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To Give or Recieve

Who Came First

The question doesn’t refer to any sexual practices between same sex couples; it refers in this case to giving each other sexual pleasure. In the cases where straight sex either doesn’t bring simultaneous orgasms or where only one person is receiving the sexual pleasures, this could be due to a couple’s choice or for another reason, such as wrong time of the month for the female. This is how it works for my girlfriend and I; Sometimes full sex, sometimes join foreplay, and sometimes just pleasure for one.

I like to give my girlfriend as much pleasure as possible, even if it's bringing her to orgasm and I am still dressed. Sometimes the foreplay is all she wants or needs, though sometimes we manage to both get suitably ready for sex.

We don’t tend to plan very far, sometimes sex follows a shower when we just have towels on, sometimes one or both are simply in the mood, and sometimes it just happens. We tend to cuddle up in bed with us spooning and her in front. So, her bottom can be enough to get me excited and sex can follow. In fact, it can follow with very little adjustment of rearranging, as it's also one of our favored sex positions, as well as for sleeping. Some of the positions we use have different effects and only one or two will always bring us both to climax at the same time. This leads to the masturbation of whoever didn’t climax afterwards.

After six months together, we know what works for each other and what spots to focus on during the foreplay. Occasionally, if she’s had a large climax, I end up giving my self a hand, usually finishing on her chest. I do prefer to be able to climax inside her, but I'm happy wherever.

I know when I am hitting the right spots with my girlfriend by her face and her breathing. This is often enough for me, especially when she finishes with a large orgasm, however it was reached. I have worried a few times, as she appears to struggle to breath and her heartbeat becomes a drum roll. When she gets to this state, I know I will probably have to finish my self off.

One thing my girlfriend enjoys is back rubs and love bites. This can be the foreplay that leads to more, but often is enough in itself; it's not enough for orgasm alone though. She sits topless in front of me and I stroke her back, occasionally giving nibbles and love bites. The better the resulting bite mark, the better it is in her eyes. This gives me a chance to reach around to her breasts as well, but usually she wants me to focus on her back.

I think we work so well, because we can satisfy each other in different ways and at different ways. We don’t decide it's bedtime, so need sex before sleep, though that can happen. Anytime can be the right time and different results can still be right. In fact, we often take having orgasms in turn purposely rather then try for together. There is no problem with time taken or when in the day this all happens. A bit of variety always helps, some creativity as well.

In fact, today's sex session was going to be masturbation for me alone, but it turned into sex with my girlfriend being masturbated after I had come inside her. We both got what we wanted and both climaxed close together. So, the vague plan changed as we went along, nothing planned, but perfect ending reached.

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To Give or Recieve
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