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Things to Get Your Lover for Valentine's Day

From Greeting Cards to Vibrators

Don't know what to your get your boyfriend or girlfriend for Valentine's Day? Well don't worry, because I'm here to help! Here is a collection of things that could be given to a woman or a man. I tried to make things pretty gender neutral. Whatever you are looking's on this list! 

If you're on a budget, I got your back! There are some gifts on here that are under 5$ and I put their super affordable prices right in their title.

A giant card that can double as a poster!

This is what I got my boyfriend, and I wrote: "You make me moister than an oyster" inside it for fun! Speaking of which, next is a card that says just that! 

For anyone who just loves the word 'moist!'

I had to add this one because it is absolutely hilarious! This one is definitely for the lover who is also your best friend! 

For the pizza lover!

Like I said, I wanted to put things on here that could be gender neutral, also I really like pizza! I hope there are more people out there like me that love pizza enough to want these. 

For the ManChild you love!

I know there are grown ass men out there who still love LEGO, so why not gift this Valentine themed lego set? 

A gift for her that's only 4$!

If you are on a budget...I can totally relate! So that's why I wanted to add some more affordable things on here, too. This one might be completely aimed towards women, but the next one is aimed towards men. 

Better yet, a gift for only 3$!

Just in case you don't know what this is, you put these in your mouth while giving oral. Some people love it, some people hate it...but Valentine's Day is a great excuse to try something new!

It would make a great side addition to another gift! 

A card for your nerdy love!

If you are the kind of couple that plays video games together, this would be just right for you! You can even get the same heart design on a shirt, dress or note book. 

Geode Book End!

It also comes in purple! If they don't have any books, you can always buy them geode coasters instead. 

Personalized Kate Spade Jewelry!

This gift is more on the pricey side. Some people really gravitate to name brands and Kate Spade is the "go to" for that right now. It's personalized with a letter so there is still some wiggle room for sentimental feelings and, more importantly, buying a woman jewelry is a great way to show you are serious about her. 

If you want to show you are serious but don't have the budget for gold, then meeting her parents also works. So don't spend money you don't have like I did last week.

Wine Tasting Trips!

These deals are for Ottawa, but you don't usually have to travel too far for wine tasting. It's something to do to feel mature and sophisticated, or just to drink wine. 

Don't worry, there are cheaper wine related gifts below, so don't take your wallet out yet.

A Bouquet That You Can Put Your Picture On

This bouquet is different from others. I mean it's still expensive, but you can personalize the vase to put any picture on it. It can be a picture of both of you, a picture of just you, or a picture of your dog. Really, the options are endless! 

A Super Affordable Gift for a Wine Lover!

See, I said there would be cheaper wine things on this list! Still not affordable enough? I got you! Check out the next one! 

A Wine Lover's Card for only 2$

Okay you got me, it's two dollars and two cents, and I think shipping is separate, but the only thing cheaper is to make your own card, which is totally an option! Just make sure that, if you make home-made coupons that they are actually redeemable. Oh, and maybe put a one year expiration date on it. 

A SEX BOMB! To get the point across ...

Get them a gift with the word sex in it, it will subconsciously make them think of sex...OK not really, but it's certainly a hint. 

A Simple Card to Write How you Feel

Notice there is no 'L Word' on it, so if you are still just starting to date...I recommend this one! 

Chocolate Scented Eyeshadow

I own this and love it! It actually smells like chocolate which makes it a great Valentine's gift. They also sell bronzer that smells like chocolate, which I also recommend. 

If you're going to get chocolate, go fancy!

9 Piece Gourmet Artisan Chocolate Collection - Christopher Elbow Chocolates
9 different gourmet artisan chocolate truffles including infused ganaches and caramels, each piece handcrafted to be a perfect bite. Makes great corporate or business gifts for clients and employees. Gluten-free.

You can even order them online to avoid interacting with another human. More importantly, they are pretty.  

A 'Fun Time' Gift for Only 6$

You can't change the batteries, so it's actually a one time use...but I have gotten this before and I certainly recommend it. 

A Vibrator for only 10$!

The website this vibrator is from is super discreet in their shipping, so if you still live with your can still order some toys.  

Whatever you do for Valentine's Day, just please be safe.

Please remember that birth control doesn't protect you from STD's and the only only thing that can really keep you safe is condoms. 

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Things to Get Your Lover for Valentine's Day
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