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Things I Love

Womanly parts.

So soft, just like ripe peaches. They're thick and supple, they come in different colors and textures and all of them are beautiful. Even the ones that looked to be damaged, those are the sweetest and all the more gracious. You can run your hands up them, squeeze them, and kiss them. You can even bite into them- be careful though it could hurt them.

Their skin stretches and shows marks of lightning, a power in them that is ready to break and be released. Too powerful for one person, almost too much to contain, They’re beautiful, every single mark and scar. They are thick, strong, and something that can open and close the gate for whoever they please.

They’re warm and inviting, they shudder if you dive your hands between them. They might spread apart just the slightest bit, then they’re hot. So warm you could bury your freezing fingers between them, causing them gasp in the sweetest way. Oh such a sweet sound.

When lace is wrapped around them, god do they look soft. Even more so when the lace is wrapped around them for you, showing off for you. Asking for you to touch them in such an innocent way, teasing you. Wanting you to slide that sheer lace down them and off onto the floor. They want you to use your teeth.

When lips touch them it’s the purest thing and they will curl, they can feel it all over and they want more. Asking for more by shifting and turning, spreading. They want you to do something, anything.

The taste of them between your teeth and your tongue is euphoria. Sucking on just the right spot to have them shaking, trembling from your own power. Running fingers up them to calm their fears, to tell them they’re safe with you. You are not going to hurt them.

God how badly you want to touch than when they are exposed, lightly parted as they press against a surface. Just wanting to feel that heat, wanting to get them even hotter, Pressing your fingers against them, laying your hand on them to let them know you’re there.

Make sure that they know they’re safe and only yours to touch. Others might have touched them before but they are with you now. It’s okay to have not been the first to touch them, everything is okay. They still want to feel your warmth.

They aren’t going to respond sometimes, do not for them to be open. That will frighten them, that will make them cry, don’t be rough and don’t frighten the frail things. You are to not be rough or force anything, you do not own them.

Be grateful when they respond, thank them. Thank them for opening up, thank them for sharing this with you, for letting you touch them.

They are frail even when they don’t look like it. Every single on of them is frail, don’t forget that. You mustn’t be rough, Okay.

No matter how big or how small, how scarred or how powerful they look. They still are soft and kind, willing to who they are most in love with.

When they are comfortable they will let you do what you want.

Touch them, run your fingers up them, worship them, nip them. Grip them and press your fingers in.

Just remember, when you grip them don't be too rough. Be tender and kind, then they'll trust you not to hurt them unlike the ones before. Press your fingers in the backs and watch them divide, that's where the sweetest part is between them.

Lick up the juices and hear that happy little sigh.

Girl Thighs.

Things I Love.

The part of a women’s body that I love, and something more people need to appreciate.

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Things I Love
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