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Deep Breath, Deep Breath, Twitch

It was a normal Monday night. I had gathered all my closest friends to come over and relax. I had made food, bought three boxes of wine, and invited a woman named Kristy to come over and show us all the latest and greatest sex toys. Kind of a funny and odd event for our Christmas get together but I thought why the hell not. What better reason to get drunk with friends then the possibility of buying my very first toy!

We were almost done with two of the boxes of wine by the time the presentation was over. The girls were getting louder and as I looked around I could see their eyes starting to gloss over. We sat there talking about the toys we had seen. Vibrators, anal beads, lubes and beauty products. I’m sure you can imagine where the conversations were going.

My roommate, Christine, was telling us how she has never had an orgasm with a man. That she can only get off if she is the one touching her. Which I find crazy. I mean, having an orgasm is hard. Were young. Half the time the guys are getting in and out, not giving much care or attention to our needs. I don’t even remember the last time my lover asked me what I wanted done to me, or what would give me a better orgasm. But, I’ve had them. Most of them from rubbing my clit but there have been a few times my g-spot was hit just right, and my legs started to shake and all the pleasure in the world could be felt in between my legs.

By the end of the night, we had all taken our turns going up to my room to talk with Kristy about what we liked and wanted to buy. I was a little tipsy, and my mind was spinning with all the options. I wanted them all, and if I had my way I would have just gotten everything.

OK, sure, I didn’t have a boyfriend, so who would I use these with anyways. I don’t need the strap-on or the whips, right? Just get a vibrator I keep telling myself. All you need is the vibrator. You can’t afford much else.

But my inner self didn’t care about that. I ended up getting body wash, a blind fold, flogger, leg spreader, vibrating anal plug, and a very pretty purple vibrator.

Truth be told, I was most excited about the anal plug. We had been giving my friend Josie crap all night about how she likes anal, but the truth was I enjoyed it too. There was something about the pressure that comes from something in your ass. This year specifically, I had found myself watching a lot more anal porn. Girls laying on their stomachs, face in the bed, as they used both hands to hold their ass open while the guys would slowly push their dicks inside them. It excited me. Some days I felt a little bad because I liked watching when the girls struggled with it. I would imagine them feeling it for the first time. How uncomfortable it may feel. It isn’t until you are all stretched out and relaxed that it starts to feel good, but getting to that point was fun for me too.

I made my way back downstairs where the girls were discussing their recent sexual encounters and what they bought. I sat there among them, drinking my wine, chiming in with my two cents, but my mind continued to wander.

I imagine a guy putting my ankles in the leg spreader, having them secured tightly around them, me unable to bring my feet together. I imagined him grabbing the center of it and lifting my feet above my head, so my ass sat up in the air. I thought about him making me suck on the anal plug before he pushed it into my tight ass and then turned it on to vibrate. I imagined him putting his tongue on my clit and sucking it until I came.

I wondered what would it feel like to not be able to move my legs when I was on the verge of having an orgasm? My body usually tenses, my legs wanting to be straight, but if I couldn’t do that, then what? Would I resist? Would the orgasm be even stronger? I wanted to know!

After everyone had gone I went up to my room and closed the door. I turned out all the lights except my lamp on the night stand and took off all my clothes. First my ripped jeans, then my black T-shirt, my silky powder blue thong, and then finally my black bra. The house was cold, and I could feel my nipples harden as I tiptoed over to the dresser and grabbed the anal plug before snuggling down on my bed, my knees bent, and feet planted firmly on the sheets.

I let my hand fall to my stomach and just barely graze the top of my light skin with the tips of my silver painted fingernails. I stumbled upon the vulva, my sensitive, soft, and freshly shaved lips, and I tickle the top of them. I then let the tip of my finger fall in between them and find my vagina. I’m wet. The liquid is warm, and I take it on my finger and rub it all over. Spreading it from my vagina to my clit, but not allowing myself to enter inside. Not yet.

I stop at my clit and lower three fingers onto it. I apply more pressure as I begin to move my hand in a small circler motion. My knees start to fall away from each other, parting my lips.

I close my eyes as I rub and begin to imagine a brown-haired boy settled in between my legs licking me. His eager tongue pressed up against my clit, stroking it with his spit.

I can feel my pussy tighten from the thought. It is compressing around my dainty finger, and with it my breathing starts to get heavier. My large pink nipples hard and demanding to be noticed. The skin around my nipples are some of the softest I have. So thin and fresh from hiding away from the world. I grab one with my palm and then run my hands all over them, squeezing one breast and then making my way over to the other to do the same.

I take my middle finger again and slide it into me until I feel a small spongy area not far into my vagina on the upper wall, my g-spot. I begin to rub it. Slowly running my finger from the far end to the front, almost like I’m petting it. I feel it start to swell up, become more sensitive. I stick another finger in to apply more pressure stroking it and feeling my pussy contract and release from the sensation.

There was one time, when I was on my knees in front of my full-length mirror, watching myself ride my black dildo that I had ejaculated. On hand was holding the base of the dildo down against the carpet while the other rubbed my clit and as if out of nowhere, right when I was about to orgasm, liquid sprayed down on my hand. I stopped, confused by what happened.

That has been the only time I’ve ever squirted, but since then I’ve been intrigued by the idea of learning. From time to time, I will lay on my bed and pet my g-spot until I tingle from my head to my curled toes and I try to relax and let myself ejaculate. Unfortunately, it’s been hard to master.

But tonight would be the night. I’m determined to make it happen.

I grab my new soft, pink anal plug, close my eyes, and put it in my mouth and then take it out, spit on it, and positioned it in front of my asshole. I take a deep breath, my chest rising and falling and then I push it in. It hurts just a tad as it stretches out around it. It feels slightly uncomfortable, like it shouldn’t be there, but I keep pushing.

Minutes later it has settled in me and I remove my hand to find that it stays right in place. I press the button on the top of it and it begins to tremble. The vibration echoing inside me and sending chills through my limbs.

I place my fingers back inside me, it’s tighter than before. My walls pushed in from the plug deep in my ass. I stroke my g-spot harder now. More aggressively.

My toes are starting to curl, my back arching, my arms pressing tightly up against me. Heat spreads to every inch of my body. I feel my knees start to wobble from the pleasure and everything in me says rub my clit. It’ll just take seconds if you just move your hand up and start to rub the clit. But I tell myself no.

I want to keep my hand where it is. Buried inside me. I try so hard not to move, because I can feel it. I can feel that I’m there on the edge of coming and I worry that if I move I’ll lose it, but it’s so hard to stay still.

My heavy breaths have become moans that I can’t seem to muffle anymore. My hips twitch uncontrollably beneath me. I’m so wet that I can hear my fingers bounce off the sides of my very sensitive pussy as it plays with my salty warm liquid.

My mouth is now wide open, my chest and stomach tightening as I feel myself hold my breath. My neck and head begin to shake as the pleasure meets an all-time high. I feel as though I’m on the edge of a cliff about to jump; my adrenaline is pumping, every cell inside me shaking, and then suddenly, I just let go, and for what feels like a lifetime I’m in a free fall completely at peace.

That’s when I pull my fingers out of me and use them to spread my lips as I ejaculate all over my sheets. I take four fingers and rub my clit as quickly as I can as my body releases all the tension, pushing the plug out of my ass and my arms collapsing to my sides.

Deep breath.

Deep breath.



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