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Till Death Do Us Part

Madelyn pounces on boyfriend's son.

Madelyn Marie Seducing the Cameraman

Another classic from Naughty America, one of their early scenes in the My Dad's Hot Girlfriend series, this one stars Madelyn Marie and Tom Byron. There have been some really rubbish scenes in this series and luckily this isn't one of them as both are competent actors as they are sex performers. Madelyn Marie's entrance into the business actually sounds a bit traumatic as she did it to get revenge on an former partner who had cheated on her with a ex-pornstar. She then messaged him with a sample of what she was doing with the alias Madelyn Marie.

It appears now she's actually making a lot of money and has found a husband from working in the industry so lets hope she's found happiness. I first seen her in a Latin Adultery scene by Naughty America which was pretty decent. There's no denying her gorgeous looks and it's almost baffling why any man would cheat on her. She looks particularly nice in stockings which she dons for many scenes, the 32C-28-32 honey is clearly having a successful career in the porn industry. I haven't seen much of Tom Byron in the industry, but he's particular good in this scene. His acting is good for the role he plays and he has a very "prim and proper" way about him which makes him ideal for this part. Add the fact that he's pretty confident drilling a woman in front of the camera and he makes an ideal casting for this part. The scene takes place in Tom's bathroom where Madelyn is grieving for the loss of Tom's father Benny while taking a relaxing bath. Not many stars start off nude in these scenes but it's definitely welcome as Madelyn looks absolutely stunning even with her hair tied up.

When Your Times Up...

Tom trying to coax his father's girlfriend out of the bath.

Tom enters and he's displeased that Madelyn isn't even dressed to see the probate lawyer for the division of the assets. Madelyn says she's not in an emotional state to go as she is still in the grieving process. It appears that Madelyn has bagged Tom's father Benny near the end of his life but hasn't managed to marry him. She may not get a decent cut of his assets or anything at all which explains her behaviour in the scene. It's all very taboo and makes for a great scene with erotic sex for the camera. Tom tries to coax her out the bath and encourages her to put a towel around herself; he explains that he is grieving too. Madelyn turns the tables on him and says, "No you're greedy" when it appears she is trying to seduce him with her body. It's good acting and Madelyn has a fantastic body; it was a good call by the director to start the scene with her naked. Tom continues trying to coax her out of the bath while getting increasingly more anxious with her being in the nude. Madelyn explains to Tom that he's always disliked her because of the age gap between her and his father. Her presence seemed to anger Tom's mother as well which Madelyn is using as a ploy not to go and see the lawyer today. Madelyn gradually gets Tom to relax and takes control of the situation stating she had her way with his father and now she was going to have her way with Tom. Madelyn Marie brings a certain confidence on camera, it's hard to believe her career started with such a traumatic event as being cheated on. She explains they should be grieving together and take comfort in each others arms.

Not in it For the Money?

Madelyn didn't wear those short skirts on the tennis court for nothing.

Tom explains that she's taking advantage of him in a vulnerable state to which she turns it round on him again. There's a good back and forth between the two, Madelyn taking authority in the scene by telling Tom off before kissing him and pulling down his pants. Ironically she gives a sign of the cross about Tom's father before blowing his son which the viewer may find a turn on. I know I did as she leaches on to another member of the family while supposedly grieving. The sex is fantastic, I like the fact that Madelyn has a smooch in her scene which is always under used in porn.

She likes to share her assets

Madelyn Marie in another promotional shot for the scene.

The cowgirl position is a bit awkward in the bathroom but the blowjob and doggy positions are excellent. This is two performers at their very best in the acting department and the sexual part of the flick. Its one of the very first scenes on the 'My Dad's Hot Girlfriend' website which is probably why it is so good. I was able to find it all over the web though and finally watched it on Really good scene with a kinky scenario; I give it 5 out of 5 as it's probably the best scene on the site.

5 out of 5.

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Till Death Do Us Part
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