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Top 3 Men's Semen Volume Supplements

Supplements for Insane Ejaculation

Welcome to 2018, where cars can drive themselves, robots can serve up a cocktail and the male climax is... well, exactly the same. That is, of course, until now.

Don’t get us wrong, Viagra has been a game changer, but we’re talking about redefining the male orgasm; that means greater semen volume and extended ejaculations. Yeah... we went there.

After a decade of clinical research we finally have the formula to up your ante and allow men to get the most out of sex every time.

Ready to cum like you mean it? We weighed pros and cons of today’s most popular semen volume brands to build our list of the top 3 men’s ejaculation enhancers.

Number 3: Maxocum

Maxocum is a semen enhancer based on traditional Indian medicine. Its formula is a cocktail of herbs that are believed to increase semen production and testosterone.

The good news? Maxocum has received strong customer reviews, and has been reported to significantly increase in semen quality and orgasm intensity.

The bad news? This isn’t a fast fix, and won’t give you rapid results. How long will it take? Try 2 months! Some customers even needed a second bottle to even feel satisfied. With each bottle coming with 60 capsules, that you’re directed to take twice, you’re really only looking at a month's supply, making Maxocum a pricey option.

Number 2: Ropex

Ropex comes straight out of the lab of Swedish scientists. Originally created in 1960s, its formula is a base of natural ingredients, including a proprietary botanical seed extract.

The product's claim to fame is the rope effect, which is characterized by ropes of semen released during ejaculation. According to user testimonials, the rope effect is definitely real. Our focus group could also confirm this, as we received reports of pulsating bursts of semen during ejaculation. Ropex indeed lives up to its name.

Too good to be true? Seems so. Like Maxocum, Ropex only offers low potency doses.Yet again our focus groups reported a whole month, before they could see a real difference in orgasm quality.

While you get 90 pills in one bottle, you are instructed to take three a day, which makes it only a one month supply. By the time you can finally enjoy Ropex, you have to buy a brand new bottle.

Number 1: Folsac Climax Enhancer

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for, at our number one spot: Folsac Climax Enhancer.

Folsac is a game changing ejaculation enhancer coming straight out of the United States. Its ingredient list is a potent blend of vitamins, and while it’s only been around for a short while, the brand has already made its mark on the adult film industry.

Folsac has already been credited with enhancing the “money shot” for the biggest porn stars in the industry.

The enhancer has also received high praise from our focus group, and customers online. One customer reported his experience "was unlike anything he felt in the past." Meanwhile, a focus group member said his wife actually told him that there was “too much” semen. We call that a good problem.

Folsac comes in 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 packs that don’t break the bank, giving you the option to try it for a couple weeks or keep the fire going all year long.

Between its potency, rapid results, and competitive pricing, it looks like Folsac is here to stay.

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Top 3 Men's Semen Volume Supplements
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