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To the Frott

What is frotting and why are we just now talking about it?

“Today, many people are engaging in same sex relationships and saying they are not gay.” Pam Grier, ah what a great quote from one of the best actresses of the last 50 years. Straight men engaging in gay sex has been talked about to death, though it remains popular in many communities. Mostly because there is a school of thought that they aren’t concerned about anything other than sticking their dick in a hole, any hole. With that being said, there is a new trend in gay sex that isn’t so new, but it is finally being talked about. 

For the uninitiated, when two men rub their penises together, it’s called frotting. How hot does that sound, two cocks being thrust against one another, both working towards the goal of an orgasm. Even autocorrect broke for that one. It’s the middle of winter and sweat is dripping down because it’s so hot. 

Outside of the eroticism, there are other benefits. It can open the eyes of people who believe that gay men have to have anal intercourse in order to be intimate. There is nothing wrong with anal sex. It’s fun and stimulates the prostate. For some, though, that’s not something that concerns them. Intimacy with their boyfriend or husband or one night stand is all that matters to them, and they can achieve a satisfactory level by pressing their cocks together. 

Along the same lines, it takes the wind out of the sales of homophobes, who cry that gay men are only into anal sex. For those that think being a gay man means showing their butthole and getting rammed constantly, frotting is their worst nightmare. They can still try to slut shame these men but it loses its punch in their eyes. By no means is that a reason for two men to frott but it doesn’t hurt either. 

Wrapping this back around to the straight men who sleep with men, most of them claim that a “hole is a hole” and that is why they can fuck an ass without considering themselves homosexual. What happens when they are confronted with rubbing two penises together? Many of them would walk away from the sexual encounter, spouting some excuse or worse. Some though may be tempted to do it.

Frotting is very similar jerking a buddy off, the biggest difference is that instead of just one dick, there will be two. One of them would belong to the “straight” man and the other his lover. One straight guy admitted that he liked frotting. “When I fuck a girl, I have to find the clit. When I mess around with my buddy, I know that my cock is gonna get him off. My girl may not like it but yea, I do stuff with my friend. It’s not cheating cheating because there’s no penetration.” That’s a lot to unpack but it does present the argument that there are a few straight guys who are into frotting, if only to satisfy their egos. It is funny, how these guys will brag about getting their female companions off but get angry when a gay man lusts them until they need head or haven’t nutted in a while. Which is nothing new.

Why is frotting a hot new topic in the gay community? Technically, it’s not. The name is new(ish) but the act is as old as time itself. Once upon a millennium, it was called humping. Frotting sounds so much better though. It can be fun for the partners involved, though it would seem to make threesomes a bit more difficult. Of course, sometimes three is a crowd and two is the perfect number.

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To the Frott
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