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Tips to Spark up Your Relationship

How to Reignite Your Boring Relationship

Few years with your partner and you forget all about the adrenaline rush that you once used to have with their mere presence around. You no more feel that spark and those butterflies in the stomach that made you excited in the past. All that is now left of a relationship is a nice, mellow contentment. Though the contentment initially feels good, but later leads to boredom, so much so that the couple stops doing sex. Yes! The relationship starts to feel so dull that the couple ends up being each other's buddy only and not fuck buddy. While it’s good that the couple’s emotional bond grows over the years, but at the same time their sex life takes a backseat, they no longer enjoy sex the way they used to. Sex life is important and having a poor sex life doesn’t just makes one sad but also lets one look for happiness outside relationship/marriage; in short it can drift couples apart in so many ways.

If all the above sounds relatable to you, boredom has made its way into your life. But worry not, we have some awesome tips to spice up your boring life, try these and see the changes.

Try something new with your partner.

With so many years of togetherness comes monotony, and the solution to this is trying out something new, something different, something that you both haven’t done together. Even the recently conducted studies say that trying something new with your partner can help you remember why you fell in love with them in the first place.

Give a shot to all the unattained fantasies.

Remember how you two used to be crazy in bed? There were times when you people madly wanted to try out all your fantasies. Isn’t it? Yes! Start that again. Become each other’s best fuck buddy and talk about trying new positions, a threesome and what not. And if you think you have been with each other for too long to enjoy a good sex life, then give it a fresh start. Try something a bit more extreme this time and make it more enjoyable. Begin today, let the madness seep in.

Don’t fall out of love with your partner.

If time has taken a toll on your relationship and you seem to be out of love with your partner, remind yourself why you fell for them in the first place. Tell yourself each day the reason you were once in love with them.

Make a point of touching one another.

The best way to reignite a lost spark is… touch. Couples often overlook the fact that a touch can make people feel closer as it releases oxytocin or the so called “love” chemical. How about if it begins with a touch?

Surprise your partner.

Some people start taking their partners for granted and stop giving them the attention that once held their romance strong.

To bring back the romance, send your loved one flowers, chocolates, or give them any other surprise that will make them happy and bring them closer to you.

We hope these tips will help you get closer to your fuckbuddy and you people will re-write your sexual script. So guys, get ready to take another step towards an interesting and out-of-the-box sexy life.

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Tips to Spark up Your Relationship
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