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The Tale of Two Kitties

Part 1—Blush

Sara sat in front the seat in front of me in my 8th period class. Sara’s hair was cut in a short pixie cut. She wore black studded earrings and several woven chokers. Most of the time she wore long sleeve shirts with thumb holes cut in them. Sara reminded me of my Chelsea. I missed Chelsea so much! I wanted Sara so bad I didn’t know how to ask her. So many times I had put myself out there only to get rejected. Many girls were curious but not curious enough to take things seriously. If another girl did like girls she would often be afraid to say so. Sara wasn’t like that though. I would flirt with her and she would flirt back. Normally I was the aggressor but in this case I was submissive.

It was our senior year of high school. Sara had been held back and was 19. While I had just turned 18 a few months prior. We were only 2 months away from graduating. Sara had been accepted to a school out of state and I knew I would never see her again. I couldn’t believe she would be gone soon and I would be left alone. I loved everything about her! Right down to the peach fuzz on the back of her neck. Sometimes in class I would lean forward as far as I could just to smell her.

One day in class I couldn’t take my eyes off of the back of her head. I just kept sniffing her over and over again. It must have been a scene because when I looked over 4 girls in the back of the class were watching what I was doing. They looked pretty scared! I should have been embarrassed but I wasn’t. Without breaking eye contact I leaned forward again and took one last inhale and exhale. I am not sure if they realized I smelled Sara because I liked her or if they thought I was just some sort of Jeepers Creeper’s freak. Maybe there was something special about me or maybe I just knew how to run people off. I kept my crazy hidden from Sara.

All I could ever talk about was Sara. It had gotten so bad that my best friend Gabi who just so happened to be a childhood friend of Sara’s told her. I was terrified! Did Sara like me too or would I be rejected? The next day I was waiting in the hall for a friend when someone wrapped their arms around me from the back. It was Sara! I forgot to mention I am only about 5’3; Sara was a 5’8” Viking Princess. She had freckles and emerald green eyes. Her skin was milky white! I was afraid that she wouldn’t think I was pretty because of my tan complexion. I was wrong again. Sara constantly told me I was beautiful and played with my hair. She would wrap her arms around me and rub her hands back and forth around my waist.

The two of us shared a free period together. We would go to the Tennis courts that were blocked by the back side of the cafeteria service area. This was where Sara would go to smoke. I didn’t like smoke but I loved the way it tasted in Sara’s mouth. She would press her body against mine. Pressing our pelvises together. Her legs were so much longer than mine I couldn’t run even if I wanted to. She would press me up against the wall. Her hand would slide down the front of my jeans. She began to rub, her hand moving faster back and forth. I wanted to touch her but I didn’t know how. I had never known a man or women. Sara unbuttoned my pants and slid her hands down inside. I was so wet! She rubbed her finger in circles around my clit. She slipped one finger inside of me then two. She was pumping faster and faster. My legs were trembling. I came for her! We were 4 weeks away from graduation. We went to the tennis courts every day after that until the last day of school.

On the last day of school I wore a pretty blue dress. We skipped two periods and found an empty storage room. I remember kissing her not knowing if it would be the last time. I had shaved my kitty just for her. She slide down my panties. She then pulled up my tight little sun dress. She put her mouth on my breast while massaging the other. With her free hand she ran her hand down my bare skin. She cupped her hand on my pussy and began to rub. Just as I began to cum she stopped. She reached into a bag and pulled out a black bottle. She squeezed something into her hand. She drops down to her knees. She placed her mouth on my pussy and flicks her tongue back and forth. I felt an uncontrollable burning. She stoped again! I was shaking, my knees were trembling. She pulled my knees apart and rubbed some of the lube on my cat. She began twisting her fingers in and out of me. She began to work her way up to three fingers. The lube was stained with blood but, this time, she didn’t stop. My nipples got heard, my pussy began to pulsate. I cum for what I thought was going to be the last time.

A couple weeks later Sara would leave to go out of state to visit family before beginning college. She wrote me off and on but eventually the letters stopped. It would be another 5 years before I would hear from Sara again. I had gotten a call from my best friend Gabi. Gabi said that Sara had sent her a letter and asked her to give it to me. So much time had passed since I had seen Sara. This wasn’t high school anymore! What was I supposed to do with a letter? In Sara’s letter she wrote that she missed me. Sara said that she had finished school and was engaged to be married. She said that she told him that she could not go through with the wedding unless she had one last chance to be with me to see if it could work out. Sara said that if I wanted to she would have me flown to Connecticut where she lived. The arrangement was that I would live in their home for a period of 6 months, all expenses paid. I was torn! Should I go to be with Sara or should I stay put?

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The Tale of Two Kitties
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