare back blow. Slow and deep suck just as she did with Zack all the time. John was moaning out of pleasure and she knew she was on the right track. They soon switched to a missionary position. He never used a condom, Mina knew that before she arrived. He was one of the special customers of the agency, and his escort should have been tested for STD's and approved a day before an encounter. In any case, Mina brought a copy of her clean test in her purse, in order to explain her intentions afterwards.

With him on top of her, fucking her with no less intensity than her young boyfriend, Mina thought, The old stud really has a stamina, I might even cum soon. John was boning her like a champion leaning on his left elbow and stretching his right arm only to grab and squeeze her left butt cheek.

 "You can cum inside, I'm on the contraceptive pills," she said.

Having a unison and a relentless tempo, John had her on the ropes and they both came together in a couple of minutes. He didn't pull out his dick from her pussy until it softened and slipped out by itself. In the meantime, he was kissing her neck, right cheek and forehead, carefully avoiding to touch her lips. She even caught herself thinking that it was very sweet of him not going for a lip-lock.

It was time to relax a bit. They've put on some clothes and sat on the chairs at the balcony. He lit a cigarette and offered her one. She took it, then he lit hers. Mina was imagining this moment, probably a thousand times in her mind. Now, a crucial moment of her plan, was supposed to happen. She should reveal herself and her intentions to him, after they've built some rapport today.

"John...I have a confession to make..."

"I'm listening...Mina..."